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Nail Art Tutorial: Snowman Nails

Snowman Nail Art TutorialIt feels like I haven’t worn faces or eyes on my nails in a long time.

(Taken out of context, that might make some people scratch their heads.)

Although my schedule after work has somehow gotten busier than ever before, I want to make time to do more freehand designs, especially festive ones leading up to Christmas.

Today, I’m showing you easy Snowman Nail Art that only requires a base coat, a top coat, five colours, a dotting tool, and a striping brush.

The nail polishes I used to create the snowman nail art are The Body Shop Colour Crush in Minty Amour, OPI Queen of the Road, OPI Angel with a Leadfoot, OPI Juice Bar Hopping, and OPI This Gown Needs a Crown!

I love sharing these kind of simple designs because it might encourage someone to try their hand at nail art, even if they’ve never done so before. There are a lot of overly complicated designs out there that, while nice to look at, can be intimidating to beginners.

It’s my goal to make nail art that’s easy to replicate because I believe that everyone should enjoy the fun and creativity that it has to offer. I don’t want anyone to feel excluded!

To do this design, you don’t need masterclass skills, but you will need patience. Also, remember that happiness is your goal, not perfection, and you’ll always be a winner. ;)

P.S. Read the bottom of this post for a short story from my childhood about how I once got in trouble for building a snowwoman.

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Quick Look: Nicole by OPI 2015 Collection Swatches, Photos & Press Release

Nicole by OPI 2015 CollectionWhen I attended the Nicole by OPI Blogger Dinner back in October, PR gifted me with the entire 11-bottle Nicole by OPI 2015 Collection!

The recap post on that event will be coming just as soon as I get some free time after work! (Phew, my schedule continues to be as busy as a bumble bee in herringbone! I’m also gradually replying to comments that my lovely readers have left on the blog.)

Today, I’d like to show you some bottles shots and quick swatches of all the shades in the Nicole by OPI 2015 Collection, which will be available in stores beginning January 2015!

Also included is the official press release, so you can read about the inspiration behind the collection.

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Nail Art: Green Dotticure (OPI My Gecko Does Tricks & OPI That’s Hula-rious!)

OPI My Gecko Does Tricks & OPI OPI That's Hula-rious SwatchGreen and I are tight. We go everywhere together. We watch each other’s back. We are in mad love.

So when I saw that the OPI Hawaii Collection had not one, but two green nail polishes, my heart palpitated a little. Scratch that. It started crunking – that’s how happy it was! ;)

Since I couldn’t choose just one for a manicure, I decided to do an easy Green Dotticure featuring OPI My Gecko Does Tricks and OPI That’s Hula-rious!, which are both from the OPI Hawaii Collection for Spring/Summer 2015.

This is such a simple nail design that I whipped up very quickly, and it’s what I wore to the Contessa 2014 Awards.

If your schedule is as busy as mine is and you’re trying to juggle a million things at once, this nail art is for you. It’s fuss-free, and all it consists of are dots arranged in two vertical lines. Easy, effective, and simple to replicate! :)

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Quick Look: OPI Infinite Shine Swatches, Photos & Press Release

OPI Infinite Shine SwatchesGel nail polish is pretty popular these days, and maybe you’ll find it surprising, but I’ve never tried any of them! (Have you?)

Now, OPI has come out with their own version – OPI Infinite Shine, and what sets it apart from many others is that it doesn’t require an LED light to cure the polish, and you can just use regular nail-polish remover instead of having to ‘soak off’ the manicure when you’re ready to take it off.

Like a regular gel nail polish, it’s supposed to last for up to 10 days, and it comes in tons of different colours – 30!

When I went to the OPI Hawaii Collection Media Launch, PR was generous to provide me with the nail board of all 30 exciting OPI Infinite Shine shades, as well as the OPI Infinite Shine Primer, OPI Infinite Shine Gloss, and a colourful lacquer, OPI Infinite Shine No Stopping Me Now.

