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Haul of Shame: MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Lipsticks (RiRi Woo, RiRi Boy & Heaux)

MAC RiRi Woo, RiRi Boy & Heaux Lipstick HaulRecently, MAC Cosmetics had an online-exclusive launch of 3 lipsticks as part of a collaboration with singer, Rihanna.

After dealing with the frustrating online waiting room and having the server time out 2 times, my 3rd attempt was successful. I feel very lucky that I was able to snag all 3 MAC RiRi Hearts MAC Lipsticks. (I paid $18 CAD for each, and I used a coupon code to get free standard shipping.)

I got a back-up of MAC RiRi Woo, which is very similar to cult favourite, MAC Ruby Woo. (I don’t own MAC Ruby Woo.)

Also, I got MAC RiRi Boy, a lavender lipstick that I was most excited about. Finally, I decided to get MAC Heaux, which is a deep reddish berry.

All of these limited-edition lipsticks have a Retro Matte finish, which I’ve never tried before. And the lipstick bullets are engraved with Rihanna’s signature.

In this Haul of Shame post, I’ll give you a closer look at all 3 shades. Any swatches will be reserved for review posts.

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Haul of Shame: MAC Fashion Sets Collection Haul (Lipsticks & Lip Liner)

MAC Fashion Sets Haul, Photos & Pictures Heroine, Ablaze, Silly & Embrace Me Lipstick smallerI’m super excited to share this MAC Fashion Sets Collection Haul because I’m on such a bright-lipstick kick lately.

It’s probably because just swiping on some colour is enough to completely boost your spirits.

Lipstick is like nail polish with colour therapy, except you don’t have to wait for it to dry!

Although I’ve always been into lip gloss, I think the reason why I’m gravitating toward these bright lip colours is because they’re bolder, and they remind me of warm, sunny weather ahead.

So when the MAC Fashion Sets Collection came out, I was all over it!

Normally when a limited-edition MAC collection comes out, I prefer to place an online order to avoid the in-store madness that always ensues. But, this time I completely missed the early online release, so I tracked down 3 out of 4 of the MAC lipsticks in-store.

I was able to find MAC Silly Lipstick (light pink) and MAC Embrace Me Lipstick (bright pink) in-store, and then I got the very last tube of MAC Ablaze Lipstick (orange) from the MAC counter at The Bay.

The one I was most looking forward to, MAC Heroine Lipstick, seemed to be sold out everywhere, and I was pretty bummed.

Then a miraculous thing happened – the guy I’ve been dating more seriously for a couple of months managed to not only find Heroine, but he also bought me 2 tubes of it, plus the MAC Silly Lip Liner and a back-up of MAC Silly Lipstick! What an amazing surprise! :)

I thought it was pretty funny how so many women (like myself) were trying so hard to locate MAC Heroine Lipstick, and he told me that he literally just went to one store – there was no line-up, and (get this) they had 8 tubes of Heroine Lipstick left! *Gasp*

(I’m still getting a kick out of thinking about him walking into the store and saying, “I’m looking for heroine.” Hehe, ‘heroin’!)

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Haul of Shame: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipsticks

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Shocking Coral, Fuchsia Flash, Brazen Berry, Vivid Rose, Hot PlumIf you follow me on Instagram, you already knew that weeks ago, I got my paws on a bunch of the new Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids!

It dawned on me that I never did a Haul of Shame post on here to give you a closer look at them. Plus after that Instagram photo, one of my readers (Frosso) helped me track down Brazen Berry, the purple shade that doesn’t seem to be available in Canada.

The first one I tried was Shocking Coral. I hope to review that one on here soon!

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Haul of Shame: MAC Archie’s Girls Lipsticks, Lipglasses & Brushes

MAC Archie's Girls HaulWhen I caught wind months ago about a collaboration between MAC Cosmetics and Archie, I knew that my wallet would be wailing.

Unfortunately for Mr. Piggy Bank, I wasn’t wrong.

At the end of January, the MAC Archie’s Girls Collection went live online. (I’ve never rushed home so fast! I literally was running in heels!)

