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Marsala: Pantone’s Colour of the Year

Maybelline Essie MarsalaPantone’s Colour of the Year is Marsala, and no matter how many times people write about it, I always misread Marsala as Masala. (Perhaps it’s because I’m absolutely in love with Indian food.) ;)

Marsala is described as an earthy reddish brown that’s flattering on a variety of skin tones.

While dramatic, it’s also grounding because of its warmth and sophistication. This is why Marsala is a shade that’s so appealing to many people.

(I have been watching 90210 episodes, and I’m loving it! To clarify, I’m talking about the original 90210 episodes that I grew up with when I was in elementary school, not the new version. So while watching 90210, I’m more into the 1990s vibe than ever before.)

As I get older, I’m learning to appreciate classic hues that withstand the test of time. Marsala is definitely a shade that can be sported any time and anywhere.

Yes, I’m a green fiend, so I loved it when the colour of year was emerald, but surprisingly, I’m more into the Marsala trend. Why? More people can comfortably sport it, and there’s a wide arena of colour interpretation.

Marsala can be dark or neutral, which means that if you’re going for a vampy or natural look, it fits the bill.

In this post, I highlight a few makeup items that fall within the Marsala colour scheme.

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Essie New York Fashion Week Recap: Day 5

Essie New York Fashion Week Carolina HerreraToday’s Essie New York Fashion Week Recap: Day 5 post features the fashion and complementary manicures from runway shows by the following designers: Veronica Beard, Brock, Heimstone, and Carolina Herrera!

The sophisticated off-the-shoulder dress by Carolina Herrera has my heart because I adore the asymmetrical detailing at the waist and bust.  The stormy-sky-like print takes the overall look to the next level. Plus the overall silhouette is strong and feminine – a statement dress.

Heimstone’s green dress comes in at a close second for me. It looks cozy and body-conscious with a playful edge. Plus you know how I feel about the colour green! ;) Adore it!

As for the nail looks, the vampy Essie Shearling Darling pairs well with the Fall/Winter 2015 clothing collection by Veronica Beard. It’s my favourite manicure out of the bunch.

(Psst! I’ll be announcing a HUGE nail-polish giveaway in a few days. It’ll be open to Canada and US residents. You won’t want to miss it! More details to come.)

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Essie New York Fashion Week Recap: Day 4

New York Fashion Week 2015 Essie Diane von FurstenbergSince some of you liked my recap post of Essie New York Fashion Week 2015 Days 1, 2, and 3, I’m bringing you another one: Essie New York Fashion Week Recap: Day 4!

In this post, you’ll see the fashion and manicures at the runway shows for DKNY, Dion Lee, Yigal Azrouel, and Diane von Furstenberg.

My favourite outfit is the one by Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) because of the texture, vivid colours, and high-impact drama!

Which outfit is your favourite? Do you like any of the simple manicures?

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Essie New York Fashion Week Recaps: Days 1, 2 & 3

Essie New York Fashion Week 2015 Rebecca MinkoffNail polish alone is enough to make my pulse race, but what really oils up my engine is when I see it in action on the runway.

Fashion is a creative force that I love to follow. No, I don’t jump on every trend, but I like to know what’s going on in the industry because it sometimes echoes the status quo, while other times, it challenges it defiantly!

Beauty and fashion go hand-in-hand, and I’m inspired by the creativity that goes into each look. Although commercial beauty is pleasing to the eye, it’s the editorial, quirky, and offbeat designs that I find myself drawn to the most. Fashion is art.

So when I checked my e-mail this week and found a bunch of Essie New York Fashion Week Recaps, I had to share them with you, my fellow nailphiles.

You get to see Essie nail polish in action on the runway – it doesn’t get more exciting than that! (Well, the only thing I could see trumping that would be if I ever meet Essie Weingarten!) ;)

In this post, I share with you information and photos from Days 1, 2, and 3 of Essie nail polish at New York Fashion Week 2015!

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Quick Look: Essie Spring 2015 Collection Swatches, Bottle Shots & Press Release

Essie Spring 2015 CollectionIn January, I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me when I got home from work – the Essie Spring 2015 Collection, which will be available in drugstores, salons, and other beauty locations across Canada in March!

The Essie Spring 2015 Collection was under embargo, which is why I shared a little black-and-white photo as a teaser on Instagram.

Today, I’m finally allowed to share them with you, so here’s my post with Essie Spring 2015 Collection swatches, bottle shots, and the official press release!

I’ve worn all of them already as full manicures, so expect upcoming in-depth reviews with tons of swatches, as usual.

If there are any shades that you’re most interested in seeing, let me know, and maybe I can work on a post for this week.

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News for Nailphiles: Essie at Paris Haute Couture 2015

Paris Haute Couture Mabille EssieI came home from work this evening and found an interesting e-mail from Essie’s PR with a recap from Essie at Paris Haute Couture 2015!

Nail polish is very exciting to me, but seeing it in action in the fierce fashion world? I love it!

In this little post, I share with you the information I was sent, as well as photos of the models in their Jean Paul Gaultier, Loris Azzaro, and Mabille designer apparel with Essie manicures.

Valerie Banino was the talented nail artist who led the Essie team to deck the models’ tips with style for the runway!

They used many different Essie nail polishes, but the photos in this post depict just a few. Enjoy!

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Quick Look: Essie Weingarten

Usually my Quick Look posts are of bottle shots and nail polishes, but I wanted to share this photo, and it was the most appropriate category.

I’m always interested in learning more about the people behind brands because as much as nail polishes make my pulse race, it’s the creative geniuses behind a company who make all the magic happen. They inspire me, and it makes me love a brand even more when there’s a human element.

This evening, I’d like to take a moment to put Essie Weingarten in the spotlight on Swatch And Learn!

Essie Weingarten is the Founder and Global Creative Director of Essie! So if you love any Essie nail polishes, you have her and her amazing team to thank.

Here’s a photo of Essie Weingarten. Doesn’t she look totally glam?

I believe strongly that beauty is ageless, and Essie Weingarten is proof of that!

Essie Weingarten

In the future, I’m thinking about using Quick Look posts to also focus on snapshots of people and other things instead of only swatches and bottle shots. Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in. :)