Check out this post to see everything closer, but especially the beautiful swatches. There are so many gorgeous colours, and my top picks are To the Finish Lime!, Withstands the Test of Thyme, and To Infinity & Blue-yond!

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What I Wore on My Nails for Hallowe’en

Halloween ManicureThis is What I Wore on My Nails for Hallowe’en! :)

At first I really wanted to do some Frankenstein Monster or witch nail art, but I was so pressed for time. However, I didn’t want to just wear any ole manicure. It needed that Hallowe’en spirit!

As I browsed my nail-polish collection, my eyes zeroed in on Pretty Serious Swatch And Learn, the multichromatic green that I designed. (Click the link to see it solo – the multiple colours really shine through that way.)

But it needed more of a festive vibe, so I kept searching for something to layer on top. Finally – I found my bottle of OPI Where’s My Blanket???, which is from the OPI Peanuts Collection. It’s a glitter polish suspended in a clear base, and it has pale peach, black, and white sequins.

Layering a coat of OPI Who Are You Calling Bossy?!?, a black creme also from the OPI Peanuts Collection, I put the green on top. I did this to darken the green. The finishing touch was the glitter. Together, I call this manicure “Hallowe’en Soup” – hehe, it’s the first thing that sprung to my mind!

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Quick Look: OPI Hawaii Collection Swatches, Photos & Press Release

OPI Hawaii CollectionLast week was pretty amazing because I got to attend back-to-back exclusive nail-polish events: the Nicole by OPI 2015 Collection Blogger Dinner on Thursday and the OPI Hawaii Collection Media Launch on Friday! (Many thanks to PR for the invitations!) :)

(My detailed recaps on both events are coming soon, so stay tuned. Also, shortly, I’ll have a little surprise for my loyal readers!)

Today, I have a Quick Look Post on the OPI Hawaii Collection for Spring/Summer 2015, which will hit stores on February 4th, 2015.

At the OPI Hawaii Collection Media Launch, PR was generous to provide me with all 12 shades contained in a beautiful collectible keepsake box! :) They also graced me with the official press release, promotional card, and nail-swatch board, so I could share further information with all of you.

Included in this Hawaii Collection by OPI are bottle shots that I eagerly photographed, so you can see each shade up close and personal!

My initial reaction when I first ‘lei’-ed eyes on the OPI Hawaii Collection? *Jumps up and down after seeing two greens* (Hehe, I couldn’t resist the corny pun!)

Also, I thought that the gold with glitter was so different than the rest. It’s wild, crazy, and unexpected from OPI, which makes me curious to wear it even more! ;)

Overall, the Hawaii Collection by OPI explodes with a wide variety of colour, which jives with my mental images of Hawaii’s lush scenery! (What a wonderful way to temporarily ‘forget’ about winter coming and focus on spring and summer, right?)

This is one of my favourite OPI collections since the OPI Brazil Collection, and I’m excited to wear and review a bunch of them. (Check back soon for my separate blog posts on select shades, and feel free to let me know if there are particular ones that you’re most interested in seeing in-depth first!)

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Reader Request: OPI Unfrost My Heart & OPI My Signature Is “DC” Comparison Swatch

OPI My Signature Is DC Unfrost My Heart Comparison SwatchesEver since I blogged about OPI Unfrost my Heart (from the Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection) and posted a photo on Instagram, readers have been asking me to compare it with OPI My Signature Is “DC” (from the Coca-Cola Collection).

Once I got home from work yesterday, I went straight for the polishes and my camera because I was pretty curious as well!

Today is a brief blog post showing you OPI My Signature Is “DC” vs. OPI Unfrost My Heart. :)

Without peeking at the labels, can you guess which one is which?

P.S. Psst! Follow me on all my social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest) this week because I’m going to be sharing some exciting nail news very soon. Hint hint! Nailphiles won’t want to miss it! Details and photos to come.

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