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OPI Pink Yet Lavender Swatches & Review (Layered Over Pretty Serious Hot Summer Nights)

OPI Pink Yet Lavender Swatches & ReviewWhile I’m obsessed with the Liquid Sands, that doesn’t mean I neglected the rest of the Mariah Carey by OPI Collection!

Ever since I got OPI Pink Yet Lavender, I’ve been dying to layer it over another colour.

Pretty Serious Hot Summer Nights was The Chosen One.

The two polishes became instant soul mates. I’ve even caught the extroverted glitter sneaking into my Helmer’s blue drawer to find Hot Summer Nights. 😉 (Haha, that could be interpreted in a variety of ways!)

The result was unexpected (I’ll explain later in this post), and I fell in love with it because it almost had a galactic vibe.

I swear this nail-polish combination wanted to live forever on my nails. A cute little shriek could be heard when it saw a cotton ball soaked with acetone getting closer…and closer…and closer! *Psycho knife/shower scene music here*

But it had a good run. And I’m pretty sure that I’ll wear this combination again. It’s one of my favourites!

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