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Essie Gel Setter Top Coat Photos & Press Release

Gel Setter EssieSomething new arrived at Swatch And Learn headquarters about a week ago: the Essie Gel Setter Top Coat!

It’s an innovative Essie top coat that launches on July 1st across Canada.

It’s Essie’s first top coat that contains acrylates copolymer, which is supposed to provide a thick and luxurious coating to the nails that’s super shiny with anti-chipping properties.

It claims to deliver a glass-like shine, which mimics gel nail polish, yet it doesn’t require an LED or UVB light, and it’s easy to remove.

There are no promises about it drying fast, so when I try this out, I’m going to make sure that I have ample time to wait. (Fast-drying top coats are mandatory for me, so I’ll test to see if the dry time is worth waiting for to get that high shine and durability. Stay tuned for the upcoming review after I’ve given it a go for several manicures and collected my thoughts on it.)

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Essie Silk Watercolor Collection Swatches, Bottle Shots & Press Release

Essie Silk Watercolor CollectionIn July, the Essie Silk Watercolor Collection comes out, and it features a clean white intended to be used as a base and eight buildable, translucent colours that can be layered to create an original nail masterpiece!

This post contains a closer look at all the colours with bottle shots and swatches.

I included swatches with the white base and without the white base. Plus you’ll see how  the lacquers intensify with two coats.

For further information and the colour story behind the Essie Silk Watercolor Collection, you can read the official press release that contains all the details.

Since PR was kind enough to not only send me this collection (and in a cute gift bag), but also the press booklet, I snapped photos of the booklet and bag, so that we can share the experience together. (It’s more fun this way!)

While flipping through the Essie Silk Watercolor Collection press booklet, I saw some playful nail-art looks plus a step-by-step tutorial for one, so I took photos of them in case you’d like to try your hand at them. (I may try the Ombre Nouveau nail art because I’m a fan of wearing rainbows on my nails! If I end up doing it, I’ll be sure to share my manicure with you on here and/or on my social media.)

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Essie Summer 2015 Collection Swatches, Bottle Shots & Press Release

Essie Summer 2015 Collection In June, the Essie Summer 2015 Collection launches, and  it consists of six colours that can be paired together to create all sorts of fun manicures.

Here, I show you swatches and bottle shots of each shade, but I also share a few nail-art designs in case it helps spark some creativity!

Out of all the Essie Summer 2015 Collection colours, my favourites are Saltwater Happy and Pret-a-Surfer.

Which are your top picks?

After looking at the hues, it seems like you could easily break up the collection in pairs: Private Weekend with Chillato, Saltwater Happy with Pret-a-Surfer, and Peach Side Babe with Sunset Sneaks. Each duo could make a cool ombre effect. Can you picture it?

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Essie Groove is in the Heart Swatches & Review

Essie Groove is in the Heart Swatches & ReviewLast week, I wore Essie Groove is in the Heart, which is part of the upcoming Neon 2015 Collection that comes out at the end of May.

No, it’s not the brightest neon pink that I’ve ever worn, but it sure is cute!

When my co-worker saw my manicure, she mentioned how it reminded her of strawberry milk, which I think is a spot-on description.

Pink nail polish isn’t my favourite, but from time to time, I enjoy it because it’s different than my usual greens.

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Essie Vibrant Vibes Swatches & Review

Essie Vibrant Vibes Swatches & ReviewGreen nail polish? You don’t even have to ask. Yes, please! 

Hubba, hubba, Essie Vibrant Vibes! (This nailphile is drooling over the lime green from the Essie Neon 2015 Collection that comes out later in May.)

I gave a sneak peek on social media yesterday of my manicure, but today’s post includes an in-depth review with tons of swatches in various lighting conditions.

Compared to just a single photo, here you’ll be able to get a better idea of its personality because different lighting combined with different angles can show you a polish in a new way.

In all lighting conditions, Essie Vibrant Vibes is a winner for me. And if you also have a soft spot for greens, you should check this one out!

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Essie Make Some Noise Swatches & Review

Essie Make Some Noise Swatch ReviewEssie Make Some Noise is from the Neon 2015 Collection that comes out at the end of May, according to the official press release I posted earlier.

(In my Quick Look post, I also shared bottle shots and swatches of all the six shades on a nail wheel, in case you wanted to see an overview.)

Essie Make Some Noise is a lagoon blue, and I’m pretty bummed that, despite my best efforts, I wasn’t able to accurately capture the colour with my camera or even with my phone’s camera.

(Heck, even Essie’s own promotional images make it look like this colour, yet trust me, in person, Essie Make Some Noise is way prettier! Haha, so the noise you’ll make when you wear it will include squeals of delight, but when you try photographing it, you may make a sound like “ARGGH!” Hehehe! Then again, if you have a newer camera, maybe you’ll have better luck than me. Hope so!)

Please keep in mind that Essie Make Some Noise is more vibrant, more tropical, and brighter than it appears in my photos here. It is not like a primary blue or like Essie Mesmerize. It’s like an ocean blue.

Nevertheless, I still decided to post my photos in this review because, as usual, I go into detail about the formula, the finish, and the application. That information may still be of value to you.

(Oh, and I have been slacking off big time with using cuticle oil. Not that I ever used it regularly, but in the photos taken with artificial lighting, on that day I photographed my nails, haha, you can see the dry cuticles much better. Maybe I’ll apply some cuticle oil before I go to bed tonight, although today they don’t look at ragged as they did then. The weather is a lot more humid today, I guess.)

P.S. On the weekend, I published two blog posts that you may want to check out: the OPI Brights Collection Press Release and how Maybelline is celebrating their 100th anniversary (plus there’s a lot of makeup history at the bottom of that post).

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Essie Neon 2015 Collection Swatches, Bottle Shots & Press Release

Essie Neon 2015 CollectionGet a sun-kissed manicure with the Essie Neon 2015 Collection that will be hitting stores at the end of May!

Here’s a quick look at all the six fun colours in the Essie Neon 2015 Collection including swatches, bottle shots and the official press release.

Vibrant Vibes (lime green) and Groove is in the Heart (peachy pink) are the brightest hues in the bunch, so they scream summer to me the most.

However, the other shades, while not as neon, are still gorgeous colours in their own right.

I can see how you can mix and match so many of these colours. Need some inspiration for nail art? Scroll further down in this post, and you’ll see that I’ve included photos of some Essie designs ranging from a tribal nail look all the way to a simple ombre.

While greens are my favourite (and Vibrant Vibes is calling my name), I’m itching to wear Make Some Noise, the electric blue.

As usual, when I wear these as full manicures, I’ll share photos on my social media, and some may be featured on here for in-depth reviews that contain many swatches in different lighting conditions, bottle shots, and commentary on the formula, finish, etc.

If you have any requests for a shade from the Essie Neon 2015 Collection that you’d like to see first as a full in-depth review, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do. :)

I just had these Essie nail polishes for a couple of days, so I haven’t worn any yet, but this weekend, I plan to paint my nails with one.

Which are your picks from this collection?

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