Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Sunbaked Neutrals Review & Swatches

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After purchasing Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Sunbaked Neutrals, I realized that I own a lot and a lot of green eyeshadows. I just think green is such a nice color! And this palette has one of the prettiest green eyeshadows of my collection!

But it’s not just about the green. It actually has more neutral colors in matte, shimmery and pearlescent finishes. You can easily use these shades to play up or play down the greens. So pretty.

Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Sunbaked Neutrals Swatches & Photos

Applied Dry Without Primer

Row 1: Light Beige (Matte), Light Brown (Matte), Light Golden Bronze (High-Pearl), Light Metallicky Green (High-Pearl)

Applied Dry Without Primer

Row 2: Dark Brown (Shimmer), Dark Golden Bronze (High-Pearl), White (Shimmer), Dark Olive Green (High-Pearl)


    Glides on effortlessly
    Fade-proof colors

Key Notes

  • Name: Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Sunbaked Neutrals
  • Amount: 8-pan shadows
  • What I Paid: $5.68 CAD (was on sale)
  • Other Colors Available: Hushed Tints, Twilight Rays
  • Where to Buy: Drugstores, big-box stores, some convenience stores

Maybelline Expert Wear Sunbaked Neutrals Palette Review

I like that the different finishes of the Maybelline Expert Wear Sunbaked Neutrals palette keep it from being BOR-ing. But I do find that the shimmer and high-pearl finishes are quite similar – both just give me a slight shimmery effect on my lids. A little disappointed in that.

For a drugstore brand, Maybelline Sunbaked Neutrals is quite pigmented. It’s actually really good quality for the price I paid. While the shades are not super intense, you don’t need much to get decent color saturation.

I already own several eyeshadows that are similar to the white, light beige, light brown and dark brown colors. But I think it’s nice to have them all in the same palette for convenience sake. These shades are good for contouring and highlighting or even on the lid. It’s also good if you don’t already own a lot of neutral colors – you get them all in the same kit!

The shadows in Mayeblline Expert Wear Sunbaked Neutrals 8-Pan Shadows apply easily without difficulty. I did find that the two matte shades are slightly more powdery than the rest – it’s not a huge issue though. And the shadows don’t have as creamy of a texture as I normally like, but they all still go on smoothly. Plus, they are easy to blend, without leaving patches of shadow on the lid.

Maybelline claims that Sunbaked Neutrals offers 8 hours of crease-free wear. I’m happy to report that it’s true! And more! I’ve worn the shadows in this palette without primer a few times, and the result? No creasing, no melting and no color-fading by the end of my day (which is waaay longer than 8 hours).

  • Shimmery & matte finishes
  • Great value
  • Doesn’t crease or melt
  • No color fading
  • Neutral colors suit all skin tones
  • Some shadows are common (you might already own similar shades)
  • Matte shadows are slightly powdery
  • Shimmer & high-pearl finishes are similar

Final Verdict: 8.9/10

I really like the two greens and two bronze shades of this palette. Most of the others I like and will also use to complement those four stand-out colors. The only shade that I don’t like is the light beige color; it doesn’t really show up on my skin. I’ll get great use out of the other shades, so the Maybelline Sunbaked Neutrals palette is good value for me.

Think you’ll pass on this palette because you already own a lot of similar colors? Or want to grab it because it’s neutral and versatile? Let me know!


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  1. Nivedita

    hey thanks for the link. Elf is available in other parts of India. But here, the goods often gets lost and consumer rights protection guys prefer to hibernate. But I have a close dupe. green color being my favourite in my eye-make up, I also own a quad from Maybelline called Emerald Isle No.26. One of the 3 greens in it is a very very close dupe of this.

    Fiona, a request as a reader, could we have a subscription or mail-alert on this blog? Because it would be good to have alerts in the inbox
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