Smorgasbord Sundays: April Fools’ Day & Practical Jokes

Happy April Fools’ Day!

April Fools Day Practical Jokes Swatch And Learn

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You still have time to do something funny today. Need some ideas? Here are a few:

  • Make some jello in drinking glasses & then add a straw so it looks like a drink
  • Remove the filling from Oreo cookies & replace it with white toothpaste
  • Add some wasabi to your guacamole for an unexpected kick
  • Glue the caps on the pens
  • Rearrange the keys on a keyboard
  • Add a few drops of food colouring into a carton of milk for a surprise
  • Fill the salt shaker with sugar

Did you pull a prank on someone today? What’s the funniest prank you’ve ever pulled? Do you abide by the rule of no more April Fools’ Day tricks after 12 pm?


10 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Sundays: April Fools’ Day & Practical Jokes

  1. Lawren

    those are some good ideas.

    I remember when I was younger, I woke up my brother yelling and screaming that there was a fire and for him to wake up and get out of the house fast, and then of course he got mad at me for lying and for waking him up haha xD I try not to be too mean to people 😛

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Lawren!

      Hahaha, that’s funny. And, yeah, I can imagine that he’d be upset that his precious beauty sleep was interrupted.

  2. Barbara

    No pranks this year – too tired after working afternoon shift yesterday. I’ve never heard the rule about no pranks after 12 pm. It’s 12:14 here so too late now!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Barbara!

      Aww…hope that you get a chance to rest up today, then! 🙂

      Well, if you’ve never heard of that rule, then you don’t need to abide by it…hehehhe!

  3. Melissa White

    I’m not a prank kind of person. I don’t mind harmless little pranks but so many are just vicious these days. Though the ones you listed would have me in stitches even if I were the target 😉

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Melissa White!

      I know what you mean – some are really mean, and you don’t want to offend the target. It’s about having a fun time. The only one on my list that I would be upset to be the target would be the wasabi guacomole only because I can’t eat really hot stuff. I’d probably have the funniest reaction! 😛

  4. Jessica

    I’m more the type to have pranks pulled on me. I’m gullible and not creative/devious enough to come up with my own. I have tried, though–one April Fool’s Day I took the bottles of shampoo and body wash from my parents’ bathroom, took the caps off, covered the openings with plastic wrap, and put the caps back on. My parents were so surprised when they flipped the tops open and squeezed and nothing came out. Hahaha I was quite proud of myself.

  5. Marta

    First of all, I’m glad you used this photo of me for your intro (is is one of my best poses… It shows off my assets quite well) 😉

    I’m always scared of April Fools. No joke. I’m quite a gullible person and I value honesty… It doesn’t take much to pull my arm and have me believing some story, or looking the fool (more than usual that is 😉 ).
    Though I appreciate humour ( a lot) I am also not one to “pull” the jokes… I can’t keep a straight face ! Lol

    How about you?
    Marta recently posted: Drawn towards the Magnet

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Marta!

      HAHAHA, yes, I knew that you’d approve. Your husband really captured all your supermodel glory in that photo. 😉 Oh, Marta, that’s why I like you so much – you aren’t afraid to have fun and monkey around. Everyone needs to have a good friend like you!

      Oh yeah? Do you remember any April Fools’ jokes someone played on you? I’m curious what pranks people pulled off.

      When I was a kid, I loved pulling practical jokes on my family. And, once, I orchestrated an elaborate prank on my best friend (Maggie) on her birthday. It’s a VERY long story (hehe, it was such a complicated plan that involved my other best friend, Vera).

      Basically, we found out that for her birthday, she wanted this perfume oil from The Body Shop. We got it for her, but then we wrapped it up a lot in a ton of paper and put it in a (clean and new) garbage bag that was filled with (clean and new) crumpled paper. Essentially, we made it look like the bag was full of old trash, even though everything was brand new.

      We pretended that we had accidentally thrown out her present in the garbage. 😛 Then we got the garbage bag, threw out piece of paper after piece of paper onto her living room floor to find the box. But then we told her that the perfume oil was all sold out, so instead, we decided to buy her a hamster because pets bring a lot of happiness into your life, and we wanted her to be happy. Haha!

      This was the funniest thing ever because we knew very well that her parents didn’t let her have any pets. Also, we told her that we couldn’t afford to buy a cage. We told her that the hamster was inside this box (that we poked holes in “so it could breathe”). Vera pretended that the box was moving when she held it.

      Maggie was so shocked, and when she went to open the box, she looked pretty freaked out, thinking that the hamster would jump out onto her. But when she opened the lid (after 5 minutes of mustering up the courage to do so…haha), she found the perfume oil she wanted. And on the inside of the box’s lid, it said “Ha ha ha ha ha!” all over. 😉

      Haha, it was mean, but extremely funny. And even to this day, we all remember it as being an epic prank. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top that one, and actually, I haven’t done any pranks since then. That was the last hurrah, I guess. 😉

      Maggie and I used to do things with a “go big or go home” mentality. For instance, for my 16th birthday, she bought me 16 full-size boxes of chocolate and wrapped it up so it looked like one monster box! (Haha, I had to give away many boxes to friends and family because I just couldn’t eat them all in time.)


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