Party with Bundle Monster’s 5th Birthday – 30 Day Nail Art Challenge & Nail Prizes

Bundle Monster will soon be turning 5! Can you believe it? My how time flies by!

I still remember buying my first nail-stamping plate set from them. (It was also the first one that they released.)

I want to wish all the ‘monsters’ over at their office a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You’ve all worked really hard, and it’s amazing how your team always puts out exciting products and promotions. Plus I really love how you listen to your customers and make changes based on our input!

To celebrate their birthday, Bundle Monster has put together a really fun nail-art challenge for the month of June, and they’re giving away some neat nail prize bags, too!

I thought I’d share it, in case any of you would like to participate.

Bundle Monster Turns 5 BM5thBDay Nail Art Challenge


Below is the official press release sent to me by Bundle Monster:

Hey Nail Art Enthusiasts!

Bundle Monster has been cooking up a challenge for you this month. Yes, you heard us, a challenge! It will be FUN and we can’t wait to see how creative you can get!

For the whole month of June, Bundle Monster will be setting the menu with a fun creative nail art challenge in celebration of their 5th birthday! Every day during the month of June there will be a new nail art challenge keeping with a birthday theme from candles to cupcakes and every sprinkle in between!

To participate, fans will simply need to create and take picture of their manicure (or pedicure) with the theme of the day. Nail art fans can then upload their picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or Pinterest with the hashtags: #bm5thbday #bundlemonster to be entered to win a bag full of nail-licious accessories! Every week Bundle Monster will giveaway 5 nail art goodie bags, so that means that fans have 20 chances to WIN! Bundle Monster’s nail art goodie bags will have all kinds of nail studs, cabochons, foils, stickers, nail strips and more! For more details on the challenge, visit the Birthday page:


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