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Super Bowl Nail Art

Football Nail Art Super Bowl Nail Art

To get into the football festivities, I whipped up simple Super Bowl Nail Art featuring Zoya Desiree, Zoya Chanelle, OPI Angel with a Leadfoot, and BB Couture Frontier Woman.

You can see the shiny version (as shown above), but if you scroll further down this post, you’ll see a mattified version where I used Pretty Serious Matte All the Things Top Coat.

Today, the Carolina Panthers will go up against the Denver Broncos for the NFL Super Bowl. Although I’m not a diehard football fan, I watch the big game each year because it’s exciting!

Each team has so much on the line, and the players put their ‘all’ into the game. It makes for a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat experience, especially when it’s a close call right up until the very end.

I was inspired to paint this after admiring the talented nail design by Jema aka @nailsbyjema on Instagram. I used different nail polishes to put my own twist on it.

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Zoya Lake Swatches & Review

Zoya Lake Swatches Review

Like an icicle hanging from the shingles of a rooftop, Zoya Lake from the Whispers Collection paints a wintry scene.

Zoya Lake is a demure blue, and it’s proof that you don’t need to do a cannonball to make a splash!

Despite its cool demeanour, you’ll warm up to it quickly because it has a soft and gentle personality. (You’ll welcome it readily because it contrasts with the sparkly nail polish that you may have sported during the holidays.)

It’s an innocent blue that fits into winter as much as it would for spring, making it a great transitional shade. (Of course, I encourage you to wear whatever colour you love. Who says that you must follow seasonal trends?)

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Zoya April Swatches & Review

Zoya April Swatches Swatch

No, you haven’t stumbled upon the wrong blog. It’s Swatch And Learn. Hehe, but you probably just aren’t used to seeing such a soft shade on my nails too often, as I tend to reach for dramatic colours.

However, with all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the holiday season, I’ve been starting to crave something more demure for my nails. It’s a palate cleanser.

It was great timing when the Zoya Whispers Collection came my way in December.

The first nail polish from it that I chose to wear was Zoya April, and it was exactly the simple and pure shade that I wanted to start 2016 off fresh with.

What’s interesting about it is how it’s almost like a chameleon. Yes, it’s a standard creme, and no, it’s no multi-dimensional, but when I photographed it in artificial light and natural light (as per my usual routine), Zoya April revealed a different personality, as you will see further in this post.

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4 Free Zoya Nail Polishes (January 6-13, 2016)

Zoya Nail Polish

If you’re a big fan of Zoya nail polish like I am, then take advantage of this new 2016 promotion to Get Any 4 Zoya Nail Polishes FREE when you use the coupon code “4YOU” on the Zoya website starting tomorrow, January 6 until January 13 at 11:59 pm EST!

It’s valid for Canadian and Continental United States orders only, and it excludes pre-packed items, the Naked Manicure, Zoya Treatments, and the Whispers Collection shades.

Although the polishes are free, you still have to pay shipping, but it’s a good deal, as the shipping fee is $15 USD. International processing fees apply for orders outside of the United States, but when I ordered from them a while ago, I remember those fees being minimal.

This post features just a few of the many beautiful Zoya nail polishes in my collection.

If you’d like to read detailed reviews on specific Zoya nail-polish shades and see more swatches, click the above link.

P.S. In-depth reviews and swatches of some shades from the Zoya Whispers Collection are coming to the blog soon, so stay tuned!

Zoya NailPolish

Zoya Nail Polishes

Disclosure: There are no affiliate links in this blog post. I am sharing this coupon code in case you would like to enjoy this wonderful promotion. I do not receive any commission or monetary benefits by promoting this. Some of the Zoya nail polishes in the above pictures were provided to me by PR, and some were purchased by me.


Zoya Whispers Collection Preview

Zoya Whispers Collection

Psst! *Lures you with a come-hither index finger*

While New Year’s Eve festivities are just a day away, you probably have the glitz on your nails. But when the confetti falls to the ground and 2016 greets us, you may want to shift pace and opt for softer shades that are great palate cleansers for your nails.

In today’s Zoya Whispers Collection preview, I’ll share with you bottle shots and swatches of all six sweeter-than-molasses hues:

  • Cala
  • April
  • Eastyn
  • Misty
  • Ireland
  • Lake

Now that I’ve seen these in person, I’m still drawn to Ireland (green) and Lake (blue) the most. Combined, I could visualize how they’d create an Earth Day nail design a la Baby Einstein! Cute!

If you’re interested in reading the official Zoya Whispers Collection press release and seeing the promotional images, click the above link that’ll take you to the post I published just a few days ago with more information.

P.S. On the Zoya website, use the coupon code “PSST” to get the entire Zoya Whispers Collection for just $33 USD (regularly $54 USD) with free shipping until January 3, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST! The deal is valid in Canada and the continental United States. (Note: I don’t get any commission or benefits from sharing that coupon code. I’m sharing it in case some of you are interested in starting off the New Year with some new polish at a discounted price.)

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Zoya Aggie Swatches & Review

Zoya Aggie Swatches & Review

With New Year’s Eve a wink and a flirty sashay away, you’re probably thinking of what you’ll be wearing when you ring in 2016.

Creating a majestic manicure, Zoya Aggie from the Flair Collection makes you feel like the king of the nail forest. ROAAAARRRRR!

Offering a multi-dimensional finish that has a liquid-metallic appearance, it’s a Midas-approved gold with a touch of bronze.

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Zoya Whispers Collection

Zoya Whispers Collection

Rose Quartz (warm rose) and Serenity (cool tranquil blue) are the two shades crowned as the Pantone Colour of the Year 2016, and two colours, April and Lake, from the Zoya Whispers Collection fit in nicely.

The Zoya Whispers Collection is available to be pre-ordered from the official website on December 28, 2015, which means that, in the New Year, you can sport tips that tie into the latest trend like a beautiful bow.

These muted shades express a quiet quality that still makes a statement. Think of them like having a zen feel – absolutely calming and easy-to-wear!

Despite the delicate light pink and blue trend, I think you can already guess which colour my eye zeroed in on right away. Yup – the green, which is called Ireland! 😉

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