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Katy Perry Purr Perfume ReviewIf there was a fragrance I wanted to try so badly, it was unequivocally the Katy Perry Purr perfume! Since I saw promo pictures of it last year, I’ve been scouring the internet for where I could purchase it.

To my dismay, it was a Nordstrom exclusive at the time, they wouldn’t ship it to Canada, and there was no store in Canada that sold it (again at the time). And I just couldn’t bring myself to pay a fortune on eBay.

Understanding my oddball obsession, my Yankee ex-boyfriend, Matty, surprised me with it on his recent visit. And not only did he get me the large Katy Perry Purr eau de parfum, but he got me the entire brand-spankin’ new Katy Perry Bath Collection (called the Purr by Katy Perry Spring Set on Nordstrom’s site). It comes complete with the shower gel, shimmering body lotion, and purse spray! OMG!

Words can’t describe my happiness. I wanted to jump up and down on the bed and then scream at the top of my lungs for joy like a hyperactive child! Instead, I opened everything up, smelled it, and then cradled it like Gollum. My precious!

Although I was smitten by the purple cat-shaped bottle, how did the Katy Perry Purr fragrance fare? Was it a nose assault, or will I be reaching for it often? Let me share my thoughts with you!

Katy Perry Purr Pictures

Purr Perfume by Katy Perry

Purr by Katy Perry Perfume

Katy Perry Perfume Purr

Katy Perry Fragrance Purr

Katy Perry Purr Eau de Parfum

Katy Perry Purr Perfume Ingredients

Katy Perry Purr Bath Collection

Katy Perry Purr Bath Collection Gift Set


    Confident, sexy & fun fragrance

Key Notes

  • Name: Katy Perry Purr Eau de Parfum
  • Amount: 100 mL (3.4 oz.) – Large bottle
  • What I Paid: Nothing! (Matty bought me the entire Katy Perry Bath Collection gift set as a belated birthday gift!)
  • Items Available in the Katy Perry Purr Fragrance: Small eau de parfum (1.7 oz.), Large eau de parfum (3.4 oz.), The Bath Collection gift set (contains large eau de parfum, shower gel, shimmering body lotion & purse spray) & small gift set (contains 1.7 oz. small eau de parfum, shower gel & shimmering body lotion)
  • Where to Buy: Nordstrom, Sears.ca, ULTA stores, Buckle, Dillards stores, Selfridges (UK), Boots (UK) & some others you can find listed on the official Katy Perry perfume website

Katy Perry Purr Review

Since I have the new Purr by Katy Perry Bath Collection, I may review every item in it. But, of course, I had to start with the Katy Perry perfume, Purr!

I’m normally into cotton-candy, caramel, and vanilla perfumes, but this fruity floral won my heart. Very surprised by how much I dig this combination.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s completely ground-breaking, but for me, it’s an interesting departure from my go-to daily fragrance, Fantasy by Britney Spears.

Fragrance Notes

According to the Purr by Katy Perry fragrance site, it’s supposed to have peach nectar, forbidden apple, green bamboo, a delicate bouquet of jasmine blossom, pink freesia, Bulgarian rose, vanilla orchid, white amber, creamy sandalwood, and musk.

What I Actually Smelled

Top Notes – Initial spray

Upon first spritz, I got a burst of refreshing fruit – a juicy peach without the sugary sweetness. Couldn’t smell any green bamboo, but I could detect a bit of the apple because there was a bit of a tart nuance. (C’mon…”forbidden apple”? Sounds like they’re trying too hard here. How does a forbidden apple smell differently than a regular apple?)

Middle Notes – Dry down

With my body chemistry, I can still smell yummy peaches, but a floral starts to peek out. Normally I don’t like florals unless they’re lilac (and a realistic lilac like the Slatkin & Co. Lilac Blossom Candle), but I do like this one because it’s soft.

I can’t say for sure whether or not the florals are jasmine, pink freesia, and Bulgarian rose because I don’t even know what those smell like.

Base Notes – Several hours of wear

The vanilla creaminess comes out a bit more and blends nicely with the still-lingering peach. I also noticed the musk, which I enjoy when it’s light like this.

Scent Throw & Longevity

The Purr perfume by Katy Perry has a medium scent throw. It’s not weak, but it also doesn’t hit you in the face like a ton of bricks as a cheap one-note fragrance would.

I put this on in the morning, went to work, came home, ate dinner, did some blogging for Swatch And Learn, and I could still smell it. That’s 15 hours so far!

Target Age

Overall, I’d say that this fragrance is most age-appropriate for 20-ish year olds and younger. But really, it’s all about body chemistry, and if it smells good on your skin, then wear it! Don’t let age ‘restrictions’ hold you back.

When to Wear It

Because of the fruity-floral notes and medium scent-throw, I’d classify this as ideal for casual daytime wear. And because it’s so fresh, light, and happy, I think it makes a great spring perfume.

Purple Cat-Shaped Bottle

Aside from being curious (like a cat), another reason why I was lemming the Katy Perry Purr eau de parfum was because of the bottle! It’s a sleek cat with cute little ears, faux-crystal eyes, and a silver-colored heart-shaped collar charm that says “Purr”.

