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Pretty Serious Naileontology Collection (Quick Look at the 3 New Shades)

Pretty Serious Naileontology Collection 2At the end of June, you may remember that I shared a press release introducing three new Pretty Serious shades.

In today’s Quick Look post, I’m going to share a closer look at the new Pretty Serious Naileontology shades.

Included are bottle shots, but also some quick swatches to give you an idea of each one.

Later when I wear them as individual manicures, then I’ll do individual in-depth posts.

It should be obvious that my favourite from the trio is Blood of Knossos (the green). It’s exactly my kind of Comfort Colour, even though all three colours are very beautiful!

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FedoraHarp Whiskers on Kittens Swatches & Review

FedoraHarp Whiskers on Kittens Swatches & ReviewCreated by Leah, one of my readers, FedoraHarp Whiskers on Kittens is inspired by a song sung by the incomparable Julie Andrews in the classic musical, The Sound of Music.

The colour combination is unique in my collection, and since I’ve never worn anything like it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. (It was like a nail-polish Jack-in-the-Box for me.)

From the very first glance, this polish made me think of cookies and cream. (Yes, I have a sweet tooth…just one. The rest have all fallen out, so I resemble a hockey player. Don’t feel sorry for me. Cha-ching! I collected big time when the Tooth Fairy visited. Okay, so maybe not. I have more than just one sweet tooth. They’re all pretty sweet, especially the molar at the very back. Occasionally, it winks at me. How cheeky!) 😉

Back to the nail polish, it also reminds me a little of a calico cat, which ties in nicely with the nail polish’s name. (Only after did I look at FedoraHarp’s Etsy store and realize that she also mentioned the glitter as being ‘calico’. Nailphile minds think alike!)

P.S. Thank you so much to everyone who left me a thoughtful comment on my 5th Blogiversary post and entered the worldwide giveaway! I read every single comment, and each one puts a huge, goofy grin on my face. (When I have a bad day, I plan to re-read those comments because your positivity really does wonders to lift my spirits!)

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China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Swatches & Review (Revisited)

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Swatches & ReviewNeon nail polishes are incredible pick-me-uppers any season, and I’ve been known to wear them even in the winter. (Try it – it’s even brighter when you’re surrounded by snow!)

One of my all-time favourite neons that I turn to time and time again is none other than the original version of China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, a beautiful, retina-searing coral that’s so bright, if my camera had eyes, they’d be squinting.

I purchased it when the China Glaze Poolside Collection first came out in 2010, and to this day, I still remember what the promo pictures looked like. It was one of the first neon collections I ever tried, and from then on, there was a soft spot in my heart for neons.

I’m halfway through my bottle of China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, so I had to shake it up before taking these photos or the bottle would look pretty crusty.

Sadly, the new version of China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy is more of a pale peach, not the blazing coral that I fell for back in the day. I reviewed it in 2011 on the blog here. As you can see, my blogging style has changed since then, but there are still many similarities. Also, today’s review has more colour-accurate photos in natural light, in case you were wondering. (While I’m no photography expert, I’ve learned many things through trial and error during my blogging journey.)

I’ve never worn the new version of Flip Flop Fantasy, and I can’t quite bring myself to just yet. I don’t want to be disappointed. Until I finish every last bit of this bottle, only then will I finally crack open the new one.

China Glaze, if you’re reading this, please, please, please bring back the original version. So many nailphiles miss and love it. I know that I’m not the only one!

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OPI DS Extravagance Swatches & Review (Revisited)

OPI DS Extravagance Swatches & ReviewIn May, I wore a polish that I’ve loved for a long time: OPI DS Extravagance!

It’s one of those shades that, each time I wear it, I’m always in awe of its beauty and exceptionally smooth formula.

I have a lot of OPI DS (Designer Series) nail polishes in my collection from the original line when OPI first came out with it and they claimed to have ‘diamond dust’.

Just the other month, I was thinking about how much I love a bunch of them. I’ll need to share them on here sometime because I feel like they’re a part of nail history, and, in particular, my nail history. The OPI Designer Series nail polishes were the first pricer lacquers I ever splurged on.

