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Nail Art: Flocked Manicure & Caviar Manicure…on a MAN!

Caviar Nails Flocked Nails on a ManThere have been two extreme nail trends that I’ve wanted to try, but found them very intimidating: the Flocked Manicure and the Caviar Manicure.

Flocked nails have a crazy monster-fur texture. It’s almost like having turf on your nails. (If you use grass-green flocking powder, you could totally do some really fun golf nail art! The sport is a snooze to me, but I could get down with a nail design.)

And, I’m pretty sure that by now, every nailphile knows about Caviar nails. It consists of tiny little beads that completely cover your nails.

So, since I was a General Tao chicken *bawk bawk bawk*, what did I do? I turned one of my wild stallion male friends into a guinea pig, of course! ;)

You may recognize his thumb. Yup, he’s the same dude who I did freehand sheep nail art on in a previous blog post.

He went from a firm “No!” to an “Okay, but I want you to choose which colours to use!” within literally a minute of my convincing, pleading, and sticking out of my lower lip for maximum pouting power. Haha! (This is the only time I resort to such infantile tactics. It’s probably also the only time that they’d work. Plus my friend doesn’t take himself too seriously. The dude’s cool like that.)

My friend’s bravery encouraged me to try the flocked manicure on myself. When I do, I’ll share swatches of it on here as well as a detailed review plus application tips in a separate post. Expect that soon-ish. (I won’t be sporting a caviar manicure, though.)

Edit: I ended up trying a flocked manicure. Click here to see my blue flocked nails!

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Nail Art: Red Fiend Nails

Red Fiend Nails Nail Art SwatchesToday’s Red Fiend Nails feature China Glaze Bend Over Backwards (red), Whirled Away (black and white), and Get Carried Away (black, silver, and red), all of which are from the incredible new Cirque du Soleil Collection.

You may know that red isn’t my favourite nail colour (although I sometimes crave it), but when it’s combined with black and white, I’m crazy about it!

I was inspired by the artistry, fun costumes, and unpredictability of the Cirque du Soleil shows when I designed this simple look. (I’ve never been to their live show, but I’ve seen some of their specials on TV. Brilliance can’t even begin to describe the talent in that production!)

The Cirque du Soleil polishes in this post were lent to me by the same friend I mentioned in the previous two posts. (She’s saving me a lot of money right now, haha, but I do plan on buying a few bottles to add to my collection! Can’t be a complete polish mooch, right?) ;)

This design includes Bend Over Backwards (red), Whirled Away (black and white), and Get Carried Away (black, silver, and red).

Out of the nail-art designs I’ve done so far with the Cirque du Soleil shades, I think this is my favourite because it’s the most cohesive.

Also, a lot of people accent the ring finger, but I chose to accent the middle finger with black. Thought it was appropriate. ;)

P.S. At the end of this post, I’ll provide mini reviews for each Cirque du Soleil polish.

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Nail Art: Blue Fiend Nails

Blue Fiend Nails Nail ArtMy friend was nice enough to lend me these blues from the China Glaze Cirque du Soleil Collection: Water You Waiting For and Hanging in the Balance!

Just like with my Green Fiend Nails, I decided to wear more than one shade as my manicure for these Blue Fiend Nails so that I could return her precious bottles sooner.

The bonus? It was easier to remove when you have glitter on just two fingers.

In this post, not only will I share some more photos of this design, but I’ll also give quick mini reviews on both polishes in case you’re curious if they’re must-haves or not.

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Nail Art: Green Fiend Nails

Green Fiend Nail Art China Glaze Cirque du Soleil Collection SwatchesHope that my readers south of the border had a great Thanksgiving. Haha, and I’m sure that many have been Black Friday shopping since the stroke of midnight.

Several years ago, I was in the States and experienced my first Black Friday. The deals were insane, but so were the crowds! (Good luck to those who are rubbing elbows with others to snag a deal. Just remember to be courteous!)

Today’s Green Fiend Nails were spontaneous. Go with the flow. Throw caution to the wind.

