Bath & Body Works Bat Bite PocketBac Review & Pictures

Bath & Body Works Bat Bite PocketBacHallowe’en is one of my favorite holidays because it gives everyone an excuse to wear insane costumes and embrace their edgy dark side.

So when I discovered Bath & Body Works Halloween PocketBacs, I was as excited as a kid trick-or-treating in a neighborhood that gives out full-size chocolate bars!

I only picked up the Bath & Body Works Bat Bite PocketBac because I didn’t like the licorice scent of the Spider’s Web PocketBac (and these were the only 2 available at the store I went to).

I went to another store and found the other 2 I thought I’d like – Zombie Squad and Vampire Blood. (Expect a review on those later.) But for now, I’m test-driving Bat Bite. It has a crisp apple fragrance and I love how it glows in the dark. (I took a photo of it glowing in the dark. Come see!)

Bath & Body Works Bat Bite PocketBac Pictures

Bath and Body Works Bat Bite PocketBac Bottle

Bath & Body Works Bat Bite PocketBac Glow in the Dark

I love how it glows in the dark!

Bath and Body Works Bat Bite PocketBac Close-up


    Powerful germ-killing formula that leaves hands feeling clean & virtually germ-free

Key Notes

  • Name: Bath & Body Works Bat Bite PocketBac
  • Amount: 29mL
  • What I Paid: 3 bottles for $5 CAD
  • Bath & Body Works Halloween PocketBacs Available: Bat Bite, Vampire Blood, Candy Corn, Zombie Squad & Spider’s Web
  • Where to Buy: Bath & Body Works (not all are available on their website or at all stores)

Bath and Body Works Bat Bite PocketBac Review

Anything with a Hallowe’en theme makes my ears perk up. And I really think that Bath & Body Works did an awesome job with the fun packaging.

The Glow in the Dark PocketBac Deep Cleansing Hand Gel in Bat Bite is wonderfully festive! It has a solid black flip-open cap to dispense the perfect amount of hand sanitizer. There are black beads suspended in light-green gel. On the label, there’s a bat with its wings spread out in front of a green background.

The Bath and Body Works Bat Bite PocketBac smells like clean apple soap. You’ll also be happy to know that it doesn’t smell like strong alcohol, which is typical of most hand sanitizers.

And unlike your run-of-the-mill antibacterial gels that leave your hands feeling dry, this one doesn’t leave my hands parched. Considering that the weather is getting cooler and drier, I really appreciate this.

Now for the part that makes me giddy – it glows in the dark! (Yeah, sometimes the simplest things bring a smile to my face.) The gel itself doesn’t glow in the dark, but the label does…and that’s good enough for me. It was hard to fully capture the label in the dark, but hopefully my above photo gives you a good idea.

(I’ve also reviewed the Bath & Body Works Zombie Squad PocketBac and Vampire Blood, so check those out!)


  • Sanitizes hands
  • Cute small bottle is the perfect size for your purse
  • Awesome Halloween packaging
  • Fun label glows in the dark
  • Clean apple soapy fragrance
  • No strong lalcohol scent

  • Only available in small travel size
  • Limited-time novelty packaging

Final Verdict: 8/10

Especially since we’re heading into flu season, it’s important to arm yourself with antibacterial hand sanitizer that’s purse-friendly.

I highly recommend The Bath & Body Works Bat Bite PocketBac because it does its job of making your hands feel cleaner without stripping them of moisture. Plus the awesome Halloween packaging, the fact that it can glow in the dark, and the apple scent are great reasons for choosing it instead of your average drugstore variety.

Do you share my love of all things Halloween-related?


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