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Nail Art: Summer Carnival Dotticure

Summer Dotticure SwatchesIf you followed me on social media since Friday, you already saw some photos that took while at the Canadian National Exhibiton (aka the CNE / The Ex) in Toronto.

This Summer Carnival Dotticure is what I wore to the CNE!

It was my first time trying out the KISS Polish Pop nail stickers. (The neon dots are the stickers.)

Everything else, I painted myself and tried to create a cohesive look to incorporate the fun neon dots.

With photos zoomed in so closely on my nails, you can see the transparent outline surrounding the neon dots, but in real life, it’s not quite as noticeable.

They’re worth playing around with, especially if you don’t have dotting tools, a lot of nail-polish colours, or the time to do freehand designs.

The black lacquer I used is China Glaze Liquid Leather, the pink (used on my thumb, which you can see in other photos in this post) is Duri Venom, the green is Duri Summer Rain, and the white is OPI Infinite Shine Non-Stop White.

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Nail Art: Neon Ladybug Nails

Ladybug Nail Art NeonOn Monday night, I painted these Neon Ladybug Nails, and I only took them off on Friday night because the design on my index finger chipped.

It was funny how it chipped. The ‘body’ part fell off in one sheet, but the black tips with the eyes remained. (That finger ended up looking like a robber!)

Ladybug nails are nothing new. In fact, I did a traditional black-and-red variety in 2011, which you can see in the Ladybug Nail Art Tutorial I posted back then.

This time, I wanted a summery twist because I was craving neons, and in particular, I wanted some old neons that I remember loving and reviewing on here from 2010 to 2012.

I used all China Glaze nail polishes in the following colours: Pool Party (reddish pink), Flip Flop Fantasy (coral – the original version), Sun Worshiper (orange), and Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (yellow).

I also used OPI nail polishes: Who Are You Calling Bossy?!? (black) and Angel with a Leadfoot (white).

This is the manicure I wore to the Elizabeth Arden Fall Preview event that I went to on Tuesday. It was held in Toronto’s Financial District on the 31st floor of the Trump Hotel. (The Trump Hotel was rated as the #1 luxury hotel in Canada!)

(I shared some photos on my Instagram. Click the link to see them. You don’t need the Instagram app to view the images. Only if you want to “Like” or comment on a photo do you need to install it on your phone.)

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Nail Art Tutorial: Shark Nails

Shark NailsToday is officially the start of Shark Week!

Do you usually catch the series on the Discovery Channel? Will you be sporting shark nails?

Since I had wanted to do some nail art, Shark Nail Art seemed appropriate now.

It’s a super easy design that doesn’t require a lot of tools or colours. (You probably already have all the colours to create these shark nails because they’re staples.)

You can just do one shark on an accent nail, however, whenever I do freehand nail art, I enjoy painting all my nails because it gives me more practice, and I love seeing the variations from nail to nail – the human touch.

I was inspired by the shark nails by Bethany from Beauty Junkie. (Go check out her cute shark nails!)

In this post, I share with you swatches of this look, and then further down, I show you step-by-step with photos and written instructions how you can easily recreate it with my Shark Nail Art Tutorial.

Hope you enjoy this freehand nail tutorial!

Hehe, look at the baby shark on my pinkie finger. He’s a bit of a messy eater! 😉 Makes me laugh!

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Bundle Monster Secret Garden Collection (Part 1 of 5)

Bundle Monster Secret Garden Collection Part 1The Bundle Monster Secret Garden Collection includes 25 nail-stamping plates that feature designs that span the entire plate.

Not only does it better utilize the space on the plate, but it also means that you have lots of creative options.

You could stamp using the same section for a manicure that’s uniform, or you could mix and match designs. Alternatively, you can have a manicure with a cohesive theme using the same plate, but stamp a different section onto each nail to give it a more artisan feel.

In this post, I show you a quick look at Bundle Monster nail-stamping plates BM-701 through BM-705. This is Part 1 of 5, and I hope that you like these ‘bite-sized’ posts. :)

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Flashback Friday: Easter Egg Nail Art

Hey everyone!

