Zoya Talia Swatches & Review

Zoya Talia Swatches & ReviewZoya Talia from the Island Fun Collection is a gorgeous turquoise-blue creamy dream!

It’s a turquoise with a deeper sky blue mixed in, and I think this shade would be flattering on many different skin tones.

(In real life, this polish has a touch more green in it than my camera could pick up.)

Zoya Talia reminds me of those days when you can’t spot a single cloud in the sky.

I was tempted to paint a little bird flying on each nail, but sometimes a polish is so pretty, you just have to admire it all on its own.

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INGLOT O2M Breathable Nail Enamel 618 Swatches & Review

INGLOT O2M Breathable Nail Enamel 618 Swatches & ReviewThere are two times in the year when I feel drawn to orange nail polish more than usual: the summer and in the fall (especially around Hallowe’en, my favourite holiday).

A simple bright orange sometimes is just the pop of colour you need to take a monochromatic outfit to the next level.

I purchased INGLOT O2M Breathable Nail Enamel 618 a while ago and finally got around to wearing it.

So how did INGLOT O2M Breathable nail polish in shade 618 fare in this nailphile’s book? There’s one way to find out!

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New Pretty Serious Daphne’s Party Polishes

Pretty Serious Daphne's Party PolishesThe Pretty Serious Daphne’s Party Collection launched today, and it includes three nail polishes: Daphne’s Birthday Party, Daphne’s Disco Party, and Daphne’s Garden Party.

Pretty Serious is an Australian indie nail-polish brand that never puts out predictable shades. (Yes, I have a soft spot for the company because they manufactured the nail polish I designed, Pretty Serious Swatch And Learn, which I still am very much in love with!)

The Pretty Serious Daphne’s Party Collection nail polishes are all chock full of glitter, but each has a different feel.

Daphne’s Birthday Party is a mix of metallic glitter in a rainbow of colours, and this is a polish that has been brought back for a limited time. Then, you have Daphne’s Disco Party, which is a fun iridescent neon glitter topper. Finally, there’s Daphne’s Garden Party, which is a combination of metallic pastel glitter.

P.S. I must say that Daphne’s Disco Party is “truly outrageous!” 😉 Hehe, I’m a child of the 80s, and the promo picture you’ll see later on in this post for the shade reminds me of Jem and the Holograms! Sweet nostalgia!

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3 New Shades in the Pretty Serious Naileontology Collection

Pretty Serious Naileontology 2 Collection 2015Three new shades join the Pretty Serious Naileontology Collection, which I blogged about before.

Especially since Pretty Serious is an Australian indie nail-polish company that doesn’t follow trends and paves their own path, I’m always excited to hear what they’re going to come out with.

Part two of the Pretty Serious Naileontology Collection includes the following colours: Ichi Hanami, Blood of Knossos, and The Crimson Pearl.

In this post, I share with you more photos and the inspiration behind each polish.

It’s absolutely no surprise that the green speaks to my nailphile heart, and it most likely will be the first one I’ll review after I’ve worn it as a full manicure. Keep your eyes peeled like a banana for that on here.

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Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray & The Makeup Primer Spray Review (Oil Control Version)

Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray Review Primer SprayWhen I first began using face makeup primers, I reached for the kind with a gel-like consistency that came with pumps or in tubes, such as the Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Primer (reviewed back in 2010) and the Make Up For Ever All Mat Face Matifying Primer (reviewed in 2011).

(Wow, I just took a walk down memory lane, and it made my eyes water a bit because of some happy thoughts. I forgot about those old posts until I sat down to write this review. I’ve been on quite a blogging journey when you compare posts from back then to now. Hopefully I continue to improve for years to come!) :)

Then, I was curious about the makeup setting sprays on the market and tried those. (You may remember me reviewing the Urban Decay All-Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray back in early 2014.)

Makeup priming and setting sprays are my favourite because they feel lightweight, and you just need about three sprays of each for your entire face. One regular-sized bottle lasts for several months, and they are quite affordable.

The Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray and Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray in the Oil Control version are my favourites, and they’re the only makeup sprays I have used since finishing up my Urban Decay setting spray.

