Four New Seriously Randoms from Pretty Serious Press Release & Promo Pictures

Pretty Serious 4 New Seriously Randoms Press Release & Promo PicturesA little while ago, Pretty Serious Cosmetics sent me a new press release with some awesome news!

They’ve added 4 brand new shades to the Seriously Random Collection¬†based on votes from fans.

(It should come as absolutely no surprise that the green and deep purple are the ones that initially caught my eye.) ūüėČ

Also, The Pink One, which is a hot pink with a blue flash has been resurrected due to popular demand.

Will you be grabbing any of these shades?

Official press release sent to me by Pretty Serious Cosmetics:

Pretty Serious 4 New Seriously Randoms Press Release & Promo Pictures

New from Pretty Serious Cosmetics

Four incredible new shades have just been added to the¬†Pretty¬†Serious¬†“Seriously¬†Random” collection and you can get your claws on them right now! You voted for your favourites and here they are!

Pretty Serious Cybernetic

CYBERNETIC¬†¬†–¬†In the year 2165, a cybernetic nail polish goes back in time to 2013 with a mission to assimilate the nails of all the ladies into the¬†Pretty¬†Serious¬†network with it’s advanced nanotech. Will you fight assimilation? Do you want to?

CYBERNETIC¬†is teal green and violet microglitter in a blue jelly base¬†–¬†11ml $9.95

Pretty Serious Grimm Demise

GRIMM DEMISE¬†–¬†Little children don’t fare well in the shimmering, dark forests where the witches lie in wait, and now you can wear this fairytale on your fingertips as well. This sparkly teal polish has it’s own intriguing aura of dark magic about it.

GRIMM DEMISE¬†is teal green microglitter in a teal jelly base¬†–¬†11ml $9.95

Pretty Serious My Darlin' Clementine

MY DARLIN’ CLEMENTINE¬†–¬†Now y’all know what Huckleberry Hound’s been singin’ ’bout all this time!

MY DARLIN CLEMENTINE¬†is a twinkling orange glass fleck with a hint of duochrome sparkle –¬†11ml $9.95

Pretty Serious Purple Monkey Dishwasher

PURPLE MONKEY DISHWASHER¬†– Our most requested¬†Seriously¬†Random polish is finally here! Purple Monkey Dishwasher does not contain any actual monkeys (hey, we’re vegan and cruelty free!), and it won’t actually wash your dishes for you, but it is 100% purple! Sparkly purple!

PURPLE MONKEY DISHWASHER¬†is vibrant violet glitter in a translucent purple jelly base –¬†11ml $9.95

Also Back In Stock

Pretty Serious The Pink One

THE PINK ONE¬†–¬†Everybody wanted The Pink One, so we delivered! This hot pink has a blue flash that screams for attention –¬†11ml $9.95

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Nail Polish PackagingPretty Serious polishes are DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde Free as well as Cruelty Free and Vegan friendly!

We are designed and manufactured in Australia and each polish comes fully packaged in specially designed boxes (see left for an example!). We ship worldwide from our store (yes, everywhere!) and are also available from online etailers¬†Llarowe¬†in the USA,¬†Pshiiit Boutique¬†in France,¬†Norway Nails¬†in Norway and¬†Mei Mei’s Signatures¬†in Singapore.

Our polishes retail in our store for $9.95 and are 11ml/0.37fl.oz

Do you think you’ll be purchasing any of these new shades? Which stands out to you the most?


7 thoughts on “Four New Seriously Randoms from Pretty Serious Press Release & Promo Pictures

  1. Joyce

    I vowed to stick to OPI, China Glaze and Zoya… but you’re making it SO hard to keep that vow!
    These look really nice and as they are shipped worldwide… *hide wallet, hide!!*

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Joyce!

      Haha, sorry for being the voice of temptation! ūüėČ Don’t look now, but I think I saw your wallet jumping into a haystack. Hehe!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Lizzy!

      Hahaha, I feel like a lot of wallets are in the same boat, so on the bright side, at least it has some company. ūüėČ Hehehe!


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