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Blog News: I Attended the Inglot VIP Beauty Blogger Event Yesterday Evening

Inglot Toronto SwatchAndLearnI had the incredible opportunity to attend the exclusive Inglot VIP Beauty Blogger Event yesterday, and I have so much to tell you because it was chock-full of inspiration up the whazoo! (A makeup Picasso would go nuts at Inglot!)

No doubt you’ve read glowing reviews of Inglot makeup products on many beauty blogs. (I sure did!) Strange thing is that I never dabbled into Inglot makeup before, despite hearing rave reviews. Well, that all ends now because I think that I’m in love!

Haha, I bought stuff on Saturday and then during the VIP Beauty Blogger Event, I ended up buying more. (The makeup addiction is real, people!)

In case you didn’t know, Toronto has a new makeup gem at Yonge-Dundas Square. Yes, that’s right – Inglot’s only store in Canada is in the heart of downtown! How exciting is that? (For those who are local Torontonians like I am, it’s across from the H&M at the Toronto Eaton Centre, near the Hard Rock Cafe. This location is so convenient!)

Yonge-Dundas Square is full of life, and if you ever visit Toronto, it’s the place to go. There are always lots of things to see and cool events going on. Plus in the summer, I’ve seen free music concerts and public movie viewings. Trust me – you can’t get bored here! (If you do get bored, I think you should invest in a defibrillator. Haha!)

Especially after attending the Inglot VIP beauty blogger event yesterday, I feel that the location fits the brand’s image perfectly.

Inglot is a company with products made in Poland that takes it to the next level and doesn’t play it safe. I applaud them for thinking outside the box and for not following the flock. They put out so many different colours, so even if you want bright blue lipstick, you’ll find it here! (Later in this post, I’ll show you photos of blue lipsticks I found at the Inglot Toronto store.)

In the photo above, I’m standing beside the Inglot presidents, Marcin Bielen (left) and Silver Laus (right).

In addition to getting a tutorial by Asha Houghton featuring the new Inglot HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation, I also got to speak with Marcin Bielen in-depth about Inglot. (How many makeup company presidents do you know who will give you the time of day and actually chat with you one-on-one, treating you with respect instead of as your superior?) My conversation with Marcin quickly made me realize that Inglot is a company that’s doing things differently and better

Why better? They put customer service first. They treat everyone like they’re VIPs. Even bloggers like me who aren’t makeup artists or who don’t have tons of followers on social media get attention and are made to feel like we’re important and that our opinion counts! (More on this later.)

In this post, you’ll see tons of photos that I snapped during the event of Inglot makeup, and I’ll share my thoughts on everything I saw and learned! (This is a new-to-me brand, so I soaked it all up.)

Also, if you have any questions about Inglot, feel free to leave a comment and ask me. I will be more than happy to reach out to Inglot to get your questions answered!

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