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Zoya Autumn Swatches & Review

Zoya Autumn Swatches & ReviewZoya Autumn is part of the Ignite Collection, which I’m very excited about because it’s fiesty and reminds me of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg!

I think this nail polish is appropriately named because it definitely screams fall to me. It has that warmth to it and some zing like a touch of ginger.

It’s one of those colours that’s very easy to sport because it’s not bright or crazy, yet it’s far from dull or boring.

There’s a ‘sizzle’ about this one, and the sparkle dances on your nails, which is fun to see!

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Blog News: My Bold Nail Art Tutorial Featured on

PromCanada SwatchAndLearn Nail ArtWhen you want a completely customizable design that makes a statement that ends with exclamation points, try out my Bold Nail Art Tutorial Featured on!

(You can click here to see the original article on Prom Canada, or continue reading this post for the tutorial.)

It uses just two different nail-polish colours, and it’s very quick to paint, so it’s not only ideal for a prom look, but for any time when you want your nails to be bold and really pop.

The pink I used is Nicole by OPI LeaPink for Joy (from the Seize the Summer Collection), and the gorgeous, shimmery purple is Nicole by OPI Back in My Gloria Days… (from the Modern Family Collection), which lends a sharp contrast, while still creating a girly manicure.

If any of you decide to try it out, please tag me on social media, so I can see and share with my readers!

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Zoya Yuna Swatches & Review

Zoya Yuna Swatches & ReviewYou know how Ludacris yells, “LUDA!”? Well, when I first laid eyes on Zoya Yuna, for some reason, I read it as “YUNA!” like Luda! ;) No, I can’t just read it normally.

This polish is all kinds of amazing. I can’t think of any nail polish I already own in my ever-growing stash that’s exactly like this, so it’s pretty unique. That’s a hard feat, considering that there are soooo many gorgeous nail polishes on the market. Kudos, Zoya!

This polish is an interesting dusty slate blue with golden-green sparkle. I looked at it for the longest time, and sometimes I thought the sparkles were golden, but contrasting the blue, they sometimes looked a little green.

Regardless, Zoya Yuna is really interesting, and I like how when you first glance at it, it’s unassuming and subtle. But when you take the time to look deeper, that’s when you see the sparkle, and it whispers sweet nothings! ;)

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OPI My Dogsled Is a Hybrid Swatches & Review

OPI My Dogsled Is a Hybrid Swatches & ReviewOPI My Dogsled Is a Hybrid from the Nordic Collection is one of those bright blue-ish greens that’s a pick-me-up. I don’t have to worry about it clashing with my skin tone – it always works without any hassles.

This is a shade that’s happy and bright, but not neon or too loud. It’s just right!

Although I have lots of turquoises and aquas in my collection, I always gravitate toward this familiar colour territory because it’s a no-brainer. And I love how it adds a pop of fun colour onto my nails. Plus this colour looks great on so many different skin tones, which is awesome!
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Bundle Monster Cabochons Swatches & Review

Bundle Monster Cabochons Nails Nail Art ReviewSome days, I have an itch to rock dramatic nails that are as over-the-top as Lady Gaga.

The friendly ‘monsters’ over at Bundle Monster sent me two blingy cabochons to try, and let me tell you, if you’re looking for nails that will set yourself apart from the sea of generic manicures, cabochons definitely do the trick!

The Bundle Monster Cabochons are the very first nail cabochons that I’ve ever sported, and I have to say, they’re pretty badass! ;)

I felt totally edgy when I wore the cabochons over the jet black, OPI Who Are You Calling Bossy?!? from the Peanuts Collection, and I think they offer an interesting 3D effect that you just can’t get with other nail art. Plus the ease of cabochons are wonderful – just put a dab of top coat or nail glue to act as an adhesive, and you’re golden.

Sure, these are not typical for me to wear on a day-to-day basis. I see them as something for a special occasion. They’re such a far departure from everything else that I’ve tried, so I was curious to jump into this lake and swim around a bit.

(Please note that I had cut my nails pretty short, and my fingers and nails are narrow. On someone with average-sized fingers, the cabochons won’t look as big.)

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The Body Shop Colour Crush Got the Blues, Oh, Petal & Mint Cream Swatches & Mini Review

The Body Shop Colour Crush Collection Got the Blues, Oh Petal & Mint Cream SwatchesIf you followed me on Instagram or other social media, you saw a photo I posted recently of the epic nail mail with 18 nail polishes that I received from the generous folks at The Body Shop.

In October, they’re coming out with 24 rainbow shades in the new The Body Shop Colour Crush Nails Collection!

These nail polishes are promoted as being vegan, not tested on animals, enriched with silky Community Fair Trade marula oil, having a high-gloss finish, and featuring a quick-drying formula.

Additionally, they have a ’4-free’ formula, meaning that they don’t contain Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor.

I was debating on which colour to wear first, and since I couldn’t decide, I ended up wearing 3 at once, which had a candy, Easter-esque feel:

  • The Body Shop Got the Blues (periwinkle/purple)
  • The Body Shop Oh, Petal (pink)
  • The Body Shop Mint Cream (green)

Since this post contains photos of all 3 in one manicure, I’ll show you swatches and photos of the bottles, but there’ll be a mini review of my first impression of the formula.

When I wear another manicure with just one shade, then I’ll do an in-depth review.

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OPI Who Are You Calling Bossy?!? Swatches & Review

OPI Who Are You Calling BossyOPI Who Are You Calling Bossy?!? is described as a “stormy black” in the official press release for the OPI Peanuts Collection, and I definitely agree with it.

This is a jet black, not one of those near-black shades that sometimes frustrates me.

When I want really dramatic, dark tips, I prefer to reach for a full-on black, not one that tip-toes around the bush. This one is gothic, and I love it!

Sure, this black may not look unique, but the formula is wonderful. At just 2 coats, I got great coverage. (Sometimes with other blacks, you need 3 coats, or the formula is really thick, leaving behind an uneven finish.)

If you don’t already have a staple black nail polish in your collection, this is a good one to own!

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