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Blog News: My Nail Art Tutorial Is Featured on

Easy Nail Art TutorialFor June, I whipped up a super simple design for that you can complete quickly, and it only involves a few colours.

It’s literally as easy as 1-2-3! Plus you can easily match your dress and change up the design to suit your personality.

It uses 3 shades from the Nicole by OPI Seize the Summer Collection!

My Nail Art Tutorial for this look is featured on Click here to see the original article!

Thank you, PromCanada, for featuring me, and I look forward to sharing another fun nail-tutorial on your website in August!

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Nail Art: Easy Nail Design Using OPI Juice Bar Hopping & Zoya Dillon

Dotted Manicure Nail ArtA while back, I was wearing OPI Juice Bar Hopping, which is from the new Neon Collection that I did a Quick Post about before.

At that time, it occurred to me that I hadn’t done nail art in what seemed like forever. But, I didn’t have too much time – my schedule these days is so packed, it’s like an elephant’s overstuffed suitcase thrown into one of those little clown cars!

So I played around without any rhyme or reason and did an easy nail design using dots and diagonal sections with Zoya Dillon from the Awaken Collection, which I did a Quick Look post on and also reviewed in-depth here.

Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing lots of swatches of OPI Juice Bar Hopping. I’ve already worn it solo and taken photos – just need to crop them! 🙂

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Please Vote for Me by Tweeting and/or Retweeting with the Hashtag #Mary4Nicole

I was invited to participate in another exclusive nail competition! The challenge? To come up with a manicure using colours from the Nicole by OPI Carrie Underwood Collection that complement a Carrie Underwood song! (Stamping and using stickers or jewels weren’t allowed.)

I would really appreciate your vote!

How to Vote on Twitter until Tuesday February 25:

  • Tweet about my manicure and/or retweet a photo of my manicure.
  • Use the hashtag #Mary4Nicole for it to count as a vote. 

To make it easy, you can simply just click the retweet button below and sign into your Twitter account to vote!

You can also include the hashtag #NicoleChallenge, but only #Mary4Nicole will count as a vote for me.

You can tweet once per day & retweet once per day. That’s 2 votes per person per day.

Here’s the quick manicure I came up with:

Swatch And Learn

To find out the exact colours I used to create this freehand design and to read my explanation for how this ties into Carrie Underwood’s song, See You Again, keep reading the rest of this blog post!

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Nail Art: Neon Rainbow Dotticure

Neon Rainbow Nails Nail ArtIf you saw my Instagram photo yesterday, you saw the Neon Rainbow Dotticure I did recently.

The weather has been gloomy, so I wanted to deck my nails out with neons. And since I haven’t done some fun nail art in a while, I decided to bust out my handy dotting tool as well.

(Is it just me, or is creating dots as addictive as popping bubble wrap?)

I’m still wearing this manicure today, and I love it so much. It has just the cheerful personality I wanted. (And, really, how could bringing a rainbow everywhere you go not cheer you up, right?)

I urge you to try this look out. It’s extremely quick and easy to do, plus it’s perfect for when you can’t decide on wearing a single colour. (Sometimes being indecisive is a good thing. Haha!)

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Nail Art: Hallowe’en Nails

Halloween Nails Nail ArtYesterday, I was a little tease and only gave you 3 clues on Swatch And Learn plus a small social-media reveal of the Hallowe’en nail art on my thumb.

Well, now I’m going to show you the full manicure of the Hallowe’en Nails I’ve been wearing for a few days!

To create this simple look, I used all 4 shades in the OPI Rock Goddess Mini Lacquer Set (the 4th shade was used on my thumb).

Then, I brought out a bunch of my beloved Bundle Monster Image Plates from different collections.

The images stamped in black were done with my almost-finished bottle of Konad Special Nail Polish in Black, and for Mr. Skelly Ton, I asked China Glaze Snow for some help!

Although I like all the designs, my favourite definitely is the skeleton because he looks like he’s throwing his hands in the air, and waving ’em all around like he just doesn’t care! 😉

Hehe, and when I show you that nail in closer detail, you’ll see how it appears that he’s throwing confetti in the air for a cray-cray dance party! (Yeah, that’s how excited I am about him. I never say cray-cray!)

I can also imagine him dancing to some awesome hip hop – haha, nothing like the music played by this skeleton I showed you a while ago on Instagram!

Also, as you can see, I trimmed my nails quite short, but look how much of the skeleton shows up! And see how even the fine details show up? I’m very impressed with the Bundle Monster image plate allowing me to pick up the image well with my Konad stamper!

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Little Teaser: Guess What Hallowe’en Nail Art I Did Using the OPI Rock Goddess Set

Hey everyone!

Things have been extremely busy, so while I don’t have a regular blog post today, I’d like to give you a little teaser. 😉

Guess what Hallowe’en nail art I did. (Hopefully I’ll be able to show you tomorrow!)

Here Are 3 Hints

1. I used the polishes in the OPI Rock Goddess Mini Lacquer Set sent to me by PR.

(Check out the official press release for it here.)

OPI Rock Goddess

2. I painted my nails with these base colours. This photo shows only 3 of the 4 colours I used. (The yellow, I used on my thumb!)

OPI Rock Goddess Mini Lacquer Set

3. Stay tuned to my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts today because I plan to share with you a quick peek at the nail art on my thumb.

Then, stay tuned hopefully tomorrow when I can show you the full manicure! 😉

P.S. Remember, my worldwide giveaway for the OPI Pure 18K White Gold & Silver Top Coat signed by Suzi of OPI is still open. Ends November 2 at 12:00 am Eastern!


Nail Art: Hallowe’en Spooky Eyes Nails

Halloween Nails Nail ArtI wear glasses, so you can call me “Four Eyes”. But now I also wear Hallowe’en Spooky Eyes Nail Art with 6 extra pairs, so you can do the math before giving me a new nickname. 😉

“What big eyes you have!” “All the better to see you!” *Adjusts glasses* *Adjusts nails*

I was in the mood for an offbeat manicure, so I decided to go for googly eyes.

On my index and pinkie fingers, I used China Glaze Papaya Punch with one glitter coat of China Glaze Boo-Gie Down (from the Monsters Ball Collection). Then, for the other fingers, I used Nicole by OPI Fisher Queen (from the Carrie Underwood Collection). The eyes are made with China Glaze Snow and Deborah Lippmann Fade to Black.

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