NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer Review & Pictures

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Those of you who have heard about the new NYX HD line might already feel that it’s trying to copy another brand. Well, at least that was my first impression when I saw it online. I placed my order hoping that NYX was able to copy the quality while offering the products at slightly lower prices.

The product that I got was NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer. While I like some aspects of it, there are many that I don’t appreciate very much. It is definitely not my favorite face primer.

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer Pictures & Photos

Explanation of HD Effect

Claims: TRUSTED, but Product: Just OK

    Silky, lightweight application
    Helps erase the appearance of fines lines & pores
    Flawless finish
    Makeup stays fresh

Key Notes

  • Name: NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer
  • Amount: 1.16oz. or 33g.
  • What I Paid: $14 USD
  • Price Per Unit: $12.97/oz. or $0.42/ g.
  • Other NYX HD Studio Products Available: HD Foundation, HD Grinding Blush, HD Grinding Powder, HD Eye Shadow Primer
  • Where to Buy: Cherry Culture

NYX HD Primer Review

When I unboxed my NYX HD primer and saw the bottle, I thought that it looks kind of cheap. But I don’t care too much about that, as long as the pump works. It’s what’s inside that counts! The pump can dispense quite a lot; the first few times I used it, I pumped out way too much and ended up wasting some. So I suggest being light-handed at first.

The product is a bluish white liquid, so don’t be scared thinking yours might have spoiled or anything. That part I was fine with. But when I apply it on my skin, I usually get a little nervous as I look in the mirror because it goes on really white! It dries transparent, but it takes about 5 minutes for it to fully disappear. Who has time for that?

Another thing that gets me is the scent. I would prefer an unscented product, and the NYX HD face primer certainly is not that. It doesn’t smell bad, more like a floral perfume-y smell that you won‘t notice after a bit. I just don’t understand why it needs to be fragranced to begin with.

I like the application of NYX HD Studio primer – it’s more on the liquid side, so it spreads easily on the skin. And it feels lightweight on as well; it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin as I’m applying it and at the end of my day. I usually forget that I’m wearing it. I’ve had no issues with the formula causing breakouts or clogging pores, so I’m happy with that.

All that aside, let’s talk about whether it works. I tested it for a few days on half of my face to compare, and I do notice that NYX HD primer evens out my skin a little. But it doesn’t make my foundation, concealer and setting powder go on easier. And after I put on all my face makeup, I don’t see a difference in the two sides of my face.

So I guess the NYX primer is good for evening out the skin, if you don’t plan on wearing foundation. Otherwise, you can skip the primer since your face makeup should give you a flawless complexion anyway.

Does it help makeup stay on longer? To that, I would say yes. On some occasions, my skin can oil up the foundation in certain spots. My skin is mostly dry, but this does happen from time to time. I haven’t noticed this happening whenever I have the NYX HD face primer on.

Also, my blush seems to stay put longer. At the end of the day, the color is a little more vibrant on the side of my face that has the NYX HD Studio primer on. But it’s not a huge difference.


  • Makeup stays put longer
  • Lightweight & easy to wear
  • Good for all skin tones
  • Helps create flawless complexion
  • Talc- &  paraben-free
  • Mineral-enriched

  • Fragranced
  • Pump can dispense too much
  • Goes on really white
  • Takes a while to dry
  • Doesn’t excel at any tasks

Final Verdict: 6.9/10

NYX Studio Photogenic HD Primer isn’t a star product, but I give it a pass because it does do what it promises. There are just better primers out there, and this wouldn’t be a product that I’d purchase again. The price isn’t exactly that low for a NYX product.

Want to give this primer a try? Or tried it and stand by it? Leave a comment and let me know whether I’m right or wrong!

P.S. I plan on revisiting this post again in the summer as I see how the NYX HD facial primer reacts to humidity.


2 thoughts on “NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer Review & Pictures

  1. Poetic Realist

    I just purchased this during the sale from Cherry Culture, so I’m expecting it in the mail soon! Why can’t they process my orders faster? My items arrives 2 days after processing is complete so I just have 2 wait for my order to finish being processed. 🙁
    Poetic Realist recently posted: Wet n Wild – Night Prowl

    1. Fiona Post author

      Hahah! I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I’d place a CC order, and a few days letter, I’d receive an email announcing that they processed it. And all that time, I would be thinking that my order would arrive soon. But nope! They just processed it!:O


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