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OPI I Theodora You Swatches & Review

OPI I Theodora You Swatches & ReviewIt’s very uncharacteristic of me to wear soft manicures like OPI I Theodora You.

While I admire them on others, when I sport them myself, it’s intimidating because my nails feel naked.

And since I’m used to seeing bold colours on myself, when I see this, it’s like looking at someone else’s hands. Surreal!

I Theodora You is one of the Soft Shades from the OPI Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful Collection that comes out in March.

I gave it a shot, and while it looks very clean and indeed ‘soft’, I can’t say that it screams Mary. Maybe it whispers Mary. 😉

P.S. I never noticed how dry my hands have become lately until I looked at the photos for this post! It’s probably because the weather’s been pretty dry, and I’ve been washing my hands a lot since I’ve been feeling ill. Don’t want to spread the germs!

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