Crown Luna BK45 Deluxe Angle Liner Brush Review & Pictures

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Confession time: I’m addicted to buying pretty eyeshadows. The thought of what I can do with all those beautiful eye colors makes me excited. And one of my favorite uses of eyeshadows is wearing them as liners. By doing that, I’m literally getting twice as much use out of my eye makeup!

Having the perfect eye liner brush is key. If it has the right shape, size, width, brush density and tenacity, you get just the precision you need to create whatever look you want. And that’s exactly what the Crown Luna BK45 Deluxe Angle Liner Brush offers. It really lets your inner artiste shine. Go on with your bad da Vinci self!

Crown Luna BK45 Deluxe Angle Liner Brush Pictures & Photos


    High grade
    More defined application

Key Notes

Crown BK45 Deluxe Angle Liner Brush Review

Previously, I reviewed the Quo Liner/Brow Brush and sang praises of it to the moon. It’s a great brush, but there’s a saying in Chinese: “There’s always a higher mountain.” Ain’t that true! The Crown BK45 Deluxe Angle Liner Brush is even better than the amazing Quo brush, which I still use as an alternate.

The main reason why I think the Crown Luna Deluxe Angle Liner is better than other brushes I’ve tried is because of the bristle density. The bristles are packed tighter than the Quo one, allowing it to pick up and distribute the shadow easier.

And even if you don’t think you can use a brush to put on your liner, Crown Deluxe Angle Liner Brush will turn you into a master. It’s sooo easy to use – it basically creates a straight line for you. But for those who have really unsteady hands, you can try using a walking motion (instead of a sweeping one) to draw the liner. Just rest the brush where you want to start, lift it up, and rest it again to connect the lines. Voila – a straight line.

Silly me – I was originally worried that the Crown Angle Liner Brush would offer a floppy and sloppy application. That’s because its bristles feel a tad too soft and too flexible on my hand. But, nope! The brush head gentle glides on the lid while offering a precise application.

This Deluxe Angle Liner Brush by Crown can handle all types of eyeshadows, too. I’ve used it with cream, powder and mineral eyeshadows without any problems.

And wow, is it well-made! I haven’t experienced a single bristle shedding, and the high-gloss finish on the handle and ferrule looks professional.

It’s not all praises though! While I really like the Crown BK 45Luna Liner Brush, the only thing I would change is the weight of it. Right now, it’s just a teeny, tiny bit light. But that’s just me being picky. It doesn’t affect how I use the liner in any way. Oh, and I like the length too – it measures approximately 6 1/4”.


  • Very affordable
  • Good size & width
  • Soft, tightly packed bristles
  • Offers precise application
  • Can be used with all eyeshadows/cream liners

  • Slightly too lightweight
  • Have to purchase online

Final Verdict: 10/10

The factor that makes this a sure winner is that it’s so flippin’ affordable. It’s such great value that I would definitely repurchase again…or simply get more for back-ups and alternates. 😛

Do you use brushes to apply your eyeliners, or do you prefer pencils? Share your thoughts!


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