The other day, I was brainstorming a bunch of nail-art ideas. My schedule is usually so packed, and I haven’t had time to do any nail designs since Christmas! *Tsk tsk* I need to change that, especially because I have awesome Bundle Monster Secret Garden nail-stamping plates! 😉 (A post on them is coming soon.)

Today, I wanted to take a trip down Memory Lane.

Come stroll with me! :)

Back in 2012, I painted this Easter Egg Nail Art. It’s super easy, and you can whip it up with just a few colours.


Click here to see my step-by-step tutorial with written instructions and photos!

When I was little, I always looked forward to Easter because my parents would buy an Easter basket filled with goodies. (My favourite was the white-chocolate bunny and the Cadbury Creme Eggs!)

I always asked my parents if I could dye eggs, but strangely enough, we never did.

Once, I went on an Easter-egg hunt. I remember how excited I was, and since I’m competitive, I was hoping to find more Easter eggs than the others.

It was funny when a lot of the Easter eggs were hidden in places that were out of reach for shorties like me. (I’m around only 5’3″ now, and back then, well, I was waaaaaaay shorter.)

I would spot the eggs, and I remember asking a guy who was taller if he could grab them for me. What did he do? Yes, he grabbed them, but then he put into his own basket. WHAT?! Haha! Yeah, I remember that moment so clearly! I thought, “Why would he do that?” Clearly, I was so innocent, and that day made me realize a lot of things about the world.

Are there any nail designs that you’d like me to do a tutorial on? Do you celebrate Easter? Have you ever been on an Easter egg hunt?


Blog News: I Was Featured on Illamasqua’s List of Best Nail Art in 2014

Illamasqua is a brand that I look up to because they’re not afraid to push the envelope and to be edgy or artistic. So imagine how ecstatic I was when one of my long-time readers, Gareth, messaged me on Facebook and told me that he saw Illamasqua mentioned me in their latest blog post!

I was over the moon to be mentioned. Period. But for Illamasqua’s List of Best Nail Art in 2014? I was beyond flattered! It made my eyes water.

In their post, they chose one manicure for every month in 2014.

I am incredibly honoured to be listed among such talented nailphiles. Thank you, Illamasqua!

Below is a screenshot of the post featuring the Rainbow Dotticure I did in January 2014. (You may remember my Rainbow Dotticure Nail Art I posted on the blog.)

Also, be sure to click on the link to the Illamasqua Best Of 2014 Nail Art article or on the below screenshots to check out the other striking nail art! (You will gain a lot of inspiration from those other nailphiles – truly spectacular talent and eye for detail!)

Illamasqua Swatch And Learn

Swatch And Learn Illamasqua

Did you check out the other awesome nail art in the Illamasqua article? Have you thought of what you’ll wear for New Year’s Eve? Is there a nail-art design you’d like me to do a tutorial on?


Nail Art Tutorial: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Nails

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Nail ArtI love the Christmas story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. (It’s like the holiday version of The Ugly Duckling.)

When you embrace your imperfections, it can be very empowering. Don’t be afraid of doing something different. If we were all the same and liked the same music, movies, or nail polishes, life would be more boring than reading the telephone book backwards. (Although that might be interesting – I’ve never tried it.)

You may remember that back in 2011, I posted a Reindeer Nail Art Tutorial. In that design, I used heart sequins for Rudolph’s nose, and I made the ‘mistake’ of using a dark background, so the antlers didn’t quite show up as well as I had hoped. Nevertheless, I still very much enjoyed wearing that design.

Now that it’s 2014, I decided to revisit the design again and create Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Nail Art! This time, I opted for all creme nail polishes and a lighter base. (I highly recommend using cremes for everything to help your design stand out. However, it would be really cute if you used a glitter or shimmery red polish for Rudolph’s nose!)

P.S. I’m going to try doing more festive freehand nail designs this month. Not sure how many I can squeeze in before Christmas, but I’ll do my best!

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