Quick Look: Bundle Monster Water Decals & Metal 3D Nail Art Decorations

Bundle Monster Nail Art SuppliesIt’s been a little while since I did a Quick Look post, but there’s so much to share! Today, I’m showing you Bundle Monster Water Decals and Metal 3D Nail Art Decorations!

With my schedule becoming busier than ever, it can be challenging to set time aside for nail art as much as I would like. However, when I looked at the Bundle Monster website, I saw the perfect solution – water decals! (They’re like the temporary tattoos that you used when you were a kid.) FAST!

Bundle Monster was very generous and sent me the water decals of my choice to play around with. (I’ll be publishing another post featuring an in-depth review on them and photos of me wearing the nail decals, but I wanted to take this opportunity first to give you a quick look at how they come packaged and what all the designs look like.

Additionally, in this post, I’ll show you some awesome metal 3D nail decorations that they also sent me to try. I’ve never worn anything like them before, and they allowed me to pick 2 sets that interested me the most! (I’m looking forward to wearing these. I’ve already been thinking of a manicure to wear these with for a Lady-Gaga-esque vibe!)

Please let me know in the comments if there’s a particular water decal design I’ve shown that you’d like me to design a manicure around, and I’ll do my best to give a go!

P.S. I’d like to remind you that you have on Saturday April 12 at 11:59 pm EDT to enter my worldwide giveaway for your chance to win the Bundle Monster nail-stamping plate set of your choice! Hurry to get your entry in, and learn how you can actually get several entries!

Bundle Monster Water Decals Pictures

In the first photo below, you’ll also see the metal decorations. Those don’t come in the set of water decals, but, my goodness, everything else does!

The water decals shown below all come in one package that you’ll find on the Bundle Monster website under the name “10 Sheet Nail Art Water Transfer Stickers Tattoo Effects Decoration Decals“.

Click on the link to be taken to the product on their site that retails for $9.50 USD. (Yes, that’s a great price for all these designs, isn’t it?)

Bundle Monster Water Decals Metal Cobachons

Bundle Monster Nail Art Supplies

Look how much variety there is! The possibilities are virtually endless!

Bundle Monster Nail Supplies

Bundle Monster Water Decals

This is how the water decals and metal decorations came shipped – all in their own Bundle Monster bags for protection.

Bundle Monster Packaging

And now, let’s dive into each sheet of water decals, shall we? 🙂

The “water colors” sheet is probably one of my favourites because they look like they’d be so easy to incorporate into a spring-themed manicure. Plus I love how there are lots of different shapes and combination of shapes from which to choose!

Bundle Monster Water Decals 1

I like how they have long strips and circles. You can do a lot of mixing and matching.

Bundle Monster Water Decals 2

I gasped when I saw the music one. Okay, maybe this is my favourite one in the bunch. Oh, it’s so hard to pick just one design!

Look how intricate the musical notes are! It makes me want to play them to find out what song they are of!

Bundle Monster Water Decals 3

The graphic-diamond design on the left and the design along the strips making the border of the sheet both really get my attention because it’s bold, and well, you know how I love bold nails!

It’s neat how they incorporated a picture of a woman wearing a dress with the same print in the middle. I don’t know how you’d put her on your nails (in sections?), but I still think it’s a fun touch!

Bundle Monster Water Decals 4

Okay, maybe this is my favourite! (I’m saying that too much, right?) 😉

But I do love me some animal print, and the fact that there are also animals and shapes with animal print is soooooo fun!

Bundle Monster Water Decals 5

The below sheet has designs that I think would blend very well with the “water colors” one at the top. Very pretty and soft! They’re perfect for wearing to a baby shower (or pretending to go to a baby shower if none of your friends or family are with-child…haha!)

Bundle Monster Water Decals 6

Striking black and white designs are always easy to incorporate into a  manicure. I love how much contrast there is, and I’d love to wear these over a neon manicure. Imagine how awesome the line designs in particular would look over a blinding neon? Ahh-maz-ing!

Bundle Monster Water Decals 7

Oh, look at the exotic snake print with the shapes! Very creative!

Bundle Monster Water Decals 8

Sweater Weather may finally be over, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t rock some of these fun prints! I like the swans. And if you look closely, there are unicorns and bunnies, too!

Bundle Monster Water Decals 9

Haha, the sheet below makes me laugh, and I just know that I’m going to use those pink elephants for a quirky look!

Bundle Monster Water Decals 10

3D Metal Nail Decorations Pictures

I never tried any large, metal decorations like these, so I’m excited to see how they look on, and how long they’ll last!

You’ll find lots of 3D nail decoration like these in this general section on the Bundle Monster website!

Bundle Monster Nail Accents

Bundle Monster Nail Art

Please stay tuned for my in-depth review on all of these after I wear them in full manicures!

Is there a water-decal design you’d like me to try out in particular? How would you wear the nail decals? How would you incorporate the metal 3D accents into your nail-art look?

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18 thoughts on “Quick Look: Bundle Monster Water Decals & Metal 3D Nail Art Decorations

  1. lawren

    yay! I’m so glad more people are picking up the water decal trend! They’re definitely so helpful and quick. I’m not too great (or patient) for painting my own art, so these are super helpful.

    can’t wait to see a more in-depth review 😀

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Lawren!

      I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on them as soon as I can! 🙂 Thanks for sharing my enthusiasm about these nail decals. They’re truly a great solution for ‘busy girl nails’!

  2. Broush61

    I really look forward to seeing what you do with these water decals and how well they work. Are they easy to work with and do they hold together when wet and not fall apart before you can get them on the nail? Are they easy to manipulate? Are they a good size for fitting on nails or do they require a lot of cutting to fit? These are some of the questions I have. I liked the music decals also, and the rainbow color (water color?) ones, and really any of them-there are too many good ones to choose from. It’s awesome that there are so many in a package! Anyway, I really am excited to see your further posts using the decals and the metal decorations.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Broush61!

      I will do my best to address all of your questions in my future, detailed post, because I’m sure that lots of other readers will also find it helpful! Stay tuned for that post! 🙂

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Kim!

      Hope that you had a great long weekend, and may this week treat you well! 🙂

      Yes, I’ll have to do a neon manicure soon because I’m craving brights!

  3. Nathalie Roy

    Thanks for reminding me of Bundle Monster. I think waterslide nail decals are the best thing ever. Easy, idiot-proof, mess-free and super versatile. I use them a lot. I posted a link to your blog in a post I jut published about Bundle Monster and their range of nail decals. Hope that’s ok. I’m always boasting about nail decals and wanted to remind people – like you did for me this morning – that Bundle Monster is another online shop option.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Nathalie!

      Thank you very much for linking to my blog – I appreciate that! Of course it’s okay! 🙂 It’s very sweet of you to share my posts with your viewers!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Lupi!

      They really pop, don’t they? 🙂 There are so many designs from which to choose. It’s hard picking a favourite…haha, as you saw from reading the comments in my post! 😉

  4. mara

    i’m really curious about these, are they easy to apply ?? my hands shake and it makes it hard for me to do any small details , these look like a good alternative.


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