I have many rare and discontinued OP DS Series nail polishes that I want to share with you.

(Sometimes bloggers feel uncomfortable showing old and hard-to-find lacquers because readers may be disappointed when they can’t track down the same colour to enjoy. However, my mindset is different. I’m not focused on showing you only things that you can buy. That’s not why I started blogging. I blog because I love to participate in the beauty community and to share opinions. Plus I enjoy seeing other bloggers share their rare polishes because it gives me a glimpse at something special and different than the current new collection that’s available. I enjoy seeing how polishes have evolved, and that involves going back to their roots. Keep your eyes peeled like a banana for upcoming posts on rare polishes!)

While many of the OPI DS polishes have been discontinued, OPI DS Extravagance is one that has stuck around over the years and is still readily available.

Since the first time I wore OPI DS Extravagance, I fell in love, and I reviewed it in 2010 when I first started blogging. (Speaking about evolution, check out that old post and compare it to today’s. You can see my roots, and I’m not embarrassed to expose my journey with you.)

However, I felt that it was time to revisit the nail polish, rekindle my flame for it, and to see how the formula has held up after all these years.

I’ve worn this polish several times since purchasing it back in the day, and I’ve even bought a new back-up of it. But instead of cracking open the new bottle, I decided to dip into my old, original bottle because that’s the ultimate test. (A brand new bottle should, technically, perform well, but sometimes an older bottle that’s been opened and used many times can dry out.)

How did it fare? There’s only one way to find out!

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Color Club Gift of Sparkle Swatches & Review

Color Club Gift of Sparkle Swatches & ReviewAn oldie-but-goodie is Color Club Gift of Sparkle, which is originally from the Winter Affair Collection in 2012, but I only purchased it about a year or so ago.

If you’re into rich purples and like some holo rather than a full-on holo, this one will surely make your nails sing!

It’s like an eggplant that boarded a rocket with a one-way ticket to Jupiter.

With just enough twinkle and a rich base colour to make the glitter stand out even more, Color Club Gift of Sparkle is one of those polishes that will having you staring at your nails like a vain polish peacock.

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Nail Art: Neon Ladybug Nails

Ladybug Nail Art NeonOn Monday night, I painted these Neon Ladybug Nails, and I only took them off on Friday night because the design on my index finger chipped.

It was funny how it chipped. The ‘body’ part fell off in one sheet, but the black tips with the eyes remained. (That finger ended up looking like a robber!)

Ladybug nails are nothing new. In fact, I did a traditional black-and-red variety in 2011, which you can see in the Ladybug Nail Art Tutorial I posted back then.

This time, I wanted a summery twist because I was craving neons, and in particular, I wanted some old neons that I remember loving and reviewing on here from 2010 to 2012.

I used all China Glaze nail polishes in the following colours: Pool Party (reddish pink), Flip Flop Fantasy (coral – the original version), Sun Worshiper (orange), and Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (yellow).

I also used OPI nail polishes: Who Are You Calling Bossy?!? (black) and Angel with a Leadfoot (white).

This is the manicure I wore to the Elizabeth Arden Fall Preview event that I went to on Tuesday. It was held in Toronto’s Financial District on the 31st floor of the Trump Hotel. (The Trump Hotel was rated as the #1 luxury hotel in Canada!)

(I shared some photos on my Instagram. Click the link to see them. You don’t need the Instagram app to view the images. Only if you want to “Like” or comment on a photo do you need to install it on your phone.)

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OPI Can’t Hear Myself Pink! Swatches & Review

OPI Can't Hear Myself Pink Swatches & ReviewOPI Can’t Hear Myself Pink! is from the Brights 2015 Collection, and it’s shimmery with a metallic quality.

This is exactly the type of ‘princess shade’ that would make my eyes light up when I was a little girl.

Pfft – forget “On Wednesdays, we wear pink!” 😉 In grade school, I wore pink on a daily basis!

Then, as a teenager, I grew to love purple.

Hehe, now that I’m a sweet raisin, you know that green is what puts hearts in my pupils.

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