You see, a friend let me borrow 3 polishes from the brand-spankin’ new China Glaze Cirque du Soleil Collection – Running in Circles (glittery green), DEF Defying (snot green), and Creative Fantasy (purple)! I was so excited because green and purple are my favourite colours!

Sometimes I’m indecisive. I couldn’t decide which one to wear first. (Plus I don’t like to keep others’ polish with me for too long. Wearing each individually would take too long. Lacquers get homesick, I think. Although…if they met the numerous greens in my Helmer, I think they might make some friends, and it would escalate into something more – a relationship with long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners!) ;)

It hit me – why did I have to choose just one? This isn’t The Highlander! The more, the merrier, they say. The more greens, the “Mary-er”, I say!

The nail art you see was me trying to wear all the colours at once and still make it look somewhat cohesive and less like a mad person. ;) (A little madness is good.)

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Nail Art: Vertical Stripe Nails

Vertical Stripe Nails Nail Art SwatchesDo you ever have the itch to do nail art, but you can’t think of a design? It happened to me a couple of days ago.

I didn’t want to do something intricate due to time constraints, and I wasn’t up for dealing with the messiness of nail stamping.

These Vertical Stripe Nails helped satisfy the craving for nail art without taking up much time or concentration.

Ever since doing Jack Skellington nail art, I knew that I’d have to do a manicure with vertical stripes on all the nails because I think it’s a really fun look.

(It’s a bonus that it’s also incredibly easy to do! It’s okay if all the lines aren’t perfectly straight or of the same thickness. It puts your signature on the manicure!)

Here I used two shades from the Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez Collection coming out in January 2013 – Hit the Lights (yellow) and Spring Break (pink).

This manicure is a reminder to be true to yourself and to always show your stripes! ;)

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Nail Art Tutorial: Jack Skellington Nails (Nightmare Before Christmas Nails)

Jack Skellington Nails Nail ArtAre you a fan of Tim Burton or of The Nightmare Before Christmas? Then you might like these Jack Skellington Nails!

When I sat down to paint this, I didn’t have much time, so a nail-art design that was fast and that didn’t use too many colours was imperative.

I’m so happy to share this look with you because it’s perfect if you’re just painting your nails tonight and need something easy. This is also a design that doesn’t require too much concentration. It’s okay if the lines aren’t really straight and even. It all goes together.

I want to wish you all a very HAPPY HALLOWE’EN! Please be safe no matter what you decide to do, and HAVE FUN! :)

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Nail Art Tutorial: Sheep Nails (I Did This Look on a MAN!)

Sheep-Nails-Nail-Art-TutorialYou’ll remember that I blogged about painting my guy friends’ nails before. Well, ever since then, I’ve been itching to do it again. And I did! ;)

The Sheep Nail Art you see was the result of a very fun painting session!

I actually had this design in my head for quite some time and had wanted to do it on my own nails, but I was just too busy.

(In addition to having a full-time job, I’m also a professional freelance writer on the side. Haha, it feels like I’m always working! But when I have spare time, I squeeze in socializing with friends, daily blogging, and knitting.)

So when I was chilling with this guy, I was thrilled when he agreed to not only let me paint a sheep nail design on him, but also publish it on Swatch And Learn. Also, he wanted to confirm that he could remove it immediately after. (Haha, no, nail polish isn’t permanent!) So, just a few seconds after this little sheep was born, it was axed. Poor baby!

Keep reading this blog post because I show you step-by-step with written instructions and fun photos of this man’s thumb nail to help you recreate the look (or to help you convince the guys in your life to not take themselves too seriously). ;)

P.S. Funny thing is that he actually pointed out that I got some of the blue polish on his skin. And then he also mentioned that the sheep was missing its ear. Hahaha! Sorry that your first nail-art experience wasn’t perfect, Mr. Brawny Man! :P I’ll do better next time. Because…oh yeahhhh, there’ll be a next time…and another time after that…and another….Hehehehe! Practice makes perfect, right? Right! (He’s actually a professional artist, so that’s why he was very observant of my nail-painting flaws. Haha, he’s not a jerk.)

P.P.S. I would make a terrible nail technician. The entire time, I was smiling and giggling! I just couldn’t keep quiet no matter how hard I tried.

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