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Zoya Urban Grunge Collection

Zoya Urban Grunge Collection 2016

Although the mercury continues to rise and the craving for slushies creeps up during summer afternoons, today I’m bringing you a glimpse into the upcoming Zoya Urban Grunge Collection for Fall/Winter 2016!

Split into two sets (One Coat Creams and Metallic Holos), the wide assortment of shades means that there’s something to appeal to every nail enthusiast.

The Zoya Urban Grunge Collection will be available to purchase from Zoya’s website starting on August 15.

The greens (Merida and Wyatt) caught my attention right off the bat, but the entire Metallic Holos set is calling my name and banging a gong! 😉

See the rest of this post for a closer look at each shade in the Zoya Urban Grunge Collection, and stay tuned because I will be swatching all these gorgeous colours soon.

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KISS Festival Beauty Survival Kit

KISS Festival Beauty Survival Kit

Hit the summer festival in style with your favourite sunglasses, a fab choker, and stylish nail art!

The KISS Festival Beauty Survival Kit shimmied its way over to Swatch And Learn’s headquarters yesterday.

It contained the following:

  • imPRESS Gel Manicure Press-on Nails
  • KISS Polish Pop Nail Stickers
  • KISS Waterless Nail Tattoos
  • KISS Fix It Up! Silk Wrap Repair Kit

Out of all the items, I am the most excited about the nautical-themed stickers! Not only are they easy to apply, but they’re way faster than nail stamping or painting a freehand design.

Also, the nail repair kit will come in handy if I break a nail. (Even though I’m fortunate to have strong nails, I tend to be very hard on my nails, so it’s only a matter of time before I pull this puppy out!)

See the rest of this post for a closer look at each item and where you can find them.

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Zoya UltraBrites Collection

Zoya UltraBrites Collection

Usher in the neon rainbow with the Zoya UltraBrites Collection, which features six shades that are ready for fun in the summer sun!

Each colour has a satin finish, but to get a glass-like shine, apply a glossy top coat.

Unleash maximum brightness by layering any of the shades from the Zoya UltraBrites Collection over a white nail polish, such as Zoya Purity.

The individual shades, 6-piece sampler set, and 12-piece display are available at for pre-order.

Based on the press release and promotional images, the colours that stand out the most to me are Evergreen (you know me and greens!), Juvia, and Mirajane.

Special Pre-Order Deal!

Use the coupon code “NEON” by July 12th (11:59 EDT) when you pre-order the Zoya UltraBrites Collection 6-piece set (the Neon Intro Sampler) to enjoy:

  • Free shipping
  • A free Zoya Purity and Naked Manicure Glossy Seal
  • The discounted price of $40 USD (regularly $60 USD)

See the rest of this post for more information on the collection and each colour.

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CND Craft Culture Collection & Preview Event Recap

CND Craft Culture Collection

Yesterday, I attended the preview event at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in Toronto for the CND Craft Culture Collection, which officially launches in July!

Inspired by rugged charm and an artisan hard at work, the CND Craft Culture Collection includes shades that call to mind rich textures and familiar fabrics associated with craftsmanship.

The abundance of rich shades makes it easy to fall in love with at least one!

Edit: Check out my post with CND Craft Culture Collection swatches of all 8 Vinylux shades!

As per usual, when it comes to press-release posts, I love creating my own image that I feel represents the collection and that shows you all of the colours in a glance. (To see the official CND images, scroll further down this post.)

At the preview, I met Liliya (@liliyalehetacnd on Instagram) who is an Education Ambassador for CND. She painted my nails and did a freehand ripped-jeans design!

At the CND Craft Culture Collection preview event, there were some props available for a photo op. Obviously, I wouldn’t be a blogger if I didn’t play around with them, right? 😉

This was my favourite snapshot:

CND Craft Culture Collection Event

Keep reading the rest of this post for more information about the CND Craft Culture Collection and the preview event!

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OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2016 Collection

OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2016 Collection

If you’re a fan of understated elegance and have a penchant for neutrals and muted, meditative tones like peach, beige, and blush, the new OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2016 Collection launching on July 1st will be right up your alley!

The six new shades are easy to sport and won’t raise any eyebrows in even the most conservative workplace (if that’s a concern of yours).

Even if you live for loud colours, don’t be too quick to rule out the OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2016 Collection, as the shades can be partnered with metallic, glitter, and brighter hues for a bolder manicure.

Although I love look-at-me nail polishes, I enjoy wearing sophisticated neutrals as palate cleansers. Plus they’re versatile, as they can be worn with practically any outfit.

Check out the rest of this post to see all six colours and to read the official press release with all the details.

Edit: Click here to see my OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2016 Collection Swatches!

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Essie Gel Couture Collection & Launch Event Recap

Essie Gel Couture Collection Swatch And Learn

Officially launching on June 14th, the Essie Gel Couture line boasts 42 new colours with a luxurious bottle design with a twist – literally! It mimics the swirl of a perfectly tailored gown.

The wand is also twisted to help the polish collect onto the brush for superior results, and the bristles are much wider than those of a regular Essie brush. Additionally, the bristles have a tapered cut, which helps makes application a breeze. (You can cover your whole nail in a single swipe, if you want.)

The formula is designed to help manicures last for up to 14 days with a gel-like shine, and you don’t need a UV or LED lamp to use Essie Gel Couture nail polishes, as they are applied like regular lacquers.

The base coat is built into the colours, which is convenient and time-saving. After painting on the colour of your choice, you just need to apply a shiny top coat to seal everything in. (They have released a new top coat specifically for this line.)

Back in May 2016, I attended an exclusive reveal of the Essie Gel Couture line, which was held in Toronto.

The luxurious treatment began even before I arrived, as I was encouraged to arrive with Uber, complementary of PR!

There were drinks and appetizers offered by friendly servers. Also, the setup displaying the new nail polishes and the ‘atelier to after party’ theme was everywhere you looked.

Rita Remark (Essie’s Global Lead Educator) introduced Essie Gel Couture during a short presentation, there were opportunities to get your nails painted by nail technicians, and you could win the paintings that the talented Margaret Lipsey worked on live! (She is the woman behind PIstache and Rose.) More on all this later in the post!

Keep reading to see more photos that I snapped during the event. Also, I show you close-up bottle shots of some of the colours, as well as the official press release for further details.

Edit: I’ve updated the bottom of this post to include images of all 42 shades in the Essie Gel Couture Collection, which is broken up into four sections: Atelier, First Look, Runway Show, and After Party.

Essie GelCouture Collection 2016Essie Gel Couture Collection 2016

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Misa Queens of Summer Collection

Misa Queens of Summer Collection

The Misa Queens of Summer Collection crowns nails with reds, oranges, and pinks that call to mind beach frolics and rooftop patio soirées!

Kick off your flip flops, paint your toenails with popsicle and sorbet shades, and unleash your inner goddess with colours that take inspiration from popular historical females.

Officially launching on June 10 in Canada and the United States, the Misa Queens of Summer Collection has already hit the shelves earlier in the Middle East and the European Union.

You’ll be able to find them on the Misa Cosmetics website later, and they’ll probably turn up at Trade Secrets.

(By the way, Misa Cosmetics’ website offers free shipping on Canadian and US orders over $30 USD!)

Check out the rest of this post for a closer look at each colour, and stay tuned for my upcoming swatches!

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