Yes, the collection will hit stores in a couple of days, but for limited editions like this, it can be hard to get hold of because the demand often outweighs the supply.

Since I wasn’t interested in rubbing elbows with others to get what I wanted, I tried my luck online. Thankfully, running home like a maniac after work paid off. I got everything that was on my To-Buy List. To put the insanity in perspective, some items sold out in around an hour or so!

MAC lip products are my Kryptonite. (Oddly, I’m never tempted by their nail polishes.) Maybe it’s that their lip products come in every single shade and finish that you could ever want or need. Perhaps it’s their yummy vanilla-cake-batter scent. Or maybe it’s because they come out with cool themes for limited-edition collections!

Whatever the case, MAC waved their magic wand over me, and I fell prey to the cosmetic curse. ;)

This MAC Archie’s Girls Haul was a major splurge for me, and it’s not my typical beauty-shopping habit to drop a couple of hundred dollars in under 5 minutes. (Heck, if I shopped like that, I’d be broke in less than an hour!)

My birthday is near the end of this month, so I’m considering this as an early present to myself. I don’t really go all-out for my birthday celebrations, and I hardly ever get birthday presents from others, either, so I felt like it was time for a treat…one that wasn’t nail-polish-related! ;)

By the way, you may not have known, but my first beauty addiction was actually lip gloss! I used to have tons, but then I found nail polish, and lip gloss was forgotten. I fear that the MAC Archie’s Girls Collection reinvigorated my love of lip products! (Ahh! Haha!)

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Haul of Shame: Nail Polishes from Sally Beauty Supply

Sally Beauty Supply Haul & PicturesYesterday, I took my membership card and hit up Sally Beauty Supply because I was running low on my favourite nail-polish remover.

Since I have to make a trek to get to a Sally Beauty Supply store, the occasional time when I go, I make sure to look at everything in all the aisles.

As usual, I walked out not only with what I had original made the special trip for, but also with a handful of other goodies!

Normally I don’t have much luck in finding gems on the nail-polish clearance rack, but this time, I feel like I struck gold unexpectedly!

Come check out my amazing finds in this Sally Beauty Supply Haul!

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Smorgasbord Sundays & Haul of Shame: My IMATS Toronto 2012 Haul

IMATS Toronto Haul 2012Yesterday, I went to IMATS Toronto 2012 (the Internation Makeup Artist Trade Show).

Ever since IMATS was held in Canada, I’ve been going because it’s a great place to find good beauty deals, and you can attend seminars to learn new tips and tricks from successful makeup artists.

Okay, I’m not a makeup artist, but you can still pick up interesting tidbits that apply to the average woman. :) (Well, I don’t think the average woman is average. The ‘average woman’ is incredible, smart, and beautiful. We are going to take over the world!)

At last year’s IMATS, you’ll remember that I was extremely frugal. Looks like I overcompensated this year! ;) (You can click here to see my highly detailed blog post from last year. I basically walked you through the whole event and took photos of almost everything!)

Come take a closer look at the stuff I got yesterday, and check out some of the photos I took.

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Haul of Shame: What I Bought with My 20% Sephora VIB Discount

Sephora VIB Discount Canada November 2012So…I did some serious damage. No, I didn’t go buck wild with a sledgehammer, but it sure was a harsh blow to my wallet!

Yeah, I’m talking about the current Sephora VIB sale! (VIBs get to use a 20% discount on anything in the store November 8th through the 12th.)

Since Sephora hardly has any storewide sales like this, I had to take advantage of it, and boy did I. Although the products I got aren’t colourful or fun, they’re practical and I’ll be using them all (well, except for one, which is a gift for my mom).

Haha, maybe you’ll think this is the most boring Haul of Shame post on here, but I’m still sharing it with you. (It’s okay…go ahead and yawn. I won’t be offended!) ;) And, yes, I’m embarrassed by how much I spent in a single trip (and literally in less than 15 minutes)!

Did you get anything from the VIB event, or are you going to?

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