And if that doesn’t impress you enough, turn the bottle around, and you’ll see that they really paid attention to the little details. Our kitty-cat bottle has a tail at the back! (Because I’m immature, I found myself giggling a bit while I snapped photos of Precious Paws’ behind.)

It’s not sophisticated by any means, but it has personality in spades (just like the singer herself). It’s purple (one of my favorite colors), it’s shaped like a feline (my favorite animal), and it’s just so different than other perfume bottles on the market.

Even if the perfume smelled like eau de skunk, I still would’ve wanted it for the bottle. Silly, I know, but it’s things like this that make me smile and get all giddy inside.

Thankfully, Katy Perry Purr actually smells good to me and I can see myself wearing it, so I didn’t completely fall for this gimmick…hehe!

And what I get a kick out of is that to spray the perfume, you have to pull the cat’s head off to reveal the nozzle! It’s morbid, and I like it.


When it was first released, it was a Nordstrom exclusive, but thank goodness it’s now available in Canada and the UK through different stores. Even in the States, more retailers are carrying it.


  • Playful refreshing casual daytime fragrance
  • Strong lasting power
  • Cute purple-cat bottle
  • Easier to find now than during initial release

  • Can only be found at select stores (but over time, I have a feeling it’ll be way more accessible)

Final Verdict: 8.5/10

The Katy Perry Purr fragrance is really fun to wear, and the bottle is cute to look at. If you enjoy light easy-to-wear fruity florals or you’re looking to add some spice to your perfume collection, I recommend you give it a try. Yeah, the bottle is kinda tacky, but there’s a simple charm about it that I appreciate.

What’s your favorite celebrity perfume? Which is your go-to daily fragrance? Have you ever bought a perfume just because you liked the bottle?


10 thoughts on “Katy Perry Purr Review & Pictures

    1. Mary Post author

      Yes, Matty is incredibly thoughtful! He knew I wanted Purr so badly, and the Bath Collection gift set was the cherry on top! I’ve been wearing Katy Perry Purr a lot since he gave it to me, and it’s definitely a scent that makes me happy – very alive and fresh. And the base notes are sexy without being overpoweringly strong.

      That’s cool that you’re able to try a lot of different scents. Unfortunately I’m really sensitive – lots of perfumes give me headaches, so I don’t try too many new ones. When I do take a ‘risk’, it’s usually because a fragrance goes on sale.

      As much as I love Katy Perry Purr, Fantasy by Britney Spears is still my favorite perfume. I’ve went through three or more 50 mL bottles of it, and am close to finishing my first 100 mL bottle! It’s my signature scent. And it’s gonna sound crazy, but I have 5 back-ups of the 100mL bottle of Fantasy. My dad bought them for me as an impressive Christmas gift in 2009 a few months before he passed away suddenly. He got them at Shoppers Drug Mart when they went on an insane sale for just $19.99 CAD! I loved the fragrance before, and now when I wear it, it also reminds me of my father, so it has sentimental value, too.

  1. Kee

    I love fruity floral scents so Purr is right up my alley! I don’t really buy fragrances for myself, someone always gives it to me as a gift, hence the line-up. Found another one while cleaning my closet…Jean-Paul Gaultier Madame. Still in the wrapping, completely untouched!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your father. At least now you whenever you smell Fantasy, it will always remind you of him. =)

    1. Mary Post author

      It’s great finding something new while doing some spring cleaning, isn’t it? Now if I can just find that winning lottery ticket for the $1 million prize…hehe 😉

  2. Ruthe

    I’ve been really curious about this perfume; now I really want to go and try it out!! I LOVE floral scents, and it’s just SOOO cute!!! Thanks for the (as always) detailed review!! 😀
    Ruthe recently posted: NYC Wing It Wine

    1. Mary Post author

      Hi Ruthe! 🙂

      You’re welcome. If you end up smelling or buying Katy Perry Purr, please come back and let me know what you think of it. Hope you like it as much as I do.

  3. luvsyahkatyperry

    heyah evry1 i personally luv kp but not so much of her perfume, katy u can sing babe but not so much wiv dah perfume, but still luvvin yah, mwah ur secret admirer/fan 🙂

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey luvsyahkatyperry!

      Hehe, that’s okay. Just because you love her music doesn’t mean that you’ll also like the fragrances she comes out with. 🙂 Did you get a chance to smell her new scent, Meow? I haven’t yet, but some people said that it’s sweeter. Maybe it’s more your thing?

  4. Christina

    This is my favorite perfume of all time. It makes me feel super adventurous. Admittedly, I mostly bought this for the bottle. Still, I mostly have apple, bamboo, rose, and coconut on me. I normally hate rose, but for some reason, I like it in this. It’s just….so me….and I love cats. Also, the charm actually looks like it says “Purrl” because the little tail comes up some….which just so happens to be the name of my kitty….so I HAD to have this.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Christina!

      Did you try Katy Perry’s second fragrance – the one in the milky pink bottle called Meow? I’ve been curious about that. I heard it’s sweeter than Purr!


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