OPI Don’t Burst My Bubble Swatches & Review

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble Swatches & ReviewOPI Don’t Burst My Bubble is one of the three soft shades in the Oz the Great and Powerful Collection.

It’s whiter and milkier than OPI I Theodora You, but pinker than Glints of Glinda.

I wore this manicure for about 3-4 days. That’s probably surprising because vibrant shades are my thing.

Haha, but the reason why my manicure turnaround time was slower was because I had been feeling too ill to paint my nails! (I only started feeling well enough to put in the effort to paint my nails again on Thursday.)

While wearing OPI Don’t Burst My Bubble, I actually grew to appreciate it more. It’s clean and fresh. However, since I wore this when I was trying to get over the flu, unfortunately my mind has associated it with illness! It’s a pretty, sweet shade, but it was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. 😉

OPI Don’t Burst My Bubble Pictures

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble

Natural Light

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble Oz Collection Photos


OPI Don't Burst My Bubble Pictures

Natural Light

OPI Oz Collection Don't Burst My Bubble Pics


OPI Don't Burst My Bubble Oz the Great & Powerful Collection Pictures

OPI Don’t Burst My Bubble Swatches

All swatches have:

Natural Light Photos

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble Swatches & Review

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble Review & Swatch

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble Swatch

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble Swatch & Review

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble Swatches

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble Review & Swatches

Flash Photos

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble Oz the Great and Powerful Collection Swatches

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble Swatch

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble Swatches

OPI Don't Burst My Bubble Oz Collection Swatches


Dreamy puffy clouds of white

Key Notes

OPI Don’t Burst My Bubble Review


What I liked about Don’t Burst My Bubble by OPI was that it wasn’t just a stark white. There’s a marshmallow-y softness to this milky hue that lends a dreamy quality.

I also appreciated how it had a tinge of pink to it, which helped it go better with my skin tone, I think.

This is the type of polish you’d wear when you want something clean, but not necessarily crisp.

And, as I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this post, it’s whiter and milkier than OPI I Theodora You, but pinker than Glints of Glinda. I know that some of you may have been curious about how the 3 soft shades compare. They’re all different enough, so if you really like these kind of soft colours, you would be justified in owning them all.


Don’t Burst My Bubble by OPI is a sheer. That’s not my favourite because I usually don’t like being forced to apply more than 3 coats to cover the nail line.

Application & Formula

Since it was so sheer, I had to use 4 medium coats before I was comfortable with the coverage. Before the 4th coat, it was streaky, and I wouldn’t want to wear it as-is.

However, looking back now, I think this would be an exceptional polish to use for a glitter-sandwich manicure. (That’s when you use one layer of a sheer polish, one layer of glitter, and then you cover the glitter with a layer of sheer polish. This method creates added depth.)

Since this is really sheer, I can picture it looking very dreamy and adorable over glitter. You should try it out. (I may try it out sometime because I’m curious. Plus I think in that combination, I would get more use out of this lacquer.)

Maybe it’s just me, but I find that whenever I apply really light shades like this, my application tends to get really messy. It’s not even necessarily the formula. (This polish’s formula was thick yet a bit runny at the same time, but I didn’t find it hard to control.) Maybe it’s just because I see a light polish, and I get nervous because, for me, this is well outside my comfort zone. I get psyched out, and then my polishing job is messy… Does this ever happen to you when you paint your nails with colours you’re not used to?


  • Sweet, soft, adorable shade that’s a marshmallow white with a hint of pink
  • Sheer so you can use it in a glitter-sandwich manicure

  • Sheer, so if you wear it solo, you’ll need 4 coats for full coverage

Final Verdict: 6/10

Although I admire ladies who can pull off this clean-manicure look, I feel like my nails do a terrible job at showing the beauty of such a colour.

I feel more at home with loud or crazy shades, and I think it shows. My photos make my fingers look like they’re blushing because they’re unsure and embarrassed…haha!

If you really adore soft and sweet shades like this, you’ll probably like the way this looks. It’s a personal preference! :) And, hey, if you have ideas for how I can wear this as a layered look, please give me some colour suggestions because I’ve never done a glitter-sandwich manicure before!

What nail-polish shade makes you uncomfortable whenever you wear it? What colour are you most comfortable wearing? Do you like sheer polishes, or do you find that they require too much effort?


14 thoughts on “OPI Don’t Burst My Bubble Swatches & Review

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Randi!

      I’m actually wearing OPI Glints of Glinda right now (another one of the Soft Shades from the Oz the Great and Powerful Collection) – it’s giving me Mannequin Hands! Never thought I’d like it so much, but I do. I think it’s my favourite from the soft shades in the collection. (Need to put together a post on it soon so I can show you all some photos.) It’s quite possibly one of the very few soft shades I would wear again!

        1. Mary Post author

          Wow, it does sound so strict! But…I think it’s verrrrry cool that you still try to have fun, even if it’s just with socks. Neon socks sound so fun! (I actually wear boring black socks 99.999999% of the time.) By the way, where do you buy your neon socks? And do you have the whole rainbow?

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Lizzy!

      It takes so many coats, so even though the resulting look is sweet, I still think it was a lot of work. Plus I don’t even think my nails are really selling this shade. It would look way better on someone else with a different skin tone.

  1. triceratops

    I’ve been obsessed with jelly sandwiches these days, so I think this polish looks really lovely! I’ve been curious, though, about how these new Soft Shades compare to last year’s NYC Ballet ones, since I have most of those haha.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Triceratops!

      I don’t have any of those shades, and honestly, I tend not to remember a lot of those kind of soft shades. However, if you ask me about greens or purples, hehe, I can remember the names and formula for tons! 😉 Just the way my mind works. I should try to pay attention to all equally. Oh, I’m a bad, bad nailphile. 😛

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Roxy!

      How sweet and pretty! I only tried it over a bolder colour, but I loooove how soft it looks over Don’t Burst My Bubble! Great combination – thanks for sharing it with me!


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