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Zoya 2016 Earth Day Exchange

Zoya Earth Day 2016 Exchange

Earth Day is quickly approaching, and you know what that means – the Zoya 2016 Earth Day Exchange is here again!

Starting tomorrow (Monday April 18) until April 30, Zoya is helping you to recycle your old or unwanted nail polishes and giving you Free Shipping and 50% off your US/Canadian Zoya.com Order!

Zoya 2016 Earth Day Exchange


Let us handle the nail polish recycling for you!

With over 300 long-wearing nail polish shades rooted in a healthy philosophy, it’s no surprise that Zoya is committed to helping you green your beauty routine! That’s why each year we give you the opportunity to exchange any old nail polish bottles that you may have laying around your house collecting dust, or that are not BIG5FREE* formulas, for brand new toxin-free** Zoya Nail Polish shades. You can rest assured that your unwanted polishes will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Helping the earth is easy… all you have to do to get started is pick out your NEW Zoya colors at zoya.com, follow the promo instructions below and checkout. Let us do the rest!


  1. Visit www.zoya.com and add a minimum of 6 bottles of Zoya Nail Polish (no more than 24 bottles) to your cart. Minimum 12, maximum 48 for professional accounts.
  2. Apply Code: ZGREEN and a 50% credit will be added to your exchange order – free shipping included!
  3. Complete checkout and you’re all set! If you need further instructions (including info for our professional program) on sending back your unwanted polish click HERE.

The exchange runs on the honor system, which means you are not obligated to send in your unwanted polish – we assume you’re going to do the right thing! Many people donate the polish to a local cause instead, which we fully support. If you choose to send back your polishes, please check with your carrier of choice for shipping guidelines and restrictions for nail polish. For full promotion terms & conditions and instructions on how to send in your polish, click HERE.

Offer valid 4/18/16 – 4/30/16 (11:59pm EST)

* **BIG5FREE, TOXIN FREE: Zoya Nail Polish Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin,
dibutyl phthalate, toluene or camphor.


Zoya Aster Swatches & Review

Zoya Aster Swatches Review

If you’re going to grab one colour from the Zoya Petals Collection, I highly recommend that you go for Zoya Aster because this periwinkle is the star.

Cute and demure, this nail polish has a soft, dreamy appearance laced with lullaby glitter that combine for a sweet spring manicure.

It’s a pastel that’s turned up a notch, and there’s a gracefulness about it that I appreciate.

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Zoya Logan Swatches & Review

Zoya Logan Swatches Review

With the new OPI SoftShades 2016 Collection and OPI Infinite Shine Spring 2016 Collection I recently posted on here, you probably didn’t expect that today’s review would be on a nail polish from 2012.

Well, Zoya Logan may be from a few years back, but it’s a polish that certainly deserves the spotlight.

It’s an old favourite of mine from the Ornate Collection that I have worn countless times. (Heck, if I weren’t a blogger, I’d unquestionably wear Zoya Logan for back-to-back manicures for several weeks!)

Only recently when I shared with you my St. Patrick’s Day nail art did it dawn on me that I never showcased Zoya Logan on the blog! (Shame on me! *Tsk tsk*)

This is one of my favourite sexy greens to wear, and I love how, even though it’s an older nail polish, it’s still very easy to get hold of today!

Although I have a blast showing you all the new and pretty nail polishes that have just come out or that will be released in the future, I also enjoy showing you older polishes. Hope that you like these types of posts as well! (Sometimes, we all need a reminder to ‘shop our stash’ and revisit the beauties we already have.)

Can you please take a few seconds to participate in my quick Twitter poll?

I’m curious to learn more about my readers. All you have to do is log into your Twitter account and vote.

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St. Patrick’s Day Collaboration

St. Patrick's Day Collaboration

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and may today bring you all the luck of the Irish! Hope you finally catch that sneaky leprechaun!

Today’s St. Patrick’s Day Collaboration is a very special post because I teamed up two fellow beauty enthusiasts who I have the great honour of calling friends: the lovely Jessica (@JustBlendItOut on Instagram) and Rob (@NailPolishDude23 on Instagram).

