Essie Fall 2014 Collection Press Release

Essie Fall 2014 CollectionAlthough the Essie Fall 2014 Collection came out in August, I still want to share the press release because it contains information about each colour that some readers may find useful.

Also, in this press release, I’ve included a little note from Essie Weingarten (the Founder and Global Creative Director of Essie), as well a photo of her.

It’s always exciting to see the face behind the brand and to know the creative process behind a project. It breathes more meaning and helps you to appreciate the finished result that much more.

Plus PR sent me a photo of a cool linear ombre nail-art design created using colours from the Essie Fall 2014 Collection, so I’ve included that (and the instructions for how to replicate it) as well!

Which are your top picks from this collection, and have you already got your hands on some of these? If so, which ones?

Essie Fall 2014 Collection Press Release

Essie Nail Polish Fall 2014 Collection

Essie Fall Collection 2014

Below is the official press release sent to me by PR:

Live dangerously. Dress flawlessly. Inspired by espionage and the thrill of the chase, the fall palette delivers shades so chic it’s almost criminal. Now is the time for dramatic, intriguing colour that plays up your mysterious side with deep, saturated tones. What’s the secret password into this tangled web of under-the-radar style? If you have to ask, darling, well…it’s essie, of course!

essie’s fall palette is a compelling collection of highly complementary hues that work beautifully together and make a serious style statement all on their own. Dazzling, rich autumnal red feels daring, racy and is sure to quicken pulses everywhere. Novel inky cobalt, providing added colour, depth and spellbinding beauty, makes an edgy alternative to office-issue navy. Traditional gray is laced with green and teal and undertones for a tantalizing effect, creating the perfect smokescreen for subtle subterfuge. Seasonal staples mahogany and taupe, are ideal neutrals that work with any fashionable fall frock.

I spy with my fashionable eye, a seductive new partner in crime. Mysterious and alluring, she knows exactly how to dress to kilt. My sources in the style cartel tell me that this season, shades with a splash of intrigue are the perfect cover up. Oh, you beg to differ? Well, darling, you’d be wise to fall in line or we’ll just have to take it outside.

partner in crime – rich dark chocolate
fall in line – enigmatic jade green
style cartel – inky cobalt blue
dress to kilt – seductive red
the perfect cover up – powerful peacock teal
take it outside – punchy, fresh taupe

Essie Fall 2014 Collection

essie’s Fall 2014 Collection will be available in salons in August 2014.

New York-based essie cosmetics colour the world. Founded by Essie Weingarten in 1981, the global brand is the ultimate colour authority and the go-to nail brand. A luxury leader that blends the fashionable with the functional,the name essie is known worldwide as a beauty trailblazer and is trusted by distributors, beauty professionals, celebrities and consumers. Offering over 250 nail shades, in addition to colour collections, nail solutions, treatments and accessories, essie is unmatched in producing high-quality, on-trend beauty products.

As promised, here’s a photo of Essie Weingarten!

Essie Weingarten Essie Nail Polish

Here is her “Editor’s Note”:

Oh, the allure of the international woman of mystery. What’s her secret? She’ll never tell. She’s confident and confidential all rolled into one seductive creature. Cavorting around the globe with the world on a string and espionage in the air, she plays the game and plays for keeps. Wherever she goes, she’s always one step ahead, leaving nothing but a trail of intrigue in her wake.

This season, channel feminine mystique with seductive shades that exude mystery. The very soul of discretion, this collection is for that disarming woman whose subversive agenda is hidden in the glamorous spotlight. Deep, rich shades play up her flair for the dramatic and are the ideal partner in crime to her signature style.

Luxe, soft ones create the perfect cover up for her duplicitous schemes. One look and you may unwittingly fall in line and get caught up in her wicked stratagem. Proceed with caution.

Confidentially yours,
Essie Weingarten
Founder and Global Creative Director

Check out this linear ombre nail-art design using shades from the collection:

Essie Fall 2014 Collection Nail Art

Linear Ombre Nail Art Essie Fall 2014 Collection

Have you picked up any of these shades? Would you recreate this linear ombre design? If so, which colours would you choose? If not, what design would you paint with the colours in this collection?


10 thoughts on “Essie Fall 2014 Collection Press Release

  1. Cindi

    Wow, she is so beautiful! Like a model/Hollywood type beautiful. She has an approachable and down to earth look too along with an air of sophistication and the pose says power and intelligence. What a wonderful picture! Now I feel a bit more connected to Essie’s polish. Thanks for sharing.
    I don’t need any more nail polish because I am running out of storage space and I am not purging any of my beloved babies, but I so like Fall in Line, Take it Outside, and Dress to Kilt. In fact, Dress to Kilt reminds me of Zoya Pepper which I love. Maybe I do need just 3 polishes from this set…. or maybe all of them so I can recreate that beautiful mani. I do love those ombre stripes.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Cindi!

      She is, isn’t she? 🙂 When I first saw her photo, I thought, “Wow, so glam and classy!” I agree with you – although she looks sophisticated, she definitely looks like she has an approachable vibe, which is so important!

  2. Lorraine

    Essie’s fall and winter collections are always my favorites. I am still blown away by last year’s fall collection and I doubt that can be topped. This year’s is nice and safe. I already picked up Style Cartel and Dress to Kilt. The Perfect Cover Up is too close to Mind Your Mittens so I will pass on that one. I’m also eyeing Partner in Crime. Brown cremes are tricky for me, but this one looks like a winner.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Lorraine!

      Brown polishes seem to be pretty trendy lately, and I actually don’t have many in my collection, so that’s a colour territory I’m open to exploring!


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