Revlon Pedi-EXPERT Shower Pedicure Kit Review & Pictures

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Alert: Talk of feet in this post (not in details though, in case they gross you out).

Ever since I started working out rigorously at the gym, I’ve been annoyed with how rough the bottoms of my feet were. That’s why I got the Revlon Pedi-EXPERT Shower Pedicure Kit…hoping it can help reveal softer skin.

A glamorous product, it is not. Practical, it is. But while I do find it useful, I don’t think it’s an incredible product that deserves to be in everyone’s shower caddy. Why?

Revlon Pedi-EXPERT Shower Pedicure Kit Pictures & Photos


    Sloughs away dry skin
    Softer & smoother feet in just 1 use
    Designed for use in shower
    Ergonomic design

Key Notes

  • Name: Revlon Pedi-EXPERT Shower Pedicure Kit
  • What I Paid: $14.99 CAD
  • Kit Includes: Ergonomic Egg Top, Callus Stone, Cleaning Brush, Nail Cleaner/Cuticle Pusher
  • Related Product: Revlon Pedi-EXPERT Pedicure Kit (non-shower)
  • Where to Buy: Drugstores, pharmacies, supermarkets, ULTA

Revlon PediEXPERT Shower Pedicure Kit Review

I really like the idea behind the Revlon PediEXPERT Shower Pedicure Kit. It comes in separate pieces; it has an egg top that can be snapped into the callus stone, the cleaning brush, or both at the same time. And the nail cleaner can be stored inside the cavity, making it space-saving.

But I keep the pieces separate, except I leave the stone inside the egg top (see picture 3). That’s because it can be a real Manicure Killer to remove the pieces once snapped into the egg top. There are indents at the sides, but when you’re in the shower, your fingers can slip and graze the stone to ruin your nails. Not good. The cleaning brush is just big enough that it feels good in the hand without the top.

There are a lot of pedicure stones out there that cost less, but also a lot that cost more. What makes this different? Well, the size feels really good in my hand. It’s not too big nor too small. And the shape is easy to hold, a key point when in the shower with water and soap. I also like the non-slip grips at the edges to make use in the shower a breeze.

Is it really just a glorified callus stone though? A little. The stone only does an OK job at smoothing out tough skin. It works best if you really soak your feet first…which is really the case for all pedicure tools. However, I find my showers to be too short to soften the skin on my feet enough for the stone to really be effective. I’ve also used it while taking a long bath, and it was great for that.

The Revlon Shower Pedicure Kit includes a cleaning brush that’s also just OK. The bristles are stiff to help clean the sloughed-away dead skin. You can also use it to clean underneath the nails. There’s nothing really special about this.

The nail cuticle tool from the Revlon Pedi EXPERT shower kit is really good. The shape and length allow you to easily push your cuticles back and clean underneath the nails. But again, it’s just a standard tool that you can probably find elsewhere.

Cleaning the Revlon Pedi Shower Kit is really simple. All I do is run it under warm water and rinse it with some soap. I run the brush over the stone a few times to brush away the dead skin. Then just let it dry!

  • Good size & shape
  • Space-saving
  • Ideal for in-shower use
  • Easy to clean
  • Tools are standard & just OK
  • Not very affordable
  • Might be able to assemble the kit yourself with separate pieces

Final Verdict: 7.2/10

While I use this during every after-gym shower, it doesn’t completely wow me. It’s not a product that I’ll purchase again if this one breaks.

Thinking of trying the Revlon Pedicure EXPERT Shower Kit? Or if you just got the regular one, let me know how it compares to this!


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