Blog News: I’m Attending the OPI Spring/Summer 2015 Media Launch Today

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann OPIHappy Hallowe’en, everyone! I hope that you have some fun plans tonight. (Hallowe’en is my favourite holiday!)

Yesterday, if you visited Swatch And Learn or followed me on my social media, you know that I got to enjoy a wonderful blogger dinner unveiling the Nicole by OPI Spring 2015 Collection!

Well, I hinted that the nail-news train would keep on chugging.

Guess what? I’m attending the OPI Spring/Summer 2015 Media Launch this morning, and Suzi will be there to talk about the creativity and inspiration behind it all. (Needless to say, I’m beyond excited! Maybe I should breathe into a brown paper bag to calm myself? Haha!) ;)

Keep your eyes glued to my social media this morning starting at around 11 am EDT because I’ll be sharing photos and more, especially on Twitter during the event! (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest)

As usual, I’ll be whipping up a detailed blog post in the near future covering the event to walk you through everything I see, hear, taste, and maybe smell! ;) (In case you didn’t see, it’ll be a post something like the one I wrote the first time I met Suzi, the second time, and the third time!) :)

Thanks to PR and to you, my encouraging and kindhearted readers. Without incredible readers like you, I wouldn’t have opportunities like this!

(Also, thanks to my boss for letting me take the day off work! I rarely take vacation days for relaxation. Haha, they’re always for things like meeting with people at the bank or the law firm to sign papers when I bought my home, unpacking after moving, helping my mom shop for a winter jacket, etc. Finally I took a vacation day that is relaxing and exciting at the same time!)

Blog News: I’m Attending the Nicole by OPI Spring 2015 Collection Launch Blogger Dinner Today

Nicole by OPI

I am honoured to have been invited to attend an exclusive blogger dinner tonight for the Nicole by OPI Spring 2015 launch!

A select few bloggers were chosen to participate in this intimate event, which makes it even more special. (It’s not every day that I get to chat with fellow bloggers!)

It’ll be nice to see some familiar faces and to meet new-to-me bloggers. We’ll all share the common thread, so it’ll be interesting to hear what they have to say about their experiences.

Not only will we be able to stuff our faces with what will no doubt be delicious cuisine, but we’ll get to chat about the latest Nicole by OPI Spring 2015 Collection!

Also, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, the Co-Founder, Brand Ambassador, Executive VP, and Artistic Director of OPI will be answering any questions I have via e-mail after the event! Very cool – I’ll be sure to share my questions and her answers with you all in a future post.

If you have any questions that you’d like me to ask Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, please feel free to leave a comment here to let me know.

I’ll also be active on my social-media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest), but especially Twitter and Instagram, so follow me there to get my live tweets during the event and as many photos as I can take without looking like a paparazzi creep. ;)

You can also tweet any questions you have for Suzi:

If you tag me in the question, I’ll make sure that I include your question when I send my interview questions to Suzi.

Then, stay tuned, because I plan to write an in-depth post on the whole experience.

Thanks to PR for giving me this incredible opportunity! And a huge thank you to my blog readers. Without you, I wouldn’t have doors like this opening! You are so supportive and inspiring!

P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow because the nail-news train keeps on chugging! ;) Yup, I have more exciting things to share with you. Hint hint!

Reader Request: OPI Unfrost My Heart & OPI My Signature Is “DC” Comparison Swatch

OPI My Signature Is DC Unfrost My Heart Comparison SwatchesEver since I blogged about OPI Unfrost my Heart (from the Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection) and posted a photo on Instagram, readers have been asking me to compare it with OPI My Signature Is “DC” (from the Coca-Cola Collection).

Once I got home from work yesterday, I went straight for the polishes and my camera because I was pretty curious as well!

Today is a brief blog post showing you OPI My Signature Is “DC” vs. OPI Unfrost My Heart. :)

Without peeking at the labels, can you guess which one is which?

