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Zoya Ultra PixieDust Collection Press Release

Zoya Ultra PixieDust CollectionHave you heard? The Zoya Ultra PixieDust Collection for Fall 2014 is available to be pre-ordered!

This small (but mighty) collection features three sparkly shades in the fine-sugar texture, which is the Zoya PixieDust finish that many nailphiles (myself included) have fallen for.

They call this “Ultra PixieDust” because not only does it have fine micro glitter, but also larger hexagonal glitter for a cool effect!

In wine, plum, and red, these shades are saturated, and I feel like their rich hues would flatter most skin tones.

Which one is calling out your name? I think all three are gorgeous, but if I absolutely had to pick just one, it would be Zoya Noir, the vampy plum!

As with all Zoya PixieDust nail polishes, you don’t have to wear a base or top coat, which means you’ll finish painting your manicure in a snap!

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Essie Fall 2014 Collection Press Release

Essie Fall 2014 CollectionAlthough the Essie Fall 2014 Collection came out in August, I still want to share the press release because it contains information about each colour that some readers may find useful.

Also, in this press release, I’ve included a little note from Essie Weingarten (the Founder and Global Creative Director of Essie), as well a photo of her.

It’s always exciting to see the face behind the brand and to know the creative process behind a project. It breathes more meaning and helps you to appreciate the finished result that much more.

Plus PR sent me a photo of a cool linear ombre nail-art design created using colours from the Essie Fall 2014 Collection, so I’ve included that (and the instructions for how to replicate it) as well!

Which are your top picks from this collection, and have you already got your hands on some of these? If so, which ones?

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Bundle Monster Sun Kissed Nail Plate Collection Press Release

Bundle Monster Sun Kissed Nail Plate CollectionHappy Friday, everyone!

Today, I have for you a quick little post to share some information I received earlier this week regarding the brand new Bundle Monster Sun Kissed Nail Plate Collection, which will be available on their official website.

While I don’t have any images of each of the 10 plates in the collection, I still thought some of you who love to do stamping nail art would be interested knowing that new designs are coming out in early September, which is just a wink away!

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China Glaze All Aboard Collection Press Release

China Glaze All Aboard CollectionAutumn is my favourite season because of the rich colours, explosion in fashion, new beauty products, pumpkin spice lattes, colours of the changing leaves, knitting projects, and pumpkin pies! (Plus Hallowe’en is my favourite holiday.)

So you can just imagine how excited I am about the China Glaze All Aboard Collection, which is their fall release, launching in September!

The shades are rich, and, as with many of China Glaze’s collections, this one is full of variety, so there’s something for everyone.

When I first read the press release and saw the promo pictures, I was most enticed by Choo-Choo Choose You and Mind the Gap.

Which ones catch your eye initially?

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Chat with Zoya’s Creative Director on Twitter on August 27

This is the second blog post for today because I have some exciting news to share! (If you haven’t seen the other post today, go check it out – it’s a review of cool Bundle Monster Cabochons!)

Chat with Zoya’s Creative Director (Rebecca Isa) on Twitter on Wednesday August 27! This opportunity doesn’t come around often, so jump on it, and ask anything you’re curious about.

To participate:

  • Follow @ZoyaNailPolish
  • Use #FALLingForZoya in your tweet from 8-9 pm EDT (5-6 pm PDT) on Wednesday August 27

The Twitter party will include:

  • Fall’s hottest nail colours
  • Trends from the New York Fashion Week runway
  • GIveaways (for U.S. residents)
  • Plus more!

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Zoya Entice & Ignite Collection Press Release

Zoya Entice & Ignite CollectionThere are two halves, which make up the new release, which can now be pre-ordered on their official website: the Zoya Entice Collection and Zoya Ignite Collection.

Although both look very promising, I’m drawn more to the Zoya Ignite Collection because of the amazing finish – it’s so fiery!

Those polishes look like the kind where you can’t stop staring on your nails in all different lighting.

Out of all the shades in the Zoya Ignite Collection, Remy makes my heart skip a beat and then do Double Dutch in the school yard! ;) Yeah, that’s how gorgeous I think the shade is!

Which half do you like more, and what are your top 3 picks?

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OPI Designer Series Nail Polishes with Polished Quartz Finish: OPI DS Titanium & OPI DS Tourmaline Press Release

OPI DS Titanium OPI DS TourmalineToday’s post is going up tonight instead of the morning as usual because guess what? Last night, the power unexpectedly went out!

I even woke up extra early today, in the hopes that the power would come back on and then I could post something for my awesome readers. Sadly, the electricity was still out, which made getting ready for work quite interesting.

Thankfully, I have lots of scented candles that I’m now proud I hoard. Haha!

It was cool to get ready by candlelight. A little romantic, even! ;)

As you can tell from this post, now, I’ve got the power! (Hehe, that was meant to be sung to the tune of the song by Snap!) Hopefully it doesn’t go out again – fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!

So, here’s a press release about two new OPI Designer Series nail polishes that feature a Polished Quartz finish: OPI DS Titanium and OPI DS Tourmaline!

They launch on September 3rd, which isn’t that far away. Crazy how fast time flies!

The Polished Quartz finish is new, and it’s semi-matte while still have lots of sparkle. OPI’s PR was sweet enough to send me both to try, so please let me know which one you’d like me to wear and review first. :)

P.S. Remember, you still have until August 15 at 11:59 pm EDT to enter my worldwide giveaway for your chance to win 1 of 4 autographed bottles of Pretty Serious Swatch And Learn, the nail polish I designed! (Yup, there will be FOUR WINNERS!)

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