China Glaze Calypso Blue Swatches & Review

China Glaze Calypso Blue Swatches & ReviewChina Glaze Calypso Blue from the Bahama Blues Collection has been in my stash since it was released in 2008.

The odd thing? This is the very first time I wore it!

Yes, I hoped that Calypso Blue would forgive me for overlooking it just because a lot of flashy pretty things sauntered by and distracted me.

I took it out for a spin, and we fell in love. We went to dinner, saw a movie, and stared at each other by candlelight while sipping on some wine and having a heart-to-heart conversation. 😉

China Glaze Calypso Blue Pictures

China Glaze Calypso Blue

Natural Light



China Glaze Calypso Blue Pictures

Natural Light



China Glaze Calypso Blue Ingredients

China Glaze Calypso Blue Ingredients

China Glaze Calypso Blue Swatches

All swatches have:

Natural Light Photos

China Glaze Calypso Blue Swatches & Review

China Glaze Calypso Blue Photos

Calypso Blue by China Glaze

China Glaze Calypso Blue Review & Swatch

China Glaze Calypso Blue Review & Swatches

China Glaze Calypso Blue Swatch

China Glaze Calypso Blue Swatch & Review

China Glaze Calypso Blue Swatches

Calypso Blue China Glaze Swatch

Flash Photos







√ Blue

Key Notes

  • Name: China Glaze Calypso Blue
  • Collection: China Glaze Bahama Blues 2008
  • Colours Available in the Collection: Calypso Blue, Blue Island Iced Tea, Bermuda Breakaway, Blue Paradise, Bahamian Escape & Caribbean Blue
  • Amount: 14 mL (0.5 fl. oz.)
  • What I Paid: Around $2.50 USD
  • Where to Buy: Victoria Nail Supply, 8ty8Beauty & Head2Toe

China Glaze Calypso Blue Review


Calypso Blue by China Glaze is a deep, alluring blue that doesn’t look too dark. You can tell that it’s blue and not black.

I especially loved wearing this on short nails because I think it looks edgier than on long claws. But, anyone can rock this!

This colour makes me think of sailing on the sea at night – mystery in the air that’s exciting!


Some people say that this has a creme finish, but I think there’s a bit of a jelly quality to it because it’s glossy. It has a lot of depth. And when I removed it, it came off like a jelly, which is even easier than a creme.

Application & Formula

Even though I had this polish since 2008, it applied perfectly! It wasn’t thick at all, and it flowed onto my nails smoothly. I found it was slightly watery, but not so much that I couldn’t control it.

When you remove this polish, it may make your fingers and cuticles a little blue. But, don’t worry – just wash your hands a few times, and the slight tint will go away easily.


  • Deep, mysterious blue defines your nails
  • Glossy
  • Applies smoothly
  • Extremely easy to remove

  • Makes your skin & cuticles a little blue (but when you wash your hands a few times, it goes away)
  • From a 2008 collection, which could be more challenging to find

Final Verdict: 10/10

Yup, I gave this a perfect score because I looooved wearing this! Sure, it leaves a little blue tint, but it doesn’t stick around forever, so I can deal with it. Just a few hand washings after removal and you no longer are a member of the Smurf club. (Although, it’s probably fun to be a Smurf.)

Do you have any polishes from the old China Glaze Bahama Blues Collection? What was an older polish you sported recently?


22 thoughts on “China Glaze Calypso Blue Swatches & Review

  1. Icequeen81

    It feels like that this review and swatches are for me 🙂 Gosh this is the Shade is for me . I really like this shade is the perfect blue with the perfect Jelly and shiny finish

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Icequeen81!

      I have a feeling that a lot of people would really love it. It’s sooo shiny, it was pretty easy to apply, and it was simple to remove. It was a win all around. I’m surprised I didn’t wear it sooner! Better late than never, right?

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Precious Pearl!

      This polish is really photogenic – it was really easy to photograph. 🙂 I think this would look wonderful on so many people.

  2. Tennyoceres

    If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. Or at least I feel that’s what this polish is telling me o_o

    Not my color of choice but I can understand the love. It’s an amazing color.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Tennyoceres!

      So…when I wore this and was staring at it, the nail polish was looking back at me. (I hope it was smiling because I was smiling at it!) 😉

  3. Kim

    Would you be mad if Calypso Blue went out to dinner with me some night? I promise, no funny business… heh, heh…

    Alas, ANOTHER blue for my want list. 🙂 Deep blues & teals are my favs – especially jelly creams….

    Thanks for showing this beauty off so well for us.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Kim!

      It would be wrong of me to tie Calypso Blue down. Go ahead and have dinner with it! I want it to live life to the fullest and to feel appreciated by nailphiles all over the world! 😀

      Glad you like the way this one looks. I found it was a very photogenic polish. Even though the natural light I took it in was dim, somehow, the shiny quality of the polish still shone through. With a lot of other polishes, the photos would’ve turned out fuzzy!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey James!

      Yeah, it was quite the nail travesty that it was unopened for so long. The funny thing is that I always meant to wear it, but then put it back several times in favour of something else. (That probably had negative consequences to poor Calypso Blue’s self-esteem.) 😉 I really should pay more attention to the older polishes. Haha, “old polishes need love, too”! I feel like I should turn that into a t-shirt…haha!

  4. Melissa Cortes

    I own a Santee color which looks like a dupe of this one. Its called Neon Sapphire and its absolutely beautiful!

  5. Caitlyn

    This is an amazing color. I bough the entire Bahamas collection back then (I’ve always been a fan of blue nailpolish, despite a lot of raised eyebrows in my family and school and sometimes even my work place ^^ but my first boss didn’t mind at all (though she only complimented me on red polish 😉 ) and my new boss pretty much ignores my nails, though she did admire my Halloween mani in orange and black, with stampings of bats and spiders … but all in all I’m free to wear all colors that I like even in the office, which is a very nice thing).

    I don’t know why exactly I loved the Bahamas collection so much, I mean there are thousands of blues out there … but I loved this collection from the first day I saw it 😉 and I still do.
    For Blue Island Iced Tea and Bahamian Escape I even got back-ups, though I never emptied a bottle of nail polish before ^^
    I have so many …

    When I look at my stash, there are only a few polishes who visibly show that I have used them often … among them are RBL Grunge, OPI parlez-vous OPI, Zoya Jo, Zoya Caitlin and China Glaze Secret Periwinkle.
    I really love periwinkle blues :))

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Caitlyn!

      Hehe, I remember when that collection came out, I kept crossing my fingers that they’d come out with a green version. But…they didn’t. However, since Emerald is supposedly the colour of 2013, maybe they’ll do something this year! *Crosses fingers and toes again*

      Like you, I also work in a forward-thinking office that allows employees to wear any colour of nail polish. 🙂 It really is wonderful. I can’t imagine only being able to enjoy my crazy colours on the weekends.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Judy Hall!

      I don’t have OPI Russian Navy, but from what I’ve seen online, it’s dark and shimmery. China Glaze Calypso Blue, on the other hand is a very dark (blackened) blue jelly.

      If I could recommend you try one over the other, I’d say go for China Glaze Calypso Blue. The formula is incredible, and it’s super shiny! Be forewarned, though, that it can stain nails, so be sure to wear a good base coat or several coats of it for added protection!


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