P.S. Psst! Follow me on all my social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest) this week because I’m going to be sharing some exciting nail news very soon. Hint hint! Nailphiles won’t want to miss it! Details and photos to come.

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OPI Christmas Gone Plaid Swatches & Review

OPI Christmas Gone Plaid Swatches & ReviewIf you’ve hung around Swatch And Learn for even a short period of time, you’ll notice that I tend to lose a few marbles whenever I see a new green nail polish. ;)

So, it should not be shocking to learn that OPI Christmas Gone Plaid was at the top of my To-Wear List when I first laid eyes on the OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection!

While other popular nail-polish brands release lots of green lacquers, I find that OPI doesn’t often. That’s why I got even more excited to see Christmas Gone Plaid!

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OPI Unfrost My Heart Swatches & Review

OPI Unfrost My Heart Swatches & ReviewCan’t afford to pay a mad scientist to create a multi-million-dollar time machine? Welcome to the club!

Instead, you can travel to the blingtastic manicure future with OPI Unfrost My Heart, which is part of the OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday Collection.

While I don’t tend to wear silver nail polish too often, when I do, this is exactly the kind I prefer – shiny, metallic, and high voltage!

Hmm, for some reason, the first time I laid eyes on this shade, I immediately thought of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Don’t worry – I’m not going completely bonkers. ;) I pictured him wearing this on his fingertips when he was playing Mr. Freeze. It would totally coordinate with his outfit! (Plus “Unfrost My Heart” applies to his character in that film.)

If you’re into nail stamping, I feel like this would make an excellent base to help your design stand out more. (Sigh, I haven’t had much time these days to do any nail art, but maybe I can squeak something in for Hallowe’en. Not sure how much time I’ll have after work because these days, my schedule is so packed. But keep your fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!) ;)

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How to Perform CPR on Nail Polish

How to Restore NailPolishAll true nailphiles have experienced it.

You’re going through your nail-polish collection, and from the corner of your eye, you see it.

Soldier down!

A poor polish is fighting for its life, barely able to gasp for air as its hoarse voice says, “Help me! It’s not my time yet!”

You cradle it in your arms like you did the first day you brought it to your loving home, reassuring it that things will be okay. But then it passes out!

It looks so dry, as though it’s been to the Sahara Desert!

You break into a nervous sweat. What’s a responsible nailphile to do?

Plenty! Roll up your sleeves, be brave, and let me show you how to perform CPR to save your beloved polish from an untimely death!

P.S. Today is the last day to enter my worldwide giveaway for your chance to win the OPI Don’t Speak 18K Gold Top Coat! (Ends tonight at 11:59 pm EDT.)

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Blog News: My Funky French Nail Art Tutorial on

Funky French Nail Art Tutorial SwatchAndLearn PromCanadaIt’s amazing how powerful nail polish is!

Even if you spent a long, crappy day dealing with lazy individuals who seem to make slugs stuck in molasses look as fast as Usain Bolt, the physical act of painting your nails is relaxing.

And even if the nail design is simple or there are imperfections, the wonderful thing is that you feel happy instantly. It’s like colour therapy plus beauty, all rolled into a convenient package!

Give yourself some “me” time, as you relax and paint your nails. You may be surprised at how therapeutic it can be.

I’m very honoured to have had the opportunity to once again showcase a nail-art tutorial on

This time, I painted a very simple look featuring just two contrasting colours, Nicole by OPI Oh That’s Just Grape! and Nicole by OPI Teal Me Something New.

It’s ideal for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time doing their nails, but still want something fun and easily customizable.

Go to Prom Canada’s website to see the original article, or keep reading the rest of this post to see my step-by-step tutorial with photos and written instructions.

P.S. In case you haven’t already, enter my worldwide giveaway for your chance to win the OPI Don’t Speak 18K Gold Top Coat! (Ends Friday October 24, 2014 at 11:59 pm EDT.)

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