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Milani New 2013 Launch: Color Statement Lipstick & Color Statement Lipliner Press Release & Promo Pictures

Milani-Color-Statement-Lipstick-Lipliner-Press-Release-Promo-Pictures smallerMilani is a brand that creates a lot of trendy and affordable cosmetics.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying their fun nail polishes. I use their black striper polish in a lot of my nail art, but you’ve also seen me sport their coloured polishes in my posts about Chicken Drumstick Nails and Cookie Monster Nails.

But I’ve never tried any of their lip products. So when Milani’s PR sent me information about their new 2013 promotion, I became as curious as a cat.

For 2013, they’ve launched 2 new products in many shades:

  • Milani Color Statement Lipstick
  • Milani Color Statement Lipliner

I’m eager to see these in person because I’d like to experiment with bolder lip colours.

From the promo pictures, I’m especially curious about the pinks (because I’ll bet they’ll be fun for the spring) and the purples (because they’re so dramatic).

The lipsticks are advertised as being highly pigmented and lightweight, which sound appealing to me. And for those who pay close attention to the ingredients, you’ll notice that they’re also paraben-free.

Check out the rest of this post. I’ll share promo photos where you can see each product and the specific colours in greater detail.

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