Blog News: Swatch And Learn Featured on TheMagicEveningTimes!

Hey everyone!

Just got a pleasant surprise today on Twitter – Swatch And Learn is featured in the latest edition of TheMagicEveningTimes! I had never heard of them before, but looks like they also highlighted Scrangie’s manicure (at the top of the page).

They chose to share the Magician Nails I posted yesterday and provide a link back. Scroll down to the “Leisure” section and you’ll see it.

Here’s a screenshot of the section I’m featured in:

TheMagicEveningTimes Swatch And Learn


6 thoughts on “Blog News: Swatch And Learn Featured on TheMagicEveningTimes!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey imfeelingnailventurous!

      Thank you so much! I appreciate your support – brings a huge smile to my face. I’m so lucky to have such kind visitors like you! 😀


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