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OPI Lights of Emerald City Swatches & Review (Layered Over Zoya Wednesday)

OPI Lights of Emerald City Swatches & ReviewOPI Lights of Emerald City is one of the most highly anticipated glitters from the Oz the Great and Powerful Collection because it contains square glitter, which isn’t commonly seen in mainstream lacquer.

What Wizardry Is This?, the taupe Liquid Sand from this collection, was the first shade I wore. Lights of Emerald City was the second!

Lights of Emerald City is best suited for layering, and I thought long and hard about what to pair it with. I wanted to create a dreamy/sleepy effect, so I ended up reaching for the lovely Zoya Wednesday.

What would you pair with Lights of Emerald City?

** This post is rudely interrupted by a sicko. **

So…I’m sick. 🙁

As I’m typing this on a Friday evening, I’m coughing up a storm, and my throat is extremely sore. If you thought that the Liquid Sands look like sandpaper, maybe you should look at my throat, because it feels like it’s coated with sandpaper.

I was knocked out by this crazy cold, and I had to take a sick day from work! (My immune system is usually a beast, so I was surprised to fall under the weather. Then again, a lot of people I know have been coughing like crazy.) It sucks to have to stay in on a Friday night, but getting better is my top priority.

I’ve been sleeping for most of the day and drinking plenty of water and soup, but I still very much feel ill with that fuzzy-head feeling.

Thankfully, I had all the photos for this post already saved and cropped on my computer, so I didn’t have to spend as much time on this post as usual.

So, please bear with me as I’ll be replying to all your sweet comments and tweets much slower than usual. Also, I do still plan on picking the winner for the OPI Liquid Sands giveaway as promised, so stay tuned. (Hehe, and before I ship the winner’s prize, I promise to sanitize my hands before touching it!)

You should really hear my voice – it sounds insane. I imagine this is what the Grumpy Cat’s voice would sound like – very deep, swerving different octaves randomly, and dying out after a few words. When I called in sick, I’m pretty sure the only way they knew it was me was because of caller ID!

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