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Nail Art Tutorial: Pirate Nails

Pirate-Nails-Nail-Art-TutorialArr, swashbucklers and ye landlubbers alike may get a kick out of these Pirate Nails! (No bottle o’ rum is necessary, which makes them suitable for all ages.) 😉

Last year I created many different Hallowe’en nail-art tutorials (soon I’ll do a ’round-up’ type of post in case you find it helpful to see all the ideas in one place).

This year, my schedule has been so packed, I wasn’t able to do Hallowe’en nail art, which seriously bums me out!

But I wasn’t going to let October 31st roll by without at least one new festive design!

Hehe, it’s been a little while since I had ‘eyeballs’ on my nails…and y’know what? I sorely missed them. (I like looking at nails and having them look back. We can…see eye to eye! *Groans*)

Hope that you’ll try out this design. I purposely tried to do a design that didn’t use too many colours so that it’s a look that more people will be able to attempt, regardless if you have a huge lacquer collection or not.

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Nail Art Tutorial: Heartbeat Nails

Heartbeat-Nails-Nail-Art-Swatches-TutorialI’ve seen lots of Heartbeat Nail Art all over the internet for months and always thought how fun it would be to wear and how wonderfully simple it is.

Finally I took a stab at it. It helped that I had already been wearing Zoya Rekha as a manicure for a few days.

Although it’s a very easy design, I still did a nail-art tutorial with some tips and tricks because the Neon Skulls design was the most recent freehand design, and that was some time ago!

If you try this or any of the other nail designs that I’ve shown on Swatch And Learn, please feel free to post them on my Facebook wall so that everyone can see it and be inspired!

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Nail Art: Neon Skull Nails

Neon Skull Nails Nail ArtLately I’ve been really loving neon nail polish, and I wanted to wear the neon ombre manicure I did before, but with a twist.

I combined the neon ombre manicure with skull nail art that I did before. This is a great way to not only rock super-bright neons, but also to give them a little edge.

Hehe, I really wanted to wear skulls again because I’m longing for Hallowe’en. Strange…considering that the weather is so balmy, but I think my new favourite season is the fall – that’s when the best fashion and makeup comes out. Plus I don’t have to worry about the humidity giving me Poodle Hair in the fall! 😉

What do you think of this manicure? Too obnoxious, or just obnoxious enough? 😉 Hehe!

P.S. Haha, one of the skulls has a snaggletooth!

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Nail Art Tutorial: Pot of Gold Nails

Pot of Gold Nails Nail Art Tutorial & SwatchesA couple of days ago, I brought you a shamrock nail-art design I came up with. Today, I have Pot of Gold Nails!

This is a very quick look that you can whip up in no time.

But, if you have some extra time to spend, consider adding a rainbow that leads to the gold. You could also put a metallic dollar-sign on the pot.

Hope that you like this easy design. It was pretty fun wearing this on my fingertips. But I was on the lookout for any leprechauns that would come to claim their treasure. 😉

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Nail Art Tutorial: Valentine’s Day Nails

Valentine's Day Nails Nail Art Tutorial & PicturesHappy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I love Valentine’s Day because it serves as a reminder to appreciate the people we’re so lucky and blessed to have in our lives whether you’re happily married or single.

Will you all be my nail Valentine? 😉

It seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve done a nail-art tutorial, and I couldn’t let February 14 roll by without doing something!

So, here are some quick little Valentine’s Day Nails. If you turn your head to the right (or look at my other photos in this post), you’ll see that they have fluffy, white clouds that have lightning and that are raining down a slew of hearts.

My inspiration for this was the cheesy (but fun!) song, It’s Raining Men! Instead of men, though, I thought I’d paint hearts.

This is a very easy manicure that you can whip up in a pinch. Hope that some of you will try it sometime, even if you don’t today. 🙂

I wish you all love and happiness! Thank you for being the best blog readers in the world – it brings tears to my eyes at how loyal you are!

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Nail Art Tutorial: Tuxedo Nails

Tuxedo Nails Nail Art Tutorial & PicturesDid you watch the Golden Globe Awards? I only got a chance to catch some of the red-carpet arrivals and then I was on the road.

I was excited when Ryan Seacrest pointed out Zooey Deschanel’s nails, which looked like adorable tuxedos!

It reminded me that for a while now, I’ve been wanting to do a nail art tutorial for how to do easy Tuxedo Nails.

Here’s a different version than hers, but it’ll still get your fingers on the Best Dressed List. 😉

You’ll notice that I also opted not to use white, which is traditional for this look.

Hope you’ll also play around with all sorts of untraditional colours. (Consider ditching the black bow tie for something bright and whimsical instead!)

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Nail Art Tutorial: Martini Nails (New Year’s Eve Nails)

Martini Nails Nail Art Tutorial & PicturesIf you’re underage and shouldn’t be drinking alcohol, at least you can give my Martini Nails a try – they’re a fun way to ring in the New Year!

I’ll never forget the first time I had a classic, dry martini – it was at a German restaurant. I was so excited to try it and see what all the fuss was about because you always see classy people in movies elegantly sipping martinis. (Of course, in movies, the glasses are really just filled with water…at least I hope so!)

Not sure why, but I thought it was going to be sweet or delicious like the fruity or dessert martinis and cocktails. Haha, so the second I took my first sip, my whole face crinkled up in disgust! My then-boyfriend burst into hysterical laughter and asked me, “That good, huh?” 😛 He wished that he had brought his camera.

I had no idea if it was a ‘good martini’ or not because I had no reference to compare it to. All I remember was that it tasted like the way nail-polish remover smells. (I finished it, but that was my first and last classic, dry martini.) The best part about it was the olive… Continue reading