Be sure to follow them and check them both out today, as they’ll share with you closer looks at their mesmerizing creations.

Jessica does lots of enchanting and wonderfully blended eye looks that never cease to inspire me with her creative combinations and obvious beauty.

Rob paints his fingernails and toenails, and his courage to stay true to himself and experiment with colour speaks volumes of his authentic character.

In this post, I’ll share a closer look at the St. Patrick’s Day nail art I did featuring mainly Zoya nails polishes:

  • Zoya Jace (light green creme)
  • Zoya Logan (green glitter)
  • Zoya PixieDust Solange (gold glitter)

I also used OPI Never Have Too Mani Friends (a black from the Hello Kitty Collection).

While not perfect, I was really happy with how the St. Patrick’s Day nail art turned out because, if you know me, you know that: 1) I’m nuts about green, and 2) I believe that happiness is more important than perfection.

Saint Patrick's Day Nail Art

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Zoya Petals Collection Swatches

Zoya Petals Collection Swatches

Did any of my fellow Canadians enjoy the mild, spring-like weather yesterday that went up to the double digits? It was lovely being able to wear a light jacket and feel the breeze make my hair dance. No shivering. No gloves. No scarf.

Things on the blog are warming up, too, with the latest nail arrival!

Put the ‘petal’ to the metal, and spring for a new nail polish from the Zoya Petals Collection! (If you want the colour story and official press release, click the above link for all the details.)

Today, I’ve got a fun Quick Look post with Zoya Petals Collection swatches and bottle shots!

The formulas on these were okay – a bit watery and streaky on the first coat. With a second or third coat, you can get great coverage. While it’s not the best formula that I’ve experienced from Zoya, it’s also not unmanageable.

My suggestion is to apply thin coats. Even if it looks very sheer and streaky with one coat, don’t be tempted to slap it on thick.

One of the polishes, Zoya Leia, is sparkly and sheer yet buildable. I see it mainly as a topper because to get it to completely cover your nail line, you’ll need four or more coats. (In the swatch you’ll see in a larger image later in this post, I used three coats.) It’s my personal preference to solely use this polish as a topper. (Check out my swatch of it layered over black, and you’ll see how magical it is!)

All of the polishes have sparkle in them. Leia, Aster, Azalea, and Zahara have the most noticeable sparkle. The kind in Laurel and Tulip is so subtle, it pretty much appears like a creme to the naked eye, unless you inspect your nails very closely or, I guess, look at it in the sunlight.

My favourite, as expected, is Aster, the periwinkle! Leia would be my second pick.

I’ll be doing detailed reviews on some after I wear them as full manicures and photograph them in different lighting (as usual). Keep your eyes peeled like a banana for those.

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Zoya Petals Collection

Zoya Petals Collection

Get a spring-ready manicure or pedicure with the new Zoya Petals Collection that features six warm-weather colours!

Race towards the upcoming season, and take advantage of the special pre-order deal from today until March 6, 2016.

Using the coupon code “PETALS” on the Zoya website at checkout, you can get the entire Zoya Petals Collection for $40 USD (instead of the retail price of $60 USD) and free shipping.

See the rest of this post for more details via the official press release and some photos!

Which colour are you looking forward to? (I am most intrigued by Aster because it’s a periwinkle!)

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Zoya Ireland Swatches & Review

Zoya Ireland Swatches Review

Who needs a shamrock? You can bring the luck of the Irish in manicure form with Zoya Ireland from the Whispers Collection!

I consider this to be an ‘entry-level green’ because it’s a safe choice – not ‘too’ green (if there is such a thing), and it’s muted enough that it can blend in comfortably with an elegant, neutral outfit.

A ‘quiet’ colour like this sneaks up on you. It doesn’t need to knock on your door violently or bring the local one-man-band to your workplace to get attention.

It has a tranquil confidence that I can appreciate, and it’s especially wonderful to wear during the transition from winter to spring.

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