The Body Shop Born Lippy Satsuma Shimmer Lip Balm Review & Pictures

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Shopping is my chosen form of therapy. And every few months, the Object of My Obsession changes. Cookbooks, watches, shoes, jewelry – whatever I’m obsessed with at the moment, I want to buy, buy, buy. My wallet and I are currently on the outs because of it.

My most-recent OoMO is lip products. Big surprise for me, seeing as previously the only thing I put on my lips is Chapstick. Now I need my lip balm or gloss, ‘cuz my lip gloss be cool; my lip gloss be poppin’! (So ashamed I know that song.)

Today, I’ll be reviewing The Body Shop Born Lippy Satsuma Shimmer Lip Balm. I previously reviewed the Pink Guava one, and surprisingly, it’s more than just the scent that’s different.

The Body Shop Born Lippy Satsuma Shimmer Lip Balm Pictures & Photos


    Leaves lips looking & feeling soft & smooth

Key Notes

  • Name: The Body Shop Born Lippy Satsuma Shimmer Lip Balm
  • Amount: 10ml, 0.29oz or 8.5g
  • What I Paid: $5 CAD
  • Price Per Unit: $0.5/ml, $17.24/oz or $0.59/g
  • Other The Body Shop Born Lippy Scents Available: Pink Guava, Strawberry, Raspberry, Watermelon, Mango & Peach (UK), Passionberry (UK & AU)
  • Where to Buy: The Body Shop CA, The Body Shop US, The Body Shop UK, The Body Shop stores

The Body Shop Satsuma Shimmer Lip Balm Review


It’s hard to create a fresh citrus scent when it comes to a beauty product. Don’t most citrus scents out there remind you of Pledge or some sort of dishwashing detergent? Yeah, not something I want to put on my lips.

The Body Shop Satsuma Shimmer Lip Balm doesn’t remind me of a household cleaner at all. Whew! It smells sort of like… the aroma that lingers on your fingers after peeling an orange or mandarin. Yummy!


It’s inevitable: it’s on your lips, so you’re going to end up tasting it no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Good to know that it tastes slightly sweet. Or… bad to know if you’re someone who likes to lick their lips – this will encourage it!


I mentioned earlier that it’s different than the Pink Guava one which has a creamy consistency that spreads easily. Well, The Body Shop Satsuma Shimmer is less creamy. I think it’s because of the shimmer in it. It’s harder to pick up and spread the product using your finger. The result is you’re more likely to apply a thinner layer, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It feels lightweight, and it’s not waxy. Personally though, I like the consistency of Pink Guava better because it’s slightly thicker. Just a personal preference.


The only real complaint I have about The Body Shop Born Lippy Satsuma is that you have to use your finger to apply it. It just makes me feel dirty! Plus, the thick feeling that it leaves on your finger isn’t very pleasant.

Effects on Lips

If you’re used to the slip-and-slick look of lip glosses, then you won’t like The Body Shop Satsuma Shimmer Born Lippy Lip Balm. This lip balm adds a slight sheen to your lips that doesn’t look exaggerated. And the shimmer creates a twinkling enchantment on the lips. It’s all very subtle, so if you like to super-wet look of glosses, this isn’t for you.

I wouldn’t say that Satsuma Shimmer really moisturizes. It does make your lips feel a bit softer, but if they’re really chapped, try Chapstick or a medicated lip balm instead.


Don’t expect this to last you hours and hours. The Body Shop Satsuma Born Lippy Lip Balm will stay on your lips for an hour at most – that is if you don’t eat or drink anything. It’s not too bad, but I don’t like having to apply my lip products that often.

Environmentally & Socially Responsible

The Body Shop supports community fair trade, using beeswax that is organic and is produced in an environmentally sustainable way. Good to know!


  • Smells yummy (tastes good, too)
  • Feels lightweight
  • Contains lanolin, orange oil, satsuma essential oil & organic beeswax
  • Shine is very subtle & pretty

  • Only moisturizes a little
  • Stays on for only about an hour
  • Have to use finger to apply

Final Verdict: 8/10

I am in love with scented lip balms right now, and Satsuma Shimmer is just one of many, many scents that I bought and need to try.

Do you have a favorite scented lip balm? What do you think of The Body Shops lip balms?


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