Roc Enydrial Repairing Lip Care Review & Pictures

** This post was written by Fiona. She no longer blogs for Swatch And Learn. However, Mary still continues to blog and will be happy to reply to your comment. **

An obscure product to be reviewing, right? But I’m on a skincare obsession lately and want to do everything possible to better take care of my skin. So about a month ago, I made a solemn vow to never neglect my lips again. Since that fateful day, I’ve been searching for a lip-care product that softens and moisturizes my lips – without hassle. Chapstick has always been my weapon of choice when it comes to lip protection. It did the job well, but it’s not perfect by any means.

As I was checking out at the drugstore with a Chapstick in hand, the beautician suggested Roc Enydrial Repairing Lip Care instead. She said that it’s a treatment and she recommends it to construction workers who suffer from dry skin from working in the elements for long hours. I’m so flippin’ weak. I was swayed at the snap of a finger and made the purchase.

Good choice or a regretful one? Find out!

Roc Enydrial Repairing Lip Care Pictures & Photos


    For dry, chapped lips

Key Notes

  • Name: Roc Enydrial Repairing Lip Care
  • Amount: 4.8g
  • What I Paid: $7.50 CAD
  • Price Per Unit: $1.56/g
  • Where to Buy: Drugstores

Roc Enydrial Repairing Lip Treatment Review

I’ve strayed from the trusty Chapstick before, experimenting with other lip-balm products. Most of them are so regrettable (take Balea Face Lip Balm SPF 30 for example – awful, awful product). Roc Enydrial Repairing Lip Treatment is the first product to make me glad that I tried something different.


Mary describes Chapstick as “waxy.” I personally like that it’s kind of thick; I especially don’t like it when lip balms are really slippery. Roc Enydrial Repairing Lip Balm is on the thick side, but it doesn’t have a “waxy” feel that Chapstick has. The texture is dense, but it feels lightweight as well.

Smell & Taste

One of the biggest issues I have with most balms is that there’s a funny taste and smell. You’re going to be wearing this on your lips for a good while – right under your nose and right near your tongue! So it’s a good thing that there is absolutely not scent to Roc Enydrial Lip Care. And no taste either – you won’t feel like you’re eating soap.

Benefits on Lips

If I don’t treat my lips at night, I wake up with wicked chapped lips. I applied this Roc lip care while my lips were super parched, and it did its magic. My lips are softer, and the dead skin is gone.

It, however, has a major drawback. It doesn’t have an SPF. I think it’s important to protect even your lips from the sun! There is a Roc Enydrial Repair Lip Care product with SPF, but it’s more expensive.


This stuff lasts! After I put this Roc lip care product on, I can still feel it for over two hours (without eating or drinking anything). And even after it wears off, my lips still feel soft.


OK. Here’s the big kicker. This thing costs $7.50 CAD. It costs twice as much as most other drugstore lip balms. I like how it performs: it moisturizes well, and it lasts long. But does it perform twice as well? Honestly, I’m on the fence about it. It’s a good product, but it’s pricey!

  • Softens & moisturizes lips
  • Lasts a long time
  • Coats lips, yet feels lightweight
  • Has no scent or taste
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t contain SPF

Final Verdict: 9/10

So far, this is the best lip treatment I’ve tried. But I don’t know if I’d be willing to dish out $7.50 CAD every time. I might go back to Chapstick just because it’s cheaper and it performs well (just not as well).

Do you have a lip-care product you’d recommend for me? I’d love to try it! Or would you pay $7.50 for a really good lip balm?


2 thoughts on “Roc Enydrial Repairing Lip Care Review & Pictures

  1. Marty

    Hey, i’ve been using roc enydrial repairing lipcare for two weeks now. After trying all different ones like labello and some drugstore homebrands that all cost something like 1 or 2 euro, i started using this roc wich cost’s about 5 euro. My lips were really dry and all burst and stuff and with the other brands it always went back to that lip state after it wore off or i stopped using it. Now with roc i use it on my lips every night before i go to sleep, somedays it’s still on in the morning. When i just started it took about two days for my lips to heal completely, and now i use it only when needed during the day. Like when im on my bike or skates going for a endurance training in the freezing wheater. Other than such extremes i don’t really need it exept for when i go to sleep. It the best balm i’ve found so far. 1 stick lasts me about one mont, what is 5 euro or 7,5 CAD once a month? It is worth it for me! Chicks dig my lips now and i love the healty feel and look! Gr enjoy the enydrial stick ciao ciao :-))

    1. Mary

      Hey Marty!

      Glad that this is working out for you. I still haven’t tried it, but when Fiona reviewed it (back when she was still blogging), I was tempted to.


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