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Blog News: My Fishtail Braid Nail Art Tutorial on

Fishtail Braid Nail Art TutorialIn a previous post, I told you about how I was 1 of 2 handpicked bloggers asked to share nail art tutorials that would be featured on the Prom Canada website for every other month.

Well, February was my first one showing a leopard design. Now that it’s April, I have a new nail tutorial up that just went live yesterday – it shows Fishtail Braid Nail Art mixed with textured accents!

This time, I shared a technique that I’ve long loved because it doesn’t require too many colours or special tools to complete the look – you can use the brushes right from the bottles.

I find myself turning to it time and time again, plus it’s so easy to customize that the same design looks very different, depending on what colours you use.

In this post, I’ll share with you detailed step-by-step instructions with photos, so you can recreate this easy look. You’ll need some patience, but once you’re finished painting, it’s well worth it!

You know how much I love doing the fishtail braid – I shared this technique on Swatch And Learn here, here, and here.

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Blog News: Hello & My Blog Readers Are The Best!

Happy Friday, everyone!

We’ve made it to the end of the week, and I hope that you’re doing well!

It’s going to be a rainy day where I am, but as long as the temperature slowly but surely moves upwards, I’m a happy camper. The cold weather is overstaying its welcome!

Last night, I didn’t get a chance to prepare a full in-depth review, due to a very demanding schedule after work. But, I also didn’t want to leave Friday post-less because my readers are always on my mind.

So, I would still like to take this opportunity to:

  1. Say, “Hello!” and also “How are you?” :) I’m very grateful for each and every single one of you, whether you’ve been with me since Day One or you’ve found your way here just an hour ago.
  2. Ask, “Have you seen any good movies lately that you’d recommend?” I know that I’ll be seeing Maleficent when it hits theatres in May, but I’d like to watch something this month. Any suggestions?
  3. Remind you to enter my worldwide giveaway to win your choice of Bundle Monster nail-stamping plate set until April 12 at 11:59 pm EDT. (Click the link to read all the important details and to find out how to enter.)

Have a fantastic day, whatever you have planned, and make the most of this weekend!

As for myself, I’ll have a very busy weekend with non-blogging stuff and visiting my mom, but I plan to squeeze in enough time to reply to some comments and tweets, as well as to get a head start on preparing posts for next week.

As usual, stay tuned for my next post starting Monday.

P.S. My blog readers are the best! :)



Worldwide Giveaway: Win the Bundle Monster Nail Stamping Plate Set of Your Choice

Edit (April 13): Congratulations, Katie! You’ve WON my giveaway! Please reply to my e-mail within 48 hours to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone for participating!

I have many more giveaways planned really soon, so keep your eyes peeled like a banana for those! ;)


While many bloggers are trying to fool you today and your friends are thinking of playing practical pranks on you because it’s April Fool’s Day, I decided to do something different.

Here’s a fun surprise! I teamed up with the awesome ‘manicure monsters’ at Bundle Monster to organize a giveaway for my loyal readers! It’s a way for me to thank you for sticking with me during my blogging journey – THANK YOU! :)

Whoever wins my Bundle Monster Nail Stamping Plate Set Giveaway will get to choose any one collection they desire from Bundle Monster’s website!

This is NOT an April Fool’s Joke!

This is for real!

Bundle Monster SwatchAndLearn Giveaway

This giveaway begins now, and it’s open to everyone (yes, you heard me – EVERYONE)! :)

Make sure that you carefully read the rest of this blog post because it contains the important details of how to ensure your entry is valid.

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Blog News: Little Update

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well. You may have noticed that as of Tuesday March 18, there have been no new blog posts. Don’t worry – there are some posts in the works later on. I have lots of photos that just need to be cropped and then I need to write the posts.

After finishing my full-time job each day, I’ve been coming home and unpacking more boxes from my move for several hours, which is making me feel more exhausted than usual.

Things are coming along nicely, though. I still have more things to organize, but the main things are done, and with fingers, toes, and eyes crossed, I’ll hopefully be able to return to blogging very soon!

Readers like you are very important to me, and if I can’t give a blog post my 100% or even 90%, I just don’t feel right.

Thanks for understanding and for being patient and supportive as I continue to go through the transition of getting my new home organized.

To be fair to you and myself, I think Monday March 24 is a more reasonable day when I’ll begin blogging again Monday to Friday regularly.

This little blog note is just to let all my loyal readers know that you have always been on my mind!


Giveaway: Win the Entire OPI Brazil Collection! (Canadians Only)

Edit – March 2, 2014: CONGRATS, ERIN (aka Tin)! You’ve won my giveaway! To claim your prize, please reply to my e-mail within 48 hours of the time posted on the e-mail. Thanks to everyone for participating! Stay tuned – I have more giveaways coming up soon! ;)


It should come as no surprise that I’m extremely impressed with the wide variety of colours and the amazing formulas in the OPI Brazil Collection!

Check out the official press release I posted for more details about it. Plus I also did a Quick Look post showing you all the bottle shots and swatches. For in-depth reviews on the separate shades (I did a lot!), click on links at the bottom of this blog post!

I wanted to share this amazing collection with a fellow Canadian, so I reached out to PR and asked if we could team up. (They were more than happy to do so, and I extend my gratitude on behalf of all my Canadian readers for making this possible!)

OPI Brazil Collection Giveaway SwatchAndLearn

Read the rest of this post carefully to learn how to enter to Win the Entire 12-Bottle OPI Brazil Collection!

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Please Vote for Me by Tweeting and/or Retweeting with the Hashtag #Mary4Nicole

I was invited to participate in another exclusive nail competition! The challenge? To come up with a manicure using colours from the Nicole by OPI Carrie Underwood Collection that complement a Carrie Underwood song! (Stamping and using stickers or jewels weren’t allowed.)

I would really appreciate your vote!

How to Vote on Twitter until Tuesday February 25:

  • Tweet about my manicure and/or retweet a photo of my manicure.
  • Use the hashtag #Mary4Nicole for it to count as a vote. 

To make it easy, you can simply just click the retweet button below and sign into your Twitter account to vote!

You can also include the hashtag #NicoleChallenge, but only #Mary4Nicole will count as a vote for me.

You can tweet once per day & retweet once per day. That’s 2 votes per person per day.

Here’s the quick manicure I came up with:

Swatch And Learn

To find out the exact colours I used to create this freehand design and to read my explanation for how this ties into Carrie Underwood’s song, See You Again, keep reading the rest of this blog post!

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Blog News: My Leopard Nail Art Tutorial on

SwatchAndLearn February Nail ArtI have something exciting to share with you! For a little while, I’ve kept this quiet, but now it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. (Poor cat! Why were you ever put in a bag to begin with?) ;)

You may remember that recently, I told you about my print magazine feature for Prom Canada. Well, I got another amazing opportunity to collaborate with them!

I’m 1 of only 2 hand-picked Canadian bloggers to be chosen for the amazing opportunity to be featured on Prom Canada’s website! (Check out the post to see both of our nail creations throughout the year.)

For alternating months, I’ll be sharing a nail-art tutorial using Nicole by OPI nail polishes.

My first Prom Canada nail-art tutorial went up a couple of days ago, and it shows you step-by-step how to create funky Leopard Nail Art!

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