This review was a long time coming because although I’ve ordered from Skindinavia several times now and went through about 2 or 3 bottles of each, I finally am sitting down to share my thoughts.

I always order these sprays from the Skindinavia website when I’m running low, and by the time they arrive, I need to use the new ones right away. By the time I remembered that I needed to photograph them so I can work on a review, the bottles have some foundation on them from my fingers or have other smudges and marks.

Finally, this time I decided to order the set of Skindinavia makeup sprays a little early to ensure that I wouldn’t just crack open the bottles before photographing them. Hehe, my plan worked, and here we are with this review!

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OPI My Car Has Navy-gation Swatches & Review

OPI My Car Has Navy-gation Swatches & ReviewAlthough OPI My Car Has Navy-gation isn’t what I consider ‘bright’, it’s part of the OPI Brights 2015 Collection.

The more I stared at the collection as a whole, the more my eyes kept coming back to this bold navy-cobalt blue. It has an electric touch that made me more curious than a cat peering into a paper bag.

(Haha, when I was proofreading this post, I looked it over quickly and misread that as a cat peeing into a paper bag! Definitely not the same thing.) 😉

P.S. There’s a bit of orange around my cuticles. I’ll share with you a review on the nail polish that I wore right before this, which left the orange behind. (Hopefully I’ll show you this week.)

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Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Father's Day TributeThere’s not a single day that goes by that I don’t think about and miss my dad. (He passed away 5 years ago suddenly and unexpectedly.)

(I’ve blogged about my dad here, here, and here.)

It’s my new tradition to pay a special and well-deserved Tribute to My Dad on Father’s Day.

Maybe it’s strange, but when the stores put the Father’s Day greeting cards on display, I still look through a few of them and get a lump in my throat.

My mom and I will be visiting him at the cemetery, which is always difficult for me.

Instead of drowning in sorrow, I choose to celebrate his life because although even remembering the happy memories brings me to tears, I’d rather be inspired by the amazing life that he lived instead of dwelling on life being unfair.

No, my father wasn’t perfect. He was human. But he truly continues to be the biggest source of inspiration for me. Through his unconditional love, ability to see the humour in any situation, and his calming presence, he set the bar extraordinarily high.

He was the best listener. He wouldn’t cut you off, he would provide sound advice when you needed it, and he always put my heart at ease, even when I was going through what I thought was ‘the end of the world’ when I was a teenager and suffering my first heartbreak.

I find, to my dismay, that a lot of people don’t really listen. They rush, use the excuse that they’re “too busy”, or they brush off concerns because you’re the only person who feels the way you do. Even in a professional environment, it’s alarming how even after seconds of the boss saying something, a co-worker will ask a question that the boss literally just explained. Haha, and then there are the people who talk over your voice, and you wonder if they just love listening to themselves.

Listening skills are a lost art.

My dad, though, would let you talk for hours to get something off your chest. But what was even better was that he listened not just with his ears, but with his heart. It didn’t just go through one ear and out the other. He hung onto everything I said because he valued my opinion.

He also loved to talk, and when he seized the opportunity, he could talk for hours to anyone, anywhere. I used to joke that he could have a conversation with a doorknob!

I always admired his social skills – he was charming! (The interesting thing is that even though he wasn’t a doctor or security guard, strangers often would mistake him for working in those two professions, and it’s not like he was talking about medical or security issues. It was just the way he carried himself, I guess.)

It was also awkward when strangers (women and men) used to tell me that my dad is very handsome out of the blue. I would just smile, but then I’d keep my hawk eyes on the women in case they tried anything! Haha, I didn’t have anything to worry about. My father was a loyal husband to my mom and a very devoted father.

To prepare for this post, I looked through some old albums at my mom’s. There were lots of great photographs to choose from, but I picked a few to share with you.

They’re not listed in perfect chronological order, but they go from when he was a bachelor to when he got married to after marriage.

The photos are all from the 1950s and 1960s.

This post contains a little glimpse into what my dad was like before he had me and my brother. And as long as I blog for Swatch And Learn, I plan to pay a special Father’s Day Tribute to him every single Father’s Day.

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