Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Glitter Manicure Press Release

imPress Press-On Manicure by Broadway NailsAlthough I’ve tried a lot of nail products, one thing I haven’t is press-on nails.

Whenever I’ve browsed the nail section at drug stores and caught sight of them hanging neatly in a row, however, I’ve found myself admiring all the intricate patterns. They’re so pretty, and I think it’s quite convenient to have them in a press-on form. Especially if you lead a very busy “ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat” lifestyle, I’m sure these would really come in handy.

Today, I’m sharing with you a press release on the Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Glitter Manicure products.

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Zoya Brooklyn Swatches & Review

Zoya Brooklyn Swatches & ReviewGold nail polish is very blingy, if you go for the yellow-toned variety. However, when you sport one that leans more to white gold like Zoya Brooklyn, it gives a more sophisticated look.

Brooklyn is one of the shades in the Zoya Awaken Collection, which I did a Quick Look post on previously.

This shade is very pigmented, and there’s a fragility about the colour that makes it look chic instead of tacky.

Back in the day (elementary school, to be exact!), I used to have a satin, long-sleeved t-shirt in this exact colour! Nobody else in my class wore anything like it, but I think that’s why I loved it. Haha, even if it was ridiculous to wear something like that to school, I did, and I felt confident and luxurious. I wonder where that shirt is now.

Side note: Brooklyn is my niece’s middle name, so when I first read the name of this nail polish, I immediately thought of her!

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Zoya Dillon Swatches & Review

Zoya Dillon Swatches & ReviewI don’t know about you, but when I saw “Dillon”, I thought of Dylan McKay (James-Dean wannabe) from the original series, Beverley Hills 90210. (It was very popular when I was in elementary school.)

Of course, he would never be caught wearing this shade. Too bad for him because Zoya Dillon from the Awaken Collection is all kinds of awesome!

This seafoam green is soft and has a seaside feel that makes me think of mermaids and sea glass.

It’s a very pretty addition to any nail-polish collection, and the finish is very pretty – it has a subtle sheen that I find to be very calming, like the ebb and flow of the ocean.

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Zoya Cole Swatches & Review

Zoya Cole Swatches & ReviewA peachy polish like Zoya Cole from the Awaken Collection makes me think of the spring and summer, when the weather’s warm and the sun peeks its head out of the clouds more.

It also reminds me of Creamsicles, sorbet, and frozen yogurt. (But sometimes my stomach blogs for Swatch And Learn!) ;)

This creamy pastel orange is a happy colour, and it’s perfect if you want your nails to be seasonally appropriate. (Then again, feel free to rock this even in the dead of winter or whenever you want. Nail polish is about having fun and self-expression, after all!)

Interesting factoid: I read on Zoya’s website that they originally released Cole during NYFW as Stella for Peter Som’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.

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Zoya Nail Polish Exchange 2014

Zoya Nail Polish Exchange 2014Earth Day is coming up next week, and while you may be doing lots of environmentally friendly things all year long, you might want to participate in the Zoya Nail Polish Exchange, which starts April 21st and ends April 28 at 11:59 EDT.

I’m posting this a bit earlier, so that over the weekend, you can put together your nail-polish list! ;)

This special promotion is available for residents of the United States only. Although I’m Canadian, I still wanted to share this with my American readers because it’s a pretty cool offer.

Check out the rest of this post to find out how you can get 50% off Zoya nail polishes, while getting rid of your old, unwanted, non-Zoya nail polishes!

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Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk Swatches & Review

Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk Swatches & ReviewYour eyes are like pools of mystery, waiting to be discovered like the beating of words against the drums of emotion.

Yeah, that’s right. I like being wooed in the most ridiculous way. None of that “Did you hurt yourself when you fell from heaven?” crap.

The weirder? The better!

In fact, a pet name I had for a then-boyfriend was “Sugar Possum”! Yeah, that kind of weird interests me. (His pet name for me was “Armadillo Pillow”, in case you were wondering.)

And Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk is an indie polish that strays enough from the ordinary to perk up my rabbit ears to make me take note!

It’s a really neat milky nail polish with fun glitter thrown in. If cookies and cream went to a snack party, I imagine this is how it would dress up. Yes, things like that happen in my mind. ;) (Oh, if only I told you everything that goes on in this ‘mush upstairs’, and you’d be running for the hills! Hehe!)

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Zoya Rebel Swatches & Review

Zoya Rebel Swatches & ReviewZoya Rebel is from the Awaken Collection, which is new for Spring 2014, and it’s one of those shades that also has an icy look to it.

On one hand, it reminds me of raindrops, but on the other hand, it conjures up mental images of icicles and Old Man Winter blowing cold air over the frigid land.

Unfortunately, yesterday, I woke up to lots of snow. On my way to work, I snapped a photo of the snow-covered plants. You may have seen the Instagram photo I posted. Yup – winter strikes back, indeed!

I’m still waiting for Mr. Winter to get the memo that he’s overstaying his welcome. He needs to share the calendar year with 3 others, y’know? C’mon! Sharing is caring!

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