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OPI The I’s Have It Swatches & Review

OPI The I's Have It Swatches Review

One of my favourite childhood movies is Disney’s 1951 classic, Alice in Wonderland. And even if you’re a new visitor to Swatch And Learn, you probably gathered that much, considering that I’ve got a little Cheshire Cat lurking in the blog header. šŸ˜‰

Needless to say, theĀ OPI Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection appealed to me right away, and although I shared swatches of the entire collection on here already, I was compelled to wearĀ OPI The I’s Have ItĀ as the first full manicure!

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and according to this nail polish, The “I’s” Have It!

It screams Alice like books withĀ nothing but pictures. (Remember that scene from the movie? Hehe, being a hardcore writer down to the bone, that was the only part in the film that gave me an internal “Nooooooo!” A book with only pictures lacks the mental imagery that only words are powerful enough to conjure. I firmly believe that the pen is mightier than the sword.)

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Essie Coconut Cove Swatches & Review

Essie Coconut Cove Swatches Review

Essie Coconut CoveĀ from the Summer 2016 CollectionĀ is one of those rare, impressive light nail polishes that took me by surprise.

Going nuts for coconuts!

At first glance, the colour appears white, but it’s softer and not a stark hospital white.

My photos in the sunlight later in this post really show how it’s more of a creamy French vanilla, which is probably why I found it to be more flattering against my warm skin tone.

When it comes to most white nail polishes, I have infrequently wore them as full manicures because they reminded me way back of those early school days when I used to play around with White OutĀ as a makeshift nail polish.

Learning that I really enjoyed Essie Coconut Cove was novel to me and shows that the nail polish is in a league of its own. However, there’s another major reason why I’m giving this polish two painted thumbs up. Why? Find out in my review!

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Harbourfront in Toronto for Victoria Day

OPI The I's Have It Swatch Harbourfront

Yesterday was Victoria Day here in Canada, and it was gorgeous with the sun beating down and the mercury rising!

If you follow me on social media, you already saw the above photo that I shared from when I went to Harbourfront in Toronto.

Enjoying the dancing waves, the sunshine making the water sparkle, and feeling the gentle breeze kiss your face are all experiences that everyone must have at some point. It is simply magical!

I only snapped a few photos during the day because I wanted to soak in everything, rather than be stuck behind my smartphone. Live in the moment!

Since I don’t have a nail-polish review for today (it’s coming soon), I decided to instead share some photos from Harbourfront to spread that summertime feeling! šŸ™‚

On my nails: OPI The I’s Have It (from the Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection).

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Happy Victoria Day!

Bikini Nail Polish Victoria Day 2016

To my fellow Canadians who are celebrating the long weekend,Ā Happy Victoria Day!

Whether you’re enjoying the beautiful sunshine at the park, or you’re swimming like I did the other day, I hope that you have a fun time spent with loved ones.

I’ll be relaxing today, but an in-depth nail-polish review is next on my To Do List, so you can expect that soon. (You know that I can’t stay away from blogging for long!)

Nail polishes shown:

Also shown is my favourite bikini that I purchased from La Vie en Rose a couple of years ago. It’s extremely comfortable, and I love this style because, if you’re petite like me, it’s handyĀ to have so many ties that you can adjust to customize the fit.

Disclosure: This post contains nail-polish press samples provided by PR.


Zoya Sunsets Collection Swatches

Zoya Sunsets Collection Swatches

Just add some butter because I’m on a roll with the collection swatches! šŸ˜‰ (In case you missed it, check out my swatches of the OPI Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection and the Zoya Seashells Collection.)

Today, I’m sharing swatches of theĀ Zoya Sunsets Collection, which includes vibrant creams that Ā spell summer like picnics and swimming pools.

They claim to be one-coaters, and while they are certainly very pigmented, I found that to get full coverage, I needed to use my usual two coats.

If you’re thinking about using them for nail stamping, you’ll be excited to know that they stamp well! šŸ™‚

The blue (Dory) is my favourite out of the bunch. Yeah, check my forehead. I must be sick because I didn’t choose green as my top pick!

I also am digging the orange (Cam). It’s such a lively colour that I don’t see many people wearing. For some reason, orange nail polish isn’t too popular. Let’s change that!

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Zoya Seashells Collection Swatches

Zoya Seashells Collection Swatches

If you’re still riding the textured trend like I am, you’ll be excited about the new PixieDust nail polishes in theĀ Zoya Seashells Collection!

(To see the details of the colour story, check out the official Zoya Seashells Collection press release that I posted on the blog earlier. This collection is currently available for sale on Zoya’s website.)

The formulas on all of these are exactly what I expected from Zoya. They cover well, are easy to paint with, and you won’t need more than two coats to reach full opacity.

Additionally, they dry exceptionally fast, which makes them the ideal choice when you’re in a pinch and need a fresh manicure.

Which ones are calling out your name?

My favourite is Cece (the green), which should come as no surprise.Ā Coming in second is Zooey (coral pink), which surprised me because I liked it way more on the nail than in the bottle.

The swatches in this post were taken in artificial light, but when I wear them as full manicures, I’ll be sure to review at least one in a separate, detailed review because you really need to see them in natural light! They look even better!

I love how there’s a light sprinkling of holographic glitter in the Zoya Seashells Collection! There’s just enough to make it twinkle a little extra without being a disco ball.

Edit (May 21, 2016):Ā If you’re interested in theĀ creme polishes, check out my Zoya Sunsets Collection swatches!

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OPI Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection Swatches

OPI Alice through the Looking Glass Collection Swatches

Yesterday, in my Twitter poll, I asked which of three nail-polish collections you wanted me to swatch first.

The majority (39%) chose theĀ OPI Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection, although the Zoya Seashells Collection came in at a very close second (38%).

Taking your request into account, here are all nine colours in the OPI Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection (aka the Brights 2016 Collection) swatched!

(If you’re interested in seeing the official press release with the colour story, click the link to see it in a blog post I published previously.)

Which one’s your favourite?

The red and plum had a jelly-like finish, which was very shiny and on the sheer, watery side. However, they could be built up with multiple coats.

The gold has a little silver thrown in, and it’s a textured glitter nail polish. (On me, I think it looks wonky and the texture looked clumpy because the base colour is metallic. It wasn’t my favourite, even though I am a fan of textures.)

My heart raced faster when I tried on theĀ special-edition colour, What Time Isn’t It?, which is a pigmented grey with bar glitter. I don’t have anything exactly like it.

The light and dark blues were my favourite cremes because they pop on your nails!

Overall, the formulas on these were great and easy to apply with most